Heavy metal emojis

A Guide to Heavy Metal Emojis

While emojis are now inescapable, these universal texting staples didn’t exist thirty years ago. Now, many of us love doing an emoji battle. But when it comes to heavy metal, choices remain surprisingly limited.

Are there heavy metal emojis? Yes, but not many. Smartphone users may access the “sign of the horns” heavy metal gesture — a hand with index and pinky fingers extended. There is also an electric guitar emoji.

But for those who live and breathe heavy metal, this is rather disappointing. Fortunately, there are plenty of emoji developers who have us metalheads covered. Read on to learn everything you wanted to know about heavy metal emojis (and probably a lot more).

Heavy Metal Emojis: Why?

Some folks reading this may already be shaking their heads. There are countless emojis already available on smartphones. Are those really not enough?

Sure, you can use words to express your love for heavy metal. But why use so many words when a single emoji can convey the same message? A picture is worth a thousand words, and an emoji is just a tiny picture.

As you can tell, we’re being slightly tongue-in-cheek. Nobody needs heavy metal emojis to enjoy this uniquely aggressive and energetic genre. Nevertheless, they provide new ways to communicate with friends and deepen our relationships.

It’s true. As cringeworthy as it sounds, emojis deepen communication. Perhaps it’s time that metal fans receive the benefits.

Finding Heavy Metal Emojis

Who wants to take tons of time swiping through all the emojis that are on your phone? It’s exhausting — especially as that library continues to grow.

Plus, you’re probably not going to find what you need without an app. That’s where the App Store and Google Play come into (Google) play.

If the heavy metal finger horns aren’t enough to get your message across, several choices are available on iOS and Android devices. Again, these apps add to your emoji library — only this time, they’re emojis you may actually want to use.

Be warned: sadly, most of the following apps are severely lacking.

Anyway, let’s get to it!

Heavy Metal Emoji Apps for iOS.

There are various emoji keyboards available on the Apple App Store. They’re not all heavy metal-themed, obviously. But keep an eye on general emoji keyboard apps, as they may include the variety you need.

But if you insist on downloading something exclusively for heavy metal emojis, you have a couple of options.

Literally. You have two options.

Heavy Metal Emoji Keyboard- Cost $1.99

While this app had a strong debut in 2016, development has waned in recent years. Now, it’s hard to determine if this app has been updated since its release. Unfortunately, this means there are likely compatibility issues with the recent OS and messenger updates.

Note that we cannot be sure because we haven’t been able to try it. But a lack of recent reviews is a glaring red flag.

Ultimately, if you don’t mind spending 2 dollars on a potentially broken app, go for it. But don’t be surprised if it doesn’t offer a seamless experience.

Metal Emoji- Cost $ .99

For under a dollar, it’s worth checking out, right? Sorry to say, another big no. This app averages a 1-star rating, and as with the previous app, there aren’t many reviews to consult. 

On the bright side, this one did have a review that was only 6 months old — so, it’s an improvement? Sort of? 

Heavy Metal Emoji Apps for Android

While pickings are slim on the Apple App Store, Google Play features an uplifting array of heavy metal emoji apps.

Most of the following choices are free. Unfortunately, that also means there will be ads. We recommend paying a couple of bucks, where applicable, for the ad-free versions of these apps.

Metal Sticker- Cost Free

The app gets 4 ½ stars, and there are endless reviews. The biggest problem is the advertisements that pop up after using one of the stickers. But, of course, this is to be expected with a free app.

As the name suggests, Metal Sticker features stickers instead of emojis. Furthermore, they download automatically to WhatsApp but appear to be incompatible with other messengers. But if you use WhatsApp and don’t mind an occasional ad, we strongly recommend trying it out.

Heavy Metal Emoji Keyboard- Cost: Free

Yes, this is the same app that costs $1.99 in the Apple app store. On Google Play, it’s completely free! But you know what that means…

Try Candy Crush!

Despite the ads, the app has good reviews. There are currently 46 reviews averaging 4.5 stars. You download it, and you can access several unique heavy metal emojis. Unlike any app we’ve mentioned so far, this one is genuinely straightforward.

Stickers Rock Mexicano- Cost: Free

This application has stickers for different rock bands and you can also find a few heavy metal bands. Evidently, stickers are available for AC/DC, KISS, Marilyn Manson and Rammstein. 

But tread lightly with this one, even though it’s free. There might be some copyright infringement issues that may have to be dealt with. If there’s ever a crackdown, you certainly don’t want to be involved. 

Apps for Heavy Metal Music Lovers

If you are looking for the best apps for heavy metal music, there are tons to choose from. For more detail, check the video below for some of the best apps on the market:

There are lots of great applications available for IOS and Android phones. You don’t always have to use the more commercialized applications like Spotify, IHeartradio, or Pandora. While those are the most known, each system offers additional applications for your heavy metal listening needs. 


You may be able to find heavy metal stickers bundled with some lesser-known music apps. However, you may need to do some digging. Metalheads may have a more challenging time finding dedicated apps than pop and rap fans, for example.

But don’t get discouraged. You will find a lot of information about the heavy metal world that you never realized was just at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there other emoji apps with heavy metal emojis

While it seems that heavy metal emoji apps are hard to find, many general emoji apps feature metal-themed icons. For example, some include happy face emojis playing guitars or alternative versions of the “sign of the horns” emoticon.

Some great apps to check out include:

  • Emoji Keyboard Pro (Android) – This Android exlusive app is a keyboard overhaul that includes an emoji pack and several keyboard skins. Most importantly, it enables easier integration of emojis into texts. Metalheads are a unique bunch, which is why this level of personalization is greatly appreciated.
  • Emoji Free (iOS) – Over 2.5 million iOS users have downloaded this plainly-named emoji app. It offers text-based emoji games and more unconventional features. Of course, all of this includes the classic metal horns emoji — although we wish there was a bit more in the heavy metal department.
  • Facemoji (iOS, Android, PC) – Facemoji uniqely offers PC support, so you can enhance messages sent from your desktop with interesting emoticons. We feel that this is the most comprehensive emoji app you can get. It even includes special fonts, themes and GIFs. If you want to embellish your messenger with an aggressive and edgy font, you can do so with Facemoji.

Granted, we haven’t gone through the thousands of emojis these apps include. You will have to research what you can find in the app store available for you. They’re all free, so nothing is stopping you from some trial-and-error.

Would it be nice if there was more heavy metal emoji support? Certainly, but there are plenty of ways to communicate beyond emojis. Remember that most people can receive videos and GIFs, so there’s no shortage of Dave Mustaine and Beevus and Butthead loops to suit the occasion.

What does an emoji app cost? 

That question is all up to the developers and the platforms they choose to release their apps. Of course, many start out offering their app for free. But others will allow for a free trial, then tack on a price after they have sucked you into their fun vortex. 

Though most of the time, emoji apps are free. While this is a plus for convenience and accessibility, it is a shame that fewer apps offer paid versions. Developers have learned that ads mean endless revenue potential, so it’s hard to pay to get rid of them.


Emojis are fun. Unfortunately, most preinstalled smartphones don’t have an extensive selection of heavy metal-themed emojis. If you need your fix, you must turn to an app.

There are a few dedicated heavy-metal emoji apps. However, because it’s rather niche, most of your options are all-purpose emoji apps that include heavy metal emoticons.

Also, remember that owning an iPhone or Android device determines which ones you can access.

There you have it – everything you need to know about heavy-metal emojis. Ultimately, you’ll probably need to dig to find exactly what you’re looking for. And if any metal-loving software developers are reading, maybe you can be the savior of your people!


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