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SoCal Local Legends Asylus have been making waves for years. After revamping their sound and cranking it up to eleven the band is poised to tackle the nation. Their new single “The Wave” blends heavy-hitting lyrics, guteral screams, and post-hardcore aggression taking the band in a new direction.

We asked the band about tours, new music, and how they’ve been keeping busy during the lockdown. You can check out the full interview below.

Your latest single “The Wave” has a really different sound than your last album. Can you tell us what prompted the change in direction?

Asylus has always been a band trying to push the limits on how to make stuff sound new and refreshing! At the time the band’s music taste became vaster and we wanted to see how we could incorporate even more sounds that the band hasn’t really experimented with before, and it sort of just worked!

We interviewed Asylus way back in 2014. Can you tell us how the band’s writing or recording process has changed since then?

Wow has it really been that long ago! Haha time flies but yeah writing process and recording process is pretty much the same! Everyone involved in the project just kind of throw ideas at the table like a melting pot with Mel (drummer/producer) kind of steering the ship and ties it all together.

As far as recording we usually track all the instrumentation stuff out of the way first, then we take care of the vocals and extra stuff after that.

Asylus was on tour last December can you tell us about some of the craziest or most fun memories?

Man, too many to even mention! We took our good friend Valerie Luxicon (@LuxiconPhoto) and she definitely helped keep the positive vibes going! Davon, and Naz (Vocals) got their first tattoos, threw out glow sticks for our intro at our Holiday Homecoming Show, ate Whataburger for the first time. Overall, one of the most fun trips we took in a while for sure!

How have you guys been keeping busy during quarantine?

Video Games to be honest. Davon plays a lot of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, Mel and Erick have been playing League, Naz finished Jedi Fallen Order. Overall, the band has just been trying to stay in the best mood that we can during these tough times. We’ve also been writing a lot too and got to knock out a lot of the songs that we’ve been sitting on for a while!

`Can you give us a taste of what’s next for the band?

Lots more music! You can expect plenty of music from us of many different genres and sounds, some videos. We’ve been diving into the livestream world a lot more to0 so expect a lot of more live interactive sessions on social media!

It seems like tons of bands in the SoCal music scene have been pumping out great albums lately. Are there any we should keep an eye on?

Our good friends The Unsung have been killing it, Every Other Year also has been making a lot of bangers too! Takers Leavers, A Suffocating Lie, and Quietude have all been making some incredible music. If you have the chance to check any of those bands out and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Is there anything else you want to say to the readers of By The Barricade?

Thank you so much for having us, and reading this through! Stay safe please feel free to check out our music and let us know what you think! Follow us everywhere @Asylusmusic to stay up to date on everything! Peace and Love!

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