Eken is Dead: Full Disclosure Review

eken-is-dead Full DisclosureEken is Dead serves up their solid, aggressive style to their new EP, Full Disclosure.  Newly added to the Felony Records roster, Eken is Dead is bringing their more than 8 years of experience to the table in this new offering. Featuring 3 tracks, Full Disclosure delivers Chris Navarette’s gritty lead vocals over the solid metal riffs Eken is Dead has mastered.

If you have not seen Eken is Dead live you should! The band has managed to take their passionate showmanship and distilled it down into this EP. All three tracks feature segments of gang vocals and catchy choruses that are sure to have the listeners singing and head banging along whether or not they are alone or in a crowd at an Eken is Dead show. From Simon Johnson’s heart pounding drum beat through Vic Aravelo’s guitar riffs and Gagg Green’s bass lines, the tracks build upon the skill and passion the band members have for their art.

Eken is deadFull Disclosure can serve as great introduction to Eken is Dead or a steady reminder of the type of rock delivered in their previous releases.  Following just over a year after 2014’s Outlier, Full Disclosure highlights both the energy of Eken is Dead and the reflective nature of their songs.

From the moment “Fear Resisted” begins through “Reaching Back” and finally with “Signs in the Distance,” the powerful lyrics and instrumentation draw the listener into the forceful vibe of this band. Fans of hard rock, hardcore, punk and metal should be sure to pick up Full Disclosure available now digitally or on physical CD from Felony Records.

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