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Jordan Benker’s new project Look Out Love has been making waves in the indie pop scene since 2014. By combining upbeat tracks with unbelievably catchy lyrics the tracks off Look Out Love‘s latest EP, Oh Boy, are bound to get stuck in your head. By the Barricade wanted to delve deeper into Jordan’s catchy style. Find out all about his new album, stage presence, and future plans in the interview below!

Look Out Love Promo 1What inspired your stage name Look Out Love?

After years of going by my own name I wanted to switch things up and present myself as a full band concept which is slowly but surely forming. I thought long and hard about the right name for me and Look Out Love came to me and I knew right away that this was my future.

That’s often abbreviated to LOL. When was the last moment you laughed out loud?

Laughter is quite important in my life and it’s really easy to make me laugh. The last time I laughed was at a text message from a buddy of mine this morning.

You went to Berklee College of Music in Boston for two years before releasing your debut album It’s 11:11 Somewhere…” Did your time as a student change your musical style or methods?

I definitely learned a lot at Berklee, but the biggest step forward it helped me with was transitioning from analog recording to digital recording. Before college I recorded my songs on an old Tascam 8-track analog recording device. After a few years of trial and error and learning, I’m now incredibly confident and proud of the music I produce.

Look Out Love Oh Boy CoverYour new EP Oh Boy was released September 1 and the themes behind the four tracks seem to be placed chronologically similar to a concept album. Were they written in that order?

From the get go, I wanted these songs to tie together. The themes are all fairly different but they all go hand in hand with each other. The song “Nervous Wreck” is a really old song…I remember the first demo version of it was released in 2011. But after lots of editing, it was able to find its way into this EP. “Oh Boy” ended up being the last song written for the record; that being said, it ended up standing out to me so I decided to name the EP after it.

Can you tell me anything else about the recording process behind Oh Boy?

This record is a real turning point for me musically and artistically, so I feel the maturity of it could really reach out and grab people.

I’ve heard you often pay homage to your beginnings with analog recording. Did you include any tips of the hat while recording Oh Boy?

The style of my music definitely has a rock bounce in it’s step, and considering I was born and raised on classic rock (which was predominantly recorded in analog or on tape) I wanted those classic themes and quirks to show through what I create today.

The title track of your latest release Oh Boy has a lyric “It’s funny how fast you judge, and you don’t even know me”. What’s something you can tell us that your fans might be shocked to learn?

I’m not sure if it will come off as shocking or not, but the song “Oh Boy” is all about common misconceptions. As a guy in a band, my book gets judged right from the cover, and this song is basically a statement saying, “Hey, get to know me!” I am far from your typical band guy, most of which get a bad rap for countless reasons, but I pride myself in being far from that.

Look Out Love Promo 2You told Mind Equals Blown that you are working on a tour and a full length due out in 2016. Can you tell me anything more about that?

Yes, I’ve been working on a full length which is already 10 songs deep and working on tour for late 2015. Lots of big things in the works for sure.

Previously you were a breakdancer. I haven’t been to one of your shows yet, but can fans expect any awesome moves on your next tour?

I don’t wanna get any hopes up, but maybe if you’re lucky you’ll see a couple cool moves on stage.

Is there anything else you want to say to the readers of By the Barricade?

Thanks for learning about me and what I love doing most. I hope now that you know a bit more about me that you’ll stick around and continue this crazy journey with me.

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