Should You Move to Los Angeles to Pursue Music?

Los Angeles is known for its large music scene, so it’s a common question to wonder whether or not one should move to Los Angeles to pursue music. So, is it good to move to Los Angeles to pursue a music career?

A new artist should consider moving to Los Angeles to pursue music. Los Angeles is filled with many different kinds of producers, vocalists, musicians, and DJs with which new artists can collaborate and network. Los Angeles can bring networking opportunities that other cities can’t offer.

Since LA is such a great place for up-and-coming artists to reside, we will dive into why that is and what artists can do to make their name known in such a large city.

Should an Artist Pursue Music in LA?

New artists should consider moving to a big city like Los Angeles if they are trying to get their name out there and pursue a successful career in music. Los Angeles has so much to offer and will allow new artists to network with those around them and make their careers more successful.

Living in a small city may be helpful at the beginning of an artist’s career so they can write and ponder lyrics about their experiences. However, moving to a big city will give small artists a bigger chance to succeed in the competitive music industry. In a city like Los Angeles, you will never get bored and will be hit with many opportunities to get people to listen to your music if you talk to the right people and make good first impressions.

Reasons Why Artists Should Pursue Music in LA [And Why They Shouldn’t]

Vibrant and Diverse

Because LA is so diverse, there is much to offer regarding opportunities for budding music artists. The city always has all sorts of auditions, casting calls, music events, and concerts. There are a lot of opportunities to show off your skills to the world.

If someone wants a more exciting and vibrant lifestyle, they should consider moving to LA. It won’t only help you further your music career but is also a fun, exciting place to live. If you want to further your music career, moving to this city will help you jump-start it because of all the people around you who have experience in that field.

Talent Variety

When pursuing a career in music, they must begin networking and getting to know people who work in creative industries. That doesn’t only mean people in the music industry but all sorts of creative industries.

Many job opportunities in the creative field may be hard to find in a small city. Meanwhile, people in LA are always looking to find people with new talents and gifts because the town is filled with creative people. However, remember that since so many people are pursuing music careers in LA, there is a lot of competition.

Cost of Living

One of the reasons people don’t consider moving to LA is because of how expensive it is to live there. However, the cost of living is entirely worth it because of the job opportunities available.

You will gain so much more experience in LA than you will in another city. This city is home to many production companies, advertising agencies, and other businesses looking for new creative talent. However, many people have to get a job outside their desired industry to pay bills until they get their big break and start making money through music.

Job Opportunities

LA is the perfect place for those looking for a career in the creative industry because it’s filled with so many amazing and new job opportunities. The city is filled with people from all over the world, and there are always new projects being worked on that you can become a part of.

Making a name for yourself in the music industry is difficult, but LA can give you a head start.

Networking to Pursue Music in LA

Networking in the music industry is about meeting the right people at the right time and leaving a good impression on those around you. Get to know people who can help further your music career and make them want to know you more. Networking reveals who you are and who you want to be. Let’s go over how to network in LA.

Approach People Correctly

How you approach a person will set the scene for the rest of the conversation. Make sure that you approach people with confidence and kindness. Your approach will help determine whether your discussion will be worth the next five minutes or fizzle out. Before listing your talents and why you would be great in the music industry, talk to people and get to know them. It’s imperative to be genuine when networking.

Be Intentional

Before attending an event where you can network, it’s essential to know your intentions going into that event. You must take the initiative and know your choices to network properly at a big event. Make a goal to talk to several creative artists or music industry professionals. Although you are at a big event with drinking involved, act professionally and don’t get drunk.

Closing the Conversation

It’s important to know when to end the conversation and leave the music industry professional wanting more. You never want to overstay your welcome in a networking conversation. If they have responded well during the discussion, consider exchanging contact information so you can keep in touch or so they can reach out to you in the future. Practice your pitch with a close family member or friend and learn new ways to start and end conversations.

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