Revolver’s Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock 2014

chicksinhardrockWhether you were there to see the babes or to hear some awesome rock, you were not disappointed at the Revolver’s Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock tour.  This month-long, 20 city tour crossed from the east to the west coast. Revolver Magazine presents the only heavy metal/hard rock tour in the U.S. featuring female-driven or fronted bands. Some of the By the Barricade team caught the March 19th show and saw Sick Puppies, Lacuna Coil, Eyes Set to Kill and Cliver rock the House of Blues Sunset Strip.

Kicking off the night was Cilver (pronounced “silver”) the current incarnation of the band once known as Me Talk Pretty from New York.  Lead singer Uliana, clad in black patent leather pants and shoes bedazzled with spikes delivered a performance worthy of the night.  Featuring songs from their recently released EP, In My Head, Cilver rocked the house and set the tone for a night of not only beautiful women but talented bands and heavy rock energy.

Eyes Set to Kill from Arizona featured two hot sisters in their lineup:  Alexia Rodriquez on vocal and lead guitar with Anissa Rodriguez on bass.  This band got down to business with their post-hardcore and heavy metal sound.  Melodic strong vocals resonated through the set laced with songs like Infected reflecting the dark side of relationships.


Lacuna Coil 3Distinctively dressed in dark and formal matching uniforms, the men of Lacuna Coil brought a fresh and professional look to the stage and provided a strong backdrop for vocalist Christina Scabbia.  Her flowing dress and boots were right in sync with the band’s heavy goth metal style.  Their set featured favorites such as ‘Trip the Darkness’, ‘Spellbound’, ‘Our Truth’, and two new songs: ‘Die & Rise’ and ‘Nothing Stands’ in our Way from their upcoming album, Broken Crown Halo.  Dual vocals from Christina and Andrea Ferro give Lacuna Coil’s songs an incredible blend of male/female range and strength.  Pairing the vocals with strong guitar lines, the music reaches a melodic and yet heavy sound unique to the band, and has given them quite a following. Lacuna Coil has played plenty of sold out shows and festivals in Europe which has given them a dedicated international audience.  As a special treat for fans in Los Angeles, the band revealed they will be having their CD release party April 1 at The Roxy, with free admission with the purchase of the Broken Crown Halo CD at the door.

Sick Puppies 3Even with three strong opening performances by the previously mentioned crowd favorites, there was no doubt why Sick Puppies were the headliner on this tour. Emma Anzai truly embodied the Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock style in every way.  Emma’s stage presence is one not to be missed.   A bass player like no other, Emma manages to command not only the musical bass elements with skill and precision similar to Flea of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, but also adds the mesmerizing element of full body dance and movement to her playing.  With a fan at the mic blowing her flowing dark hair, Emma is truly a hot rock goddess.

Sick Puppies lead vocalist Shimon Moore and Mark Goodman on Drums complete the Sick Puppies trio and musically they crushed through their set of crowd favorites with solid instrumental jams, strong vocals and crowd participation.  These Australians sure know how to rock a show. With the crowd barking the lyrics of ‘Fight’, ‘Kicking and Screaming’, and ‘Riptide’ it made the performance one not to be missed.  Shimon Moore even found time to slow it down with acoustic ballads ‘Maybe’ and ‘Old One’. With one foot on stage and the other on the barricade, it really became a personal and intimate show. With lighters in the air, and choruses echoing throughout the concert hall the House of Blues truly embodied all the best parts of an old school rock show. The trio closed out the night with ‘You’re Going Down’ and a ton of bows. There is no chance this band is going down anytime soon. Revolver put on a solid hard rock/metal night with lots of hot chicks. It’s definitely a winning combination and a solid foundation for a tour!

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