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Hideouts4Local pop punk sensation Hideouts played We are the SPARK Project’s inaugural event promoting autism awareness. Hideouts plan on releasing a new full length album within the year, so By the Barricade talked with a few of the band’s members to find out more info on the upcoming release, and exactly what inspired them to help this cause.

Dan Chavez: Vocals/Guitar
Robby Friend: Guitar
Tim Markel: Guitar/Vocals
Keith Ruthven: Bass
By the Barricade: Can you describe Hideouts’ music in five words or less?

Tim Markel: Hide. Outs. Stuck between stories.

Robby Friend: Music your mother hates

By the Barricade: But my mom’s here right now.

Keith Ruthven: Music your mom likes

Dan Chavez: I like that one!


By the Barricade: I ran into members of Hideouts giving away free CDs at the 2014 Vans Warped Tour. If you could get in and only see one band, who would it be?

Hideouts 1Keith Ruthven: Anberlin because this is their last tour.

Robby Friend: I Always love Yellowcard’s live show.

By the Barricade: You posted Hideouts’ music video for “Chasing Satelliteson the day I interviewed youat Chain Reaction. How has that been going?

Tim Markel: People recognize us now! They stop us, and say “Hey, You’re that guy from that lyric video I saw.”


By the Barricade: Hideouts is slated to play two shows at Di Piazza’s with Eye The Realist. What will you do to make it a “Can’t miss event”?

Robby Friend: Its Di Piazza’s! Their pizza’s legendary!

Tim Markel: We’re bringing the fog machine along, It’s such a rarity that it’s almost on unicorn level.

Dan Chavez: We are doing a rock band night with them (July 9th), and a month later (August 9th) we’re heading back for an all-acoustic show.

By the Barricade: Are there any local California bands that the readers of By the Barricade need to know about?

Robby Friend: The New Varsity, and It’s Only a Story!

Dan Chavez: Eye The Realist is like our sister band. They’re really good friends of ours and almost like family so if there’s ever a chance our bands to play together we jump on it.Hideouts2

Robby Friend: I’m excited to see Rebel Revive who’s playing tonight. There’s so many amazing bands around California like Assuming We Survive, and Stanley and the Search, so I always try to go to their shows.

By the Barricade: Did you end up going to Assuming We Survive’s Get Busy Living Fest? More than half those bands were there, and Eye the Realist showed up.

Tim Markel: We already had another show that night.

By the Barricade: Well tonight’s show is benefiting We are the SPARK Project spreading autism awareness. What does that mean with you?

Dan Chavez: I have a lot of friends who worked with autistic children so I am firmly behind what they are doing and think it’s a really cool benefit. The fact that we got asked to be a part of it is an honor to us.

Robby Friend: A lot of our favorite bands have been actively sponsoring organizations and helping out, but we just haven’t had the opportunity yet so we are supper humbled and grateful.

By the Barricade: We have a lot of readers who are in up and coming bands. What have you done to get yourselves where you are today?

Dan Chavez: We try to be prepared for all the opportunities that come our way so that we have the full capability of taking advantage of it.

Robby Friend: You create your own luck when you are open to opportunities.

Dan Chavez: Letting the focus be on the music you are creating makes a huge difference. If you don’t have songs you fully believe in and have fun playing you’re basically doomed from the start. I’m proud that Hideouts has never conformed to any present trends and stuck by with what wasn’t popular. It’s also a constant growth. The song may be finished, but it’s constantly changing especially in a live setting.

By the Barricade: In our last interview with Hideouts I asked about doing your life over and a lot of you said “school”. If you went back to school what major would you pick and why?

hideouts3Keith Ruthven: Astrophysics because they’re always on the line between knowledge and ignorance. I’d dabble in that because I really like to learn new things.

Dan Chavez: Architecture, or Archeology

By the Barricade: Since you’re not in school, is there any plans for new music?

Dan Chavez: Our next release is planned to be a full length record full of new stuff. For the E.P.’s we have so far we took the most polished songs, so it’ll be completely fresh

By the Barricade: Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers of By the Barricade?

Robby Friend: We appreciate there is a site that cares about Hideouts and the local music scene.


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