Hold On Pain Ends Tour 2015 Review

The Color Morale Header 2 copyTwo valuable lessons learned at the Hold On Pain Ends Tour : Do not judge a venue by its size, and do not judge a pit by the number of people within it.  Alive Like Me, Vanna, Slaves, and The Color Morale conveyed these lessons through their stage presence at every stop of their nearly two month tour.

April 10th at The Aftershock in Kansas City started off with plenty of elbow room. Alive Like Me opened the show with an energetic performance that left most of the crowd rearing for more. The band’s lyrics definitely seemed to resonate with the crowd, earning an eager response from those in the audience. The excitement that came from frontman Jairus was quickly followed by the rest of the band, and it definitely set the group apart from the rest of the lineup.

The next band to take the stage was Vanna. These men take what they do to a new level! To start, no set is bound to be boring when all members start their set by shaking water from their beards into the crowd. That was just one of many things that caught everyone off guard. Vanna know no limits when it comes to interacting with the audience. There was not one moment where anyone on that stage stood still. Swinging from rafters, climbing on barricades, and even frontman Davey Muise performing in the crowd during the final song are all things that this writer is not familiar with, but change is good..

Slaves was the next group to continue a night of amazing music. Their set was the only one to begin with a microphone that wasn’t willing to cooperate. That was nothing that couldn’t be handled though. After some slight prompting from bassist Colin Vieira, the crowd filled in for missing vocals, bringing a smile to the members of the band. Despite a laid back set due to a few band members having a cold, it was still more than enough to get everyone riled up for the final performance of the night.

The Color Morale Promo PhotoStarting the moment The Color Morale hit the stage they put on an amazing show. From start to finish, the crowd was all theirs. The Aftershock has a low ceiling, but crowd surfers were not deterred by the lack of space. The Color Morale really knew how to grab the attention of their fans and interact with their crowd. Front man Garret Rapp proved this as he introduced “Suicide;Stigma.” The Color Morale set never once lost its momentum, keeping everyone going until the final note of “Strange Comfort”.

All-in-all, the Hold On Pain Ends Tour is one full of multiple opportunities to expand a music taste and to enjoy four bands that have a lot going for them. By the Barricade strongly recommends catching this year’s Hold On Pain Ends tour if you have the opportunity.

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