The 9 Best Metal EDM DJs You Need To Know

When exploring exciting new music genres, like different EDM music styles, genre explorers need to investigate further into the famous names of metal EDM DJs! For people who have never heard of metal EDM before, what are the best DJs in the genre to start with? After extensive research, here are the best ways to dive into metal EDM music!

What makes some metal EDM DJs different than others? What can a new listener do to appreciate the best of the metal EDM community? Let’s go over what to look for in this lively music genre and how to put the best foot forward when beginning a musical journey into metal EDM!

What is Metal EDM (Electronic Dance Music)?

To start with, EDM, short for Electronic Dance Music, is a genre that is sometimes nicknamed dance music, dubstep, dub core, club music, or dance.

This type of music has a metal variant called “metal EDM.” This music uses a lot of heavy metal, bass-heavy, percussive electronics, and melodies made with synthesizers laid over with drumming and a DJ that may not even sing and instead arrange and create this unique blend of music.

1. Sullivan King

Sullivan King is one of the most popular EDM DJs, famous for mixing amazing riffs, loud and bass-heavy guitar parts, and exciting music sets in concert! This DJ has been making impressive metal EDM music since 2014, making a music career attractive to both EDM fans and metalheads! 

Sullivan King has also been known to be booked for fantastic music concerts and festivals. These include gatherings like Lollapalooza and EDC Las Vegas, with hundreds of thousands of attendees and concertgoers! There are also consistent traveling concert tours that Sullivan King frequents for true metal EDM fans to hit. Sullivan King has also done musical team-ups with Slander, Excision, and Papa Roach! This artist has even remixed some songs for DJ Snake, Kayzo, and other famous electronic music artists. Give Sullivan King’s recent album, LOUD; a listen to check out his style of metal EDM.

2. Modestep

Modestep is another metal-themed EDM artist. Modestep’s real name is Josh Friend. He is known as an impressive dubstep and electronica rock singer, producer, and songwriter from London and is currently based in LA in the United States! This group got together in 2010 as a four-piece band. Their band consisted of the two brothers, Josh and Tony Friend, and Josh’s roommates, Matthew Curtis and guitarist Nick Tsang. From 2018 onward, the crew of Modestep later became a duo of Josh Friend and Patrick Lundy. 

Currently, Josh Friend is the sole member left of Modestep, but there are still plenty of incredible songs from the band’s history and latest hits to check out! Over the past decade or so, Modestep has released two full albums and sixteen various EPs and Singles. At least four other miscellaneous tracks from Modestep will prove to be worth the listen for avid music fans!

3. PhaseOne

In April 2019, the Australian bass music producer PhaseOne released their first full album called TRANSCENDENCY. PhaseOne is a DJ, Graeme Duffy, who has released multiple musical singles in the past, such as “Slaughter Them All” and “Taco Bout It,” and has made an impactful new album to further his legacy in EDM. This latest album reportedly combines heavy metal and hard bass, which many fans will also call metal step. 

4. Virtual Riot

Virtual Riot is another extraordinary DJ in the metal EDM landscape, with their original real name being Christian Valentin “Val” Brunn. They are a German DJ and an electronic music producer who has released seventeen extended plays and two full studio albums to enjoy. One of Virtual Riot‘s most notable accomplishments is his extended play named “Chemistry” in 2016 and his 2018 extended play “German Engineering.” This German producer makes catchy, bass-heavy tracks with a cutting-metal edge that many listeners will love!

5. Zomboy

Zomboy, real name Mellody, is a DJ who leaped into the EDM scene with encouragement from previous roommates! He is a British producer who infused some fun rock and metal characteristics into his dubstep and bass-heavy music to create his unique tracks that have gained traction in the music world by storm. He got the DJ name Zomboy from a video game, played instrumental musical festivals, and remixed songs that shot him up the charts, including his famous reworking of the Chainsmokers’ “Don’t Let Me Down.”

6. Getter

Getter is an American DJ renowned in the metal EDM world. He was previously a metal-style drummer who mixed heavy metal and hip-hop music approaches into his style of bass and dubstep. Many fans have compared Getter to the metal version of dubstep. His real name is Tanner Petulla, and he became an influential rapper, producer, and actor in pop culture. He came from California and went on to work with other heavy-hitting artists and bands, including Skrillex, Suicideboys, Borgore, and Datsik!

7. Eptic

Michaël Bella, known better by his stage name Eptic, is also a well-known figure in the music world. This Belgian Dj and music producer’s most famous play is “Overlord” and “Like a Boss,” which show off his unique musical sound. Eptic has also collaborated with famed singers and bands such as DJ Snake, Habstrakt, Jauz, Valentino Khan, and Dillon Francis!

8. Excision

Excision is a DJ that was initially born in Canada as Jeff Abel. He started as a promising disc jockey and went on to found Rottun Recordings and Subsidia Records, releasing music into the metal EDM musical spheres since 2007! Excision even began his very own music festival called Lost Lands and is well known for his big visual productions and tours around the United States.

9. The Bloody Beetroots

This interesting band is an Italian electronic music project made up of the musician and producer Bob Rifo. The Bloody Beetroots has been created and working since late 2006, and it was at first a duo of Bob Rifo and Tommy Tea. Tea left in 2012, but the band has not stopped making music since!

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