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safe_image (1)Lead singer of Assuming We Survive, Adrian Estrella, is taking his music to the next level by not just recording a new album, but bringing local bands together for the Get Busy Living festival. This all ages show on June 7th starts at noon at the Granada theatre in Ontario California and gives 14 bands the opportunity to come together and help support local music. Now that all the bands have been announced, By the Barricade caught up with Adrian to ask him all about this awesome upcoming show.

By the Barricade: What was your inspiration to create the Get Busy Living fest?

Adrian Estrella: Get Busy Living Fest is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I’ve felt that our scene has lacked a good local festival with only local bands… [and] just pure passionate bands that are hungry to play a good show. I wanted to showcase the many great bands in California that have an insane drive and work ethic. It also gives every bands’ fanbase a chance to see other great bands and expand this scene for all of us!

Get Busy Living Fest Flyer

By the Barricade: What do you think will be the most difficult part of putting on a festival instead of just playing at it?

Adrian Estrella: Putting on a festival has a ton of challenges, I book shows all the time and sometimes booking 7 bands is really chaotic and the hardest part (which every band knows) making sure the shows runs on time. Doing a festival like Get Busy Living Fest with 16 artists, vendors, sponsors, staff, promotions, and more…I knew it was going to be a challenge especially being in a working band, but I’m not in over my head. I have so much help from good friends, so bring it on!

By the Barricade: If you had to add at least one smooth Jazz band to your Get Busy Living Fest who would you pick?

Adrian Estrella: Amanda Castro Band, Pat Amanda, the pianist and trombone player, was my music theory teacher at Chaffee College, has an amazing voice. Not only are they super humble people but crazy talented!

By the Barricade: I’ve seen you promoting a new album on Facebook and Instagram. Can you tell the readers anything about that?

Adrian Estrella: Well we are working on a 3 song EP with Mr. Kris Comeoux again (drummer for Loathsome Drive / Red Jumpsuit Apparatus) We are going to have as much fun as we can making it and that we hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do! We also have something huge in the works that we can’t disclose just yet so… Stay tuned.

1613931_735033249875473_7156031730423602434_nBy The Barricade: Assuming We Survive has a song “We’ll Meet in the Night Sky”. Where is the best place here in California to see the night sky?

Adrian Estrella: I’d have to say anywhere in the dessert or mountains far away from City lights! Everyone should get away from all the busy chaos of the city or town you live in and just take an hour to stare up at the sky, it can make you feel so small and calm you down, I was abused as a kid by my father and the only place he couldn’t reach me was the roof of the house, and at night in The Dominican Republic the power would go out and I swear you could see every star in sky, it’s really beautiful and therapeutic!

By the Barricade: With all these earthquakes, what bands do you think shook up the music industry?

Adrian Estrella: Let Live. is probably a good cause for all the shaking, if you have ever seen those guys live you know what I mean!

By the Barricade: Where is the best fast food restaurant to hit up after a late night show?

Adrian Estrella: I can’t believe I’m going to share my secret but here it goes…. I don’t like Jack In The Box, but double ultimate bacon cheeseburger on croissant bread with a fried egg and hash brown on it!! Kaboom!

By the Barricade: What member of Assuming We Survive do you think would survive a zombie apocalypse and why?

Adrian Estrella: Well, I think we would all be ok. We are such a family we would all defend each other. Phil would use his comedic acting skills to blend in, Manny is a trained fighter, Joe played soccer so he can kick and run super-fast, Kris is a sports fanatic so I’m sure he can swing a bat really good and I’m a good shot with my AR15.

306208_10200260280021163_1982288283_nBy the Barricade: Is there anything else you want to say to the By the Barricade readers?

Adrian Estrella: I would like to just thank everyone that has supported us! All the bands we have met through playing shows, it’s such an amazing adventure being able to do what we love and meet so many amazing people. I owe a lot to my band, I’ve met my best friends doing this, and the band and fans have let me be able to put on this festival. It’s All Ages and starts at noon on June 7th at the Granada theatre in Ontario California! Don’t miss any of these amazing bands! We will be doing a charity shirt of the festival to raise money for Tumaini a great organization that helps African orphans with aids and also a local children’s hospital. We want to not only spread the scene of music but also help out on a local and global level! Thank you for your support as well. Diana Holte from the Ontario Music Academy and Mule Car Records for always kicking butt and helping the kids learn music! coming soon!

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