Dead Ending – Dead Ending III

CQzbBTDLFnMost people are not fans of tax day, but when April 15 falls on a Tuesday, it also means new music releases!  This week, By the Barricade is excited about Dead Ending III, the 3rd EP from “supergroup” Dead Ending.  This hardcore punk band consists of Vic Bondi (Articles of Faith), Jeff Dean (The BombAll Eyes West), Derek Grant (Alkaline Trio), and Joe Principe (Rise Against).  If you are ready to get your fix of fast and furious hardcore, grab the Bridge Nine vinyl or digital download and hang on!

Consisting of 5 tracks (plus bonus track on iTunes), the entire playlist is a fast paced run through in under 10 minutes.  It features guest vocals from Jake Burns (Stiff Little Fingers) and Jeff Pezzati (Naked Raygun). Packing a punch into classic sounding hardcore tracks, Dead Ending hits it out of the park on this EP!  Tracks featured on this EP are:


  1. All the Villains You Call Boss
  2. Lifetime
  3. We Were Always Right
  4. Rewire
  5. Frustration
  6. (bonus track Rain)

Dead-Ending-PromoDead Ending express punk lyrics that strike a chord with the average person and present an eyes-open look at the universal quest to get through life’s struggles. Hardcore in general does a great job of screaming out frustration with life’s status quo and Dead Ending expresses it specifically in this EP.  Fans of Cro MagsBlack Flag, and 80’ Heavy rhythm paired with angry angst-filled lyrics from these iconic punk musicians make this one of the best 10 minutes you can spend.

Treat yourself, your ears and your soul to a listen of Dead Ending III!  It will wake you up and definitely make you feel better about tax day!

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