For Today – Fight the Silence Review

PromoImagefortodayAfter the controversial social media arguments surrounding Immortals, Christian metalcore band For Today released Fight the Silence on February 4th this year. It’s been on repeat here at the By the Barricade office ever since. The album artwork perfectly sums up the ideas behind this album’s lyrical content. Mattie Montgomery (lead vocalist) viewed this new album as a platform to combat topics like human sex trafficking, and broken homes. Songs like ‘Molotov’, ‘A Call to Arms’, and ‘Break the Cycle’ take these problems head-on encouraging fans to stand strong, and fight back. “My voice is a weapon … and it only takes one voice to break the silence.” –Mattie Montgomery

For Today brought their metalcore sound with heart-pounding and in your face lyrics straight from Iowa and were quickly included in the Facedown Records family. After changing record labels to Razor & Tie in 2011 to release their fourth studio album Immortal For Today saw major success and topped the Billboard charts in both the U.S hard rock and U.S. Christian categories in 2012. After playing the Vans Warped Tour that year and exponentially growing their fan base, it is no surprise that two years later the band saw similar success with their most recent album Fight the Silence which released in February of 2014. For Today has the superb ability to connect with fans through Montgomery’s meaningful and relatable lyrics. They also appeal to a large and diverse range of people despite their religious topics.


For Today Promo 1For Today is one of the few Christian hard rock bands who identify with religious material without actually pointing to scripture or God. Mattie Montgomery takes more of a storyteller role for the lyrics in Fight the Silence. This more general and accessible approach is geared towards inspiring the album’s audience by challenging them not to compromise and stand up for what they believe in.

“I see the Dawning of a movement

Of the kids that won’t concede

To a culture of deception

And a spark is all we need!”

For Today

Mattie Montgomery’s lyrical approach is similar to the lyrical style of U2. This allegorical and acknowledged leap to spiritual material only adds an extra layer of depth to For Today‘s lyrics. It makes this album less about the music, and more about the message. Instead of blindly spouting off religious propaganda For Today does a god job of connecting with fans through storytelling and experiences. This attitude is perfect for their upcoming spot on the 2014 Vans Warped Tour.

For Today Promo 2The band’s most recent album Fight the Silence is packed with just the right amount of aggressive energy, fierce lyrical content all the while keeping a strong message behind each of their songs. That being said, For Today is by no means a one-man show. This album is full of brutal breakdowns’, and heavy-hitting drum patterns. David Puckett’s brutal and diverse drumming style is the perfect backdrop to both Ryan Leitru and Sam Penner’s quick and dark guitar style.

If you’re looking for a heavy, and influential album By the Barricade definitely recommends picking up a copy of For Todays Fight the Silence. If you don’t trust us give it one listen on Spotify, and I’m sure it will win you over. If that’s not enough, and you want to see what For Today is all about check out their EP and DVD Prevailer.

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