Haster Introduces New Drummer

Orange County based Haster brings on a new drummer, Andres Vega from Mexico.  Check out what is new with Haster and upcoming plans for the band in the interview with Andres and Haster guitarist, David Heida that follows:

Andres, when the guys contacted you, what was your first impression of the band, what drew you to trying out?

Andres: When I first met the guys I could feel this strong personality presence, which was amazing. I really loved the way they play and the way they are connected to make music, it was a really cool experience.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what were you doing before joining Haster and what brought you to the States?

Andres: I was drumming for one of my first music teachers back in Mexico City, we played local shows, national and international tours such as the International Jazz Festival in Haiti 2009, then I decided to move on with my music career in Los Angeles CA since it has always been one of my biggest dreams.

David, how did you connect with Andres?

David: Since Andres attended the Musician’s Institute here in LA he joined a bunch of MI Drummer Groups on FB. When the time came for us to look for a new drummer, I posted in those forums. Andres found (the post) and came down to the studio and was a perfect fit for us.

Can you tell us a little about what he’s done before?

David: He played in a couple of rock groups back in Mexico and did a couple of drummer for hire tours before he came to LA for school.

Congrats on playing the OC Fair on July 29th. Are there any other shows we can look forward to?

David: Tuesday June 7th at The Slidebar in Fullerton. Slidebar is one our all-time favorite venues to play live and the crowds are always amazing there.

Now that the lyric video for “Substance Love” and music video for “The Unscene” are out can we expect any other video releases?

David:  We are still working on getting our next music video done and we hope to have it out sometime this summer.

Haster Andres-VegaFans helped fund The Current Sea on Kickstarter. Did anyone pitch in from far away locations?

David: We had I believe a couple of people from Europe. I know we had two from the UK and one from Germany if I’m correct.

Now that Haster is signed to Musicarchy Media has your recording dynamic changed at all?

David: Writing hasn’t changed at all. We are still doing what we have always done and have started to demo some songs between ourselves to hopefully hit the studio early 2017.

What else is in on Haster’s near horizon?

David: Touring. We have a bunch of stuff planned out for the rest of the year, just waiting to be able to announce everything. So tune into our social media pages for when they are posted.

Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers of By the Barricade?

David: Hit us up either at a show or online. We love talking to our fans daily on our pages.

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