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After almost two years Shot in the Dark has accomplished more than most Southern California locals and already scored a spot on the 2014 Vans Warped Tour. Four interviews later there’s still tons to learn about the young kids that often outshine their elder competition. Shot in the Dark is now rapidly approaching their sophomore release. You can find out all the details in the transcripts below.

Shot in the Dark LogoJacob Chabot: Vocals

Austin Schmidt: Guitar

Jarod Deshong: Drums

Spike Snyder: Bass

It’s been almost a year since I last talked to Shot in the Dark. Is the extended edition of Memories still in the works with the unreleased track “Better Place”?

Shot in the Dark jacob CabotJacob Chabot: “Better Place” will be on our next album we release instead.

How far are you in the writing process for the new album?

Austin Schmidt: We have about four and a half songs finished so far.

Are you planning on working with Mel Torres of Rare Catalyst Studios again?

Spike Snyder: Yes. It was awesome working with Mel last time so we plan on doing it again.

Is there artist you want to work with in the future?

Spike Snyder: Tyler Carter for sure!

Austin Schmidt: Telle Smith from The Word Alive

Shot in the Dark has had a few lineup changes. Are you looking for someone of fill in, and are you looking towards Socal Rock School?

Austin Schmidt: Right now we are more focused on writing new material. We are going to head into the studio and try and record soon so we are not making it a priority.

Jarod Chabot: We are shooting to release the new album in the summer or at least be in the studio by summer.

Austin Schmidt: We plan on being in the studio early spring and releasing it by summer or early fall.

Austin, You officially the first member of Shot in the dark to pass their 18th birthday. Is that going to change the dynamic of the band?

Austin Schmidt: I don’t think so. I still have the same mindset as when I entered the band when I was younger.

I saw your live video from Rockwell Unscene. Do you have any plans for other music videos or other live videos?

Austin Schmidt Shot in the DarkAustin Schmidt: We are actually filming one right now! Mel will be making it.

Jarod Deshong: We have had cameras set up at every show for a while now.

Jacob Chabot: We have recorded the last three or four shows.

“Moving Forward” is one of my favorite tracks off Memories can you tell me some more about it?

Jacob Chabot: “Moving forward” is about people in the industry telling members of the band to keep in touch but not staying loyal to their claims.

I saw a huge push recently to steer Facebook away from limiting the reach of unsigned bands online. Do you think Facebook is still a valid way to get the word out about your music?

jared Deshong Shot in the DarkJarod Deshong: For sure! It makes it easier for bands to get recognized.

Austin Schmidt: Facebook helps a lot of bands, but also holds bands back if they don’t have a following. Bands aren’t heard as much because there are so many up and coming bands out there.

There are now so many channels open to bands to help get their music heard. What is the best way to spread the word that you would recommend to a new band?

Jarod Deshong: Instagram and YouTube

Jacob Chabot: Do a little bit of everything and work your way towards where your fans are online.

I was just talking to Jimmy Brown from Dose of Adolescence about how bringing bands together sometimes hurts a band’s chance to be recognized. Do you think the pay to play structure has been helpful or hurtful?

Austin Schmidt: It does help because it pushes you to find people who like your music and will go to your shows, but it hinders smaller bands because they may not have the same following.

Jacob Chabot: I think it works both ways. Promoters need a living so it is reasonable, but sometimes bands get the short end of the stick.

A few bands show up onstage with crazy outfits. What’s the craziest outfit I would see members of Shot in the Dark wearing?

spike Snyder Shot in the DarkSpike Snyder: We should dress like Slipknot for Halloween!

Austin Schmidt: Ya, if Corey Taylor got ten times smaller!

What was your craziest holloween costume?

Jacob Chabot: Hannah Montana!

Austin Schmidt: One year I dressed up like a granny who lost her dog and the dog was glued to my butt.

Is there anything else you want to say to the readers of By the Barricade?

Jacob Chabot: Thanks for all the support!

Austin Schmidt: Be on the lookout for our new album soon!

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