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Alevela Invincible Album CoverAlevela have come a long way from singing at their local church youth group. Originally forming in the late 90’s Alevela went through numerous lineup changes, but kept their gritty sound. After years of handing demo tapes and cd’s out to potential fans in lines for rock shows, this Orange County hard rock band released a string of singles. In the beginning of 2014 they released their eleven track debut studio album Invincible. The band’s Facebook description sums this album up pretty nicely. “3 words, American hard rock” is all that you need to know about this band.

imageInvincible is able to maintain that old school hard rock sound every 80’s kid raised on Guns N Roses, and Poison has come to know and love. Fusing melodic and heartfelt lyrics, catchy choruses, and a small electronic back-splash, Alevela exemplifies a true 80’s metal band, with a new spin. Their new album takes queues from a time where rock bands were the cream of the crop, and Hollywood was brimming with hard rock musical talent. If Alevela’s music doesn’t bring a smile to your face, and a hope for nostalgic memories you are probably listening to the wrong genre.

‘The Madness’ may have been the album’s first single, but ‘Lost Angeles’ brings all the best parts of Invincible together for one killer first track. Edgy lyrics, and upbeat tempo, and even an electronic intro set the stage for this hard rock album. This album’s somewhat dark and tainted theme just makes these modern rock anthems more relatable regardless of speed. Invincible’s title track takes it down a notch making it a perfect addition for live shows. A crowd could follow the bands tempo, and go from waving lighters in the air to screaming choruses within the blink of an eye. This style has been tackled before, but never with so much precision. Even Buckcherry, who headlined Alevela’s CD release show a few months back, has tried their hand at slowed down rock tracks, but they lacked Alevela’s style.

imageJarod Farnes skips the cliché love stories, and goes straight to the heart of real problems like broken relationships, hard times, and the downward spirals. That ever so slight edge of punk energy is even heard in the slower tracks and gives Invincible a heavy and melodic sound that’s not to be missed. Jarod, who also recorded the albums drums, deserves special recognition for providing such a strong back-bone of beats to hold Alevela’s new album together. From cover to cover Jarod Farnes gives each song an extra level of intensity rarely found in modern bands. Once again, if you’re looking for a strong, unique, and consistent hard rock album from an up and coming band who pays homage to the old school rock 80s style, By the Barricade recommends picking up a copy of Alevela’s new album Invincible.

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