American Candy Tour Review + Photos

The Maine have been producing songs with lyrics that get crowds excited for years now. Sporting a bill that promised energetic sets from Knuckle Puck and Real Friends along with the feel-good music provided by The Technicolors the crowd was ready and anticipating a night of excitement. On Monday, April 20th, the American Candy Tour took the Granada Theatre in Lawrence, Kansas by storm! The most memorable part about the American Candy tour is that each band had their own unique style.

The Technicolors
The Technicolors

The Technicolors, label mates with The Maine, began the night. To say they provided a good start to the show would be an understatement. The energy that comes from not only the members, but the music as well was invigorating, and after having sat in line for six hours that afternoon, this writer was definitely ready for an energy boost. The band was all smiles as they played, and even got the audience on their toes with a surprise appearance from The Maine‘s Kennedy Brock during their final song.

Knuckle Puck Full Res
Knuckle Puck

The next group to take the stage was Knuckle Puck, a Chicago-bred pop punk band that knows no limits when it comes to crowd appeal. The diversity highly noticeable and almost remarkable. Their set was fast paced and never lost it momentum, being the only set to even possibly bring anyone close to moshing.

Real Friends did not come from much further away. The Chicago boys immediately earned a thunderous response from the crowd. Their set was full of lively interaction that left fans climbing over one another in a rapid attempt to get to the microphone when it was offered from vocalist Dan Lambton. After another surprise guest during their set, the crowd was more than ready for the night’s headliner.

The Maine

Just before The Maine set began, the crowd started to get antsy in anticipation. Luckily the band quickly burst onto the stage with “Miles Away”, the second single from their new album American Candy. The crowd soon took to bouncing with the energy that came from the joy of each of the band’s member. despite the fact that both the guitarist and the bassist toughed it out and played the show through not feeling one hundred percent that evening. Each band undeniably knew how to keep the crowd going, and how to get everyone involved. The Maine‘s limitless energy kept everyone invigorated and  kept smiles plastered to fan’s faces all through the evening.

*All Photos by Elizabeth Porch

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