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1898253_862456653781596_963142987_nFrom Truth and Time, the first full length album from SoCal band Eye the Realist was released on April 29. Preceding the 11 track album’s release, “Death,” the first single debuted and is a great example of the melodic rhythmic sound that is Eye the Realist fans have grown to love.  This female fronted progressive pop/rock group is hitting the road to promote the album and doing a special album release at Chain Reaction on May 15 where they will play the album cover to cover. By the Barricade caught up with lead singer, Josie Randle to learn more:

By the Barricade: What inspired you to start the band? And how did you choose your name “Eye the Realist


Josie: I  started the band because sometimes there’s only one way to get what you want done, and it’s to go and just do it! But it definitely takes the right people to go all in with you.

The band name was put together like so: ‘Eye’ can be looked at in two different ways depending on how you hear it being said ‘I’ and how you see being said ‘Eye’. As any individual you grow and experience a lot in life, some more than others, or some in a different way than others. With those experiences it forces you to view things, say things, or do things in life, and for me personally it’s more of my out take on life, which is way different than it was say 5 years ago.


By the Barricade: Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration?


Josie: When writing songs the inspiration can come from many people lyrically vs instrumentally. But as far as lyrically, life experiences or views on my surroundings and the world help influence my lyrics.


By the Barricade: What is your usual songwriting process?


imageJosie: It changes. Sometimes it could be a simple guitar riff I have been working on, maybe nothing comes of it but when jammed out with my drummer, bassist, guitarist it can develop into something so much more. Or sometimes I have a riff and lyric ideas and it flows. Or it can all just start instrumentally. When I write I hear most parts so I sit in front of the computer and hit record share the song and bring in other ideas to help the song become the song.


By the Barricade: What excites you the most about your new CD, From Truth and Time?


Josie: It’s our first full length that we work so hard on and now it’s finally out for people to hear, share, experience and connect with.


By the Barricade: What advice can you give other local bands looking to get gigs?


Josie: Networking. Plain and simple. Talk to other people you play shows with and simply ask them who booked the show, get their information. Or you see other bands online promoting at a certain venue you want to play at, talk to them. Ask questions. And hopefully you will encounter the awesome people in the industry that love what they do and want to help you.


By the Barricade: What is your favorite local venue to play and why?


Josie: DiPiazzas and Chain Reaction, because we grew up playing there and have built great relationships with the staff.


By the Barricade: What were the biggest challenges while releasing your new CD From Truth and Time?



Josie: There’s a lot but let’s say, time. We produced our record with a friend who’s in a touring band and with his touring schedule, our work schedule coordinating everyone’s time takes patience as well as being prepared to play your parts and leaving happy.


By the Barricade: If you could pick any band to go on tour with, what band would you choose and why?


Josie: Picking just 1 band is so hard. I think we will pass on this question. We want to tour with everyone. Good Music is Good Music.


By the Barricade: Is there anything else would you like to tell By the Barricade readers?


Josie: Support your local music scene. Inside and out. Share the love. We all work very hard, whether it’s playing an instrument, being a photographer, a blog writer, a promoter/booker, etc…everyone needs everyone’s help. If you like the music or the work being produced. SHARE IT!

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