Why Do Guitarists Wear Wristbands? 6 Main Reasons

Have you ever seen a guitarist wearing a wristband while performing? Why do they wear them?

Guitarists wear wristbands to reduce and wipe away sweat, minimize friction against the guitar, and give the musician compression to support the wrist. They also may wear wristbands because they want a reminder to stay in form and because the wristbands look cool.

Below are some reasons why guitarists wear wristbands, so keep reading.

1. Sweatbands

Many guitarists wear wristbands as sweatbands. As guitarists play, it’s very easy for their hands and arms to get sweaty, making it more difficult to play the guitar.

Players use the sweatbands to wipe the sweat on their foreheads and arms so they don’t have to stop performing to find a towel. It’s hard to grasp a pick and play the guitar when your hands are sweaty, but sweatbands help decrease the sweat on your hands.

It is very easy for guitarists to mess up and do something wrong when their hands are sweaty or sweat dripping down their faces.

With electric guitars, sweat can make your arms stick to the guitar. If your guitar-playing style is more acoustic, this won’t be as much of an issue.

If you fingerpick, your hands might slip from the guitar strings. So, there’s plenty of reasons to consider sweatbands.

2. Reduce Friction

Guitarists also wear wristbands to reduce friction. When playing the guitar, friction against the guitar body and strings often causes cuts and bruises. Wristbands can help guitarists decrease that friction and prevent injury.

Guitarists often get cuts and bruises because of friction when playing electric guitars. It happens more often when playing heavy music, like metal. But you might not experience this if you play softer music.

3. Compression on the Wrist

Playing the guitar for long periods can be physically demanding, and wrist pain is common among guitarists. The repetitive motion of playing can cause strain on the muscles and tendons in the wrist, leading to discomfort or even injury over time.

Wristbands solve this problem by putting compression on the wrist, which helps support the muscles and tendons and reduce strain. By compressing the wrist, the wristband can help to distribute pressure evenly and reduce the likelihood of injury or pain.

Additionally, wristbands can help absorb sweat and moisture from the hand. This reduces slipping and improves grip on the guitar. Wristbands can be helpful for guitarists who perform in humid environments or who tend to sweat heavily during performances.

While wristbands can help reduce wrist pain and improve grip, they are not substitutes for proper technique and hand positioning. Guitarists should also maintain good posture and hand placement to reduce strain and enhance playing ability.

You might consider specialized wristbands known as “Wrist Grips,” here’s a video about it:

4. Reminder to Stay in Proper Form

Playing the guitar requires using the fingers, hands, and upper body. This includes the arms, shoulders, and back. As such, guitarists must maintain proper form while playing to avoid strain or injury to any of these areas.

Wristbands can be a helpful tool for guitarists in maintaining proper form by providing compression and support to the wrist, which can help with the alignment of the arm and hand. This can prevent the wrist from bending unnaturally, causing strain.

Proper form improves the physical aspects of playing the guitar and the overall aesthetic of the performance. A guitarist with proper form looks confident and in control. This can increase the overall enjoyment of the performance for both the musician and the audience.

While wristbands can help maintain proper form like above, it isn’t a substitute for practicing form. In addition to using wristbands, guitarists should focus on good posture, hand placement, and finger positioning. This helps avoid strain and improves a musician’s playing ability.

5. They Look Awesome

Another main reason why guitarists wear wristbands: they look cool! Wristbands are an easy way to add color and personality to your look.

Some guitarists wear wristbands with their band’s logo printed and sell them to fans. If fans see their favorite guitarists wearing these wristbands, they will want to buy them. If they buy a band’s wristband, other fans will notice and want to buy them.

6. You Can Store Guitar Picks

As a guitarist, you know the pain of losing a pick during a live show. You’ll be saved by storing a few in your wristband down to your last pick.

It’s much easier to reach into a pick slightly outside the wristband. So don’t stuff them in, have them slightly out.

If you sing while playing guitar, you might not need these. The mic s a great place to store extra picks. But, if you don’t sing or play on a stage that doesn’t support extra storage, consider getting a wristband.

Do Guitarists Have to Wear Wristbands?

While guitarists commonly wear wristbands, they are not required to play the instrument. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and whether or not the wristbands help alleviate any issues the guitarist may experience while playing.

For some guitarists, wristbands can greatly improve their playing experience by providing compression and reducing friction between their skin and the guitar. This can result in better grip and control over the instrument, making it easier to play for longer periods without experiencing discomfort or pain.

How Do You Choose The Right Wristbands?

When picking great wristbands, you want to be sure they meet your needs. Here are some quick tips you can use when selecting a cool wristband:

  • Sweat absorbent: Pick bands that are more likely to absorb sweat. Cotton is generally the best material. But you might find microfiber or bamboo fabric, terry cloth, or neoprene sweatbands that are just as good.
  • Pick something cool: Don’t select a wristband purely on functionality. Reduced fiction is great, but not if you don’t feel confident in one. Pick a leather band if it suits you.
  • Pick the right size: Like Goldilocks, your wristband should be “just right.” This means they need to be the right length, not too tight, and be the right thickness. If it’s too thick, it’ll make you sweat more (which isn’t great).
  • Meaningful: Imagine your daughter made you a sick wristband for your performance. Wearing it is a badge of honor, so make sure your wristbands tell a story.
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WILLBOND Sweatbands Wristbands for Football Basketball, Running Athletic Sports, Black, 6 Piece
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  • Their double layers are designed with organic cotton material, which is non-slip and light-weight
  • The wrist sweatband with good absorbent can wipe off sweat from your face when you exercise or do sports, give you a comfortable sporting feeling
  • Washing: You can wash them by hands or machines, it can hold up well and keeps its shape after machine washing
  • The wristbands can be stretched to fit your hands size, great for all sports such as playing football, basketball, running, etc. (Unisex)
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  • Ultra Performance: Athletes need gear that helps improve performance. This is the wrist band thin enough to stay out of the game while helping your stay in the game. You can depend on this wristband wash after wash and game after game.
  • Versatile: Not just for athletes, these wristbands are great for band members, gardeners, cosplay, and more! Use them on the court, pitch, and field during basketball, baseball, football, soccer, gym, dance, and lacrosse, and get a leg up on the competition with sweat-wicking wristbands on your teams.
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  • Size fits most wrists: these long sport wristbands measure approx. 6 x 3.15 inch/ 15 x 8 cm (L x W), with flexible elasticity provides enough wristband coverage
  • Easy care: you can wash them by hands or machines, it can hold up well and keeps its shape after machine washing for long-term wearing
  • Helpful for sports: can be applied in gym, basketball, soccer, tennis, workout, running, walking, yoga, cycling, badminton, baseball, table tennis and any other physical exercise activities
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  • GREAT ABSORBENCY-Even the best forehead sweatband can only absorb so much perspiration. If you tend to sweat clear through your forehead sweatbands, or just don’t like to wear them, you can wear sweatbands on your wrists instead. These thick, absorbent cuffs are like built-in towels. Just reach up and wipe your forehead, head and neck without pausing to break stride or fish a towel out of your pack.
  • BREATHABLE AND COMFORTABLE- Made of cotton-nylon fabric blend, there wristbands are ideal for keeping you fresh and comfortable in any sport.
  • PROTECTION FOR WRIST- while playing sports like badminton, table tennis, cricket it needs plenty of energy, speed and stamina. Wristband provides some grip to the hands while playing as it minimizes impulsive jerks during hard smashes with the badminton racket or while playing a powerful shot with the bat.
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  • Vibration dampening, ideal for drummers
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