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Georgia based Pop Punk band Like Mike recently released a new single titled “Knuckles Deep” off their upcoming album. By the Barricade reached out to Like Mike to talk about the new album, touring and much more. Find out all about it in the interview below!

Zak Mahoney- Vocals
Corey Hursh- Guitar/Vocals
Edward Tumulty- Guitar
Billy Willig- Bass/Vocals
Dan Wilson- Drums

Like Mike Knuckles Deep CoverHow has Like Mike’s hometown of Marietta, GA been responding to Like Mike’s latest single “Knuckles Deep”?

The reception from our hometown has been good. So far, everyone’s said that’s the best thing we’ve put out so far, so I guess we’re going in the right direction.

This is Dan… and With Friends Like These… were both released through Open Minded Records. How did the move to Good Enuf Records benefit your upcoming EP If I Had a Say… ?

Good Enuf Records offered a lot more opportunity for the future. Open Minded Records was cool, but started becoming obsolete after most of the bands dropped off. So we had to move on to a more progressive label.

Zak mentioned to Kill The Music that there are going to be “Fun” Songs on Like Mike’s next EP. How was the writing process different considering most of your previous work was about ex-girlfriends and serious experiences?

The new EP was collectively written by everyone in the band as opposed to previous releases where only one or two people would write an entire song. The new EP is predominantly about Zak’s dogs that passed away which is serious. But there is a fun song on there about WWE star Seth Rollins. Musically though, the new EP is going to feature much more high energy music similar to “Knuckles Deep”.

Like Mike Promo 1I couldn’t find your self-titled EP digitally. Did those tracks resurface through your other releases?

Yes, “We Write Songs About People We Hate” and “Buckwheat” are on With Friends Like These…, The rest are somewhere floating around on the web. The recording quality doesn’t match the caliber of our newer stuff though, so we decided to just leave it out.

I noticed on Facebook that Like Mike’s tracking board is a little unusual than most. Can you tell me a little more about the recording process for If I Had a Say…?

We recorded it at EST Audio and they have been doing a fantastic job as always. We’ve just been taking our time on this new EP because we want it to be the best product we put out to date.

Like Mike played the Atlanta date of the Vans Warped Tour in 2014, and has had several releases. What is the next milestone that you are shooting for?

After we release this new EP, we plan on trying to tour as much as possible. We hope to go cross county at some point and be a part of a few touring packages.

Like Mike Promo 2Zak, how has booking shows and working at a music venue helped Like Mike’s touring plans?

It’s been beneficial for show swapping with out of state bands for sure. It gives you an experience and an insight into the booking process, which is also helpful.

Billy, I’ve heard you have a Gears of War tattoo. Does the band have any ways they “nerd out” together?

That is true! And no not really, Dan’s the only nerd in the band really.

Andrew WK told you that he was on tour with you in spirit via Twitter. If you could take any other ghostly spirits along for the ride who would they be?

It would probably be Andrew WK, that dude knows what’s up.

Is there anything else you want to say to the readers of By the Barricade?

Wazz guud fam?

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