Anaurac Interview

IMG_12102723919986SoCal pop punk trio Anaurac have been rocking southern California for a little over a year now and just released their first EP. With a style similar to legendary pop punk band Green Day they are bound to accomplish great things. By the Barricade caught up with lead singer and guitarist Austin Caruana to find out exactly how life has been treating them since their recent release.

By the Barricade: Anaurac released their debut self-titled EP last year, how has life changed since the release?

Austin Caruana: So much has changed. We are getting a lot more attention now than ever before. It has completely changed our perspectives towards the band as well.

By the Barricade: What does the name Anaurac mean exactly?

Austin Caruana: [Anaurac is] Aaron and my last name backwards.

By the Barricade: Which bands or artists inspired you the most to start playing music?

Austin Caruana: The band we all started listening to when we were kids was Green Day. Since then bands like Brand New and Nirvana have really opened us up to simply writing honest music.

IMG_12085476218742By the Barricade: What brought all of you together and inspired you to start making music as Anaurac?

Austin Caruana: Sean and I had been playing music forever. We eventually ran out of drummers that we knew so we figured we’d just make one. Soon after, I had gotten Aaron to start playing. A shot in the dark, but well worth it.

By the Barricade:Which artist do you think has the biggest drug problem and why?

Austin Caruana: I’m not really hip on that kind of stuff. The only artist I know with a problem is [Justin] Bieber but even that’s not really big.

10380519_1401255470163101_8761266437885803052_oBy the Barricade: Do you think Facebook is still a valid way to get the word out about new bands?

Austin Caruana: It’ll work, but only so much. Personally, most of the music I listen to I had seen at some local event or through a show we played. I was totally amazed what kind of scene there is in Orange County.

By the Barricade: Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers of By the Barricade?

Austin Caruana: if you like fast rock n roll, give our EP a listen. Even if you don’t care much for our EP, pass it on to someone who might.  Thank you for your time!

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