Pierce The Veil’s Misadventures in Lawrence, KS


Pierce The Veil dropped their newest album Misadventures at the beginning of May, a breath of fresh air for fans after a four year wait. Just like the album itself, The Misadventures Tour with I The Mighty and Movements was highly anticipated as evidenced by the large crowd wrapped around the block behind the Granada Theater in Lawrence, Kansas for the June 8 show.

Movements’ short set left this writer wishing they had had more time on stage. The Orange County, CA band opened with “Hatchet”, a quick song off of their album Outgrown Things. It was very easy to tell who was into the band and who wasn’t, but that didn’t seem to deter any of the four. “Worst Wishes” and “Protection” followed with some friendly banter. Ultimately, Movements is carving out a place for themselves with determination.

I The Mighty
I The Mighty

The intro off of I the Mighty’s newest album, An Epilogue as a Prologue really got the crowd moving. This transitioned seamlessly into “Lady Of Death”, and as always, the band seemed to soak in every moment they had onstage. I The Mighty‘s energy seemed to know no limits, especially as they continued into “The Lying Eyes of Miss Erray”. The crowd reaction made it obvious that there is no other band that knows how to work a crowd quite like I The Mighty.

PTV (3)
Pierce The Veil

By the time Pierce The Veil hit the stage, the crowd was more than warmed up and well prepared for whatever came their way. The crowd’s chanting began as the stage was being set up well before the lights dimmed. It’s rare that the Granada hears such a roar in the form of excited screams, but the San Diego rockers brought it out without hesitation.

Pierce The Veil played their new album Misadventures in its entirety. Kicking off their set with “Dive In,” the band brought their “A” game with phenomenal production met by eager cheers that only got more intense throughout the night.

Pierce The Veil

“Texas Is Forever” was introduced as the fastest song Pierce The Veil has written, and it was nice to hear “The Divine Zero” in person outside of Warped Tour, but the bit that left this writer speechless was the tail end of “Song For Isabelle” when Vic pulled away from the microphone to allow Lawrence to finish the song under hundreds of prismatic rainbows that littered the ceiling of the Granada’s balcony.

Without a doubt, The Misadventures Tour is one to not pass up. There’s nothing quite like being able to actually witness the joy a band exhibits when sharing an album that they put so much into. Their pride is more than obvious in every video and every photo that surfaces from each night on this tour, and it is not something to skip out on.

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