Haster – Let it Go Review

Haster Let it Go CoverIdina Menzel’s Let It Go from the Disney movie Frozen may have made a splash at the Oscars, but that’s not what the By The Barricade team is excited about. Orange County alt-metal band Haster is releasing their next full-length studio album titled Let It Go on March 25th, and By The Barricade is here to celebrate! After Haster’s formation in April of 2010, their first EP Searching hit social media and spoke to an enormous amount of dedicated metal fans. After Haster put in the groundwork handing out the bands’ demo tape at Californian festivals’ a large fan base started to follow them from show to show. As Haster picked up their touring schedule playing shows more and more often, their influence in the California metal scene quickly grew. Haster’s time on the road all over California, and Nevada combined with their attention to social media caught the eye of many new fans and helped them win the title of Best Metal Band at the Artists and Music Awards this past year.

Haster has a harsh and heavy style full of dark and emotional lyrics similar to bands like Chevelle, Deftones, Tool and Queens of the Stone Age. Haster used the momentum and energy of their quickly growing fan base to move up concert bills, and eventually, headline shows all over Orange County and the Inland Empire. After spending some time in the studio Haster is here to show fans what they learned and experienced on their travels. This time around Haster burst back onto the scene with their new single Clutch. It exemplifies all the best aspects of their new album Let It Go, and combines them into one song.

Haster Promo 2Let It Go blends brutal breakdowns, melodic heartfelt lyrics, and guttural screams all the while keeping that fast, dark, and heavy sound Haster fans know and love. The band’s sound has come a long way since their formation in 2010, their time in the studio has given this album a much more cohesive pace compared to their original EP Searching. From cover to cover Let It Go holds it’s own against California rock bands by keeping both hardcore influences, and melodic lyrics strung together by a harsh backdrop of distortion, and complex chord patterns. The first half of Let It Go primarily steers away from the slow but refined style of grunge icons like Tool and Hawthorne Heights taking a faster pace and angrier sound similar to Three Days Grace or A Day To Remember. If loud, aggressive, and fast isn’t your style Haster still has plenty of tracks full of somber lyrics putting a focus on stripped-down and precise chords. This lets them keep their original style with the added touch of studio refinement.


The Let It Go release show is scheduled for April 1st at the House of Blues Anaheim. Look for the By The Barricade review soon and the team would like to congratulate Haster for taking this the next step towards expanding their influence and keeping local California hard rock music alive.

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