Founded by Eric Walden in 2014, By The Barricade began its story as a news and interview blog, progressively evolving through identities as a record label and PR firm, and now flourishing as a reliable resource for musicians and music enthusiasts. 

BTB began with a goal to give artists an income source while on the road, and has evolved into much more over the years.

At By The Barricade today, our core mission is to seamlessly connect musicians with the intricate facets of the music industry. Whether you’re curious about drumming equipment or seeking clarity on record label contracts, we’re here to provide clear and easy-to-understand information.

Our staff is made up of music industry professionals and musicians alike, ensuring that all articles are fact checked by those who work in this field every single day. 

Featured in sites like Indie Band Guru, Concert Crap, and The Ark Of Music, BTB’s been growing our reach and solidifying our place in the music industry.

BTB goes beyond just the blog. Our free e-book, “Band Growth Secrets”, is tailored to help musicians break through the static and resonate with wider audiences. It’s an essential read for those ready to elevate their musical journey.

Hear what our colleagues have to say: 

“We’ve just started working with AGR Publicity and we don’t know where we would have been without them. These guys have a lot of pride in what they do and it has been a blessing working with them.”

– Corey Kleinsasser | Founder/Editor-in-Chief, Concert Crap

“Eric Walden is a label owner who actually cares about his artists. He works hard, he is truly kind, and is an actual music fan. Walden is a rare breed.”

– Scott Waldman | Founder/Artist Manager, Waldman Management

“Working with this team is always a slam dunk. From building a release strategy to sharpening brand awareness, AGR can do it all. Thanks to their efforts, our band was the spotlight of countless features and interviews.”

– Craig Broomba | Vocals/Guitar, Filmspeed