The Venomous Pinks Mix Horror and Punk in New Music Video

The Venomous Pinks give their pop punk take on the cult classic horror movie, ‘Carrie’ in the  music video for their Latest Single “I Really Don’t Care.” The music video was directed by Alexander Thomas with a storyline reenacting frame by frame the infamous 1970’s horror flick “Carrie.” The visuals are a perfect bloody pairing to The Pinks’ signature razor-sharp licks, intense beats, and punk attitude.

The video provides a pop-punk palate cleanser with bassist Gaby Kaos on lead vocals. The track is a reimagining of a song from Kaos’ youth that she wrote after a mentally abusive relationship.

She says, “My boyfriend at the time was really controlling and did not believe in my dreams of becoming a musician because he let his aspirations fall by the wayside. I found myself at a crossroads, and decided to leave him to stay true to my music.”

Years later, she revisited the song, and it took on a different meaning.

“Like other bands, we’ve been dealt with negative backlash over the years, and this track really drives home that we ultimately ‘really don’t care’ about the negativity. Nothing will stop us from accomplishing our goals.”

You can stream the New EP I Want You on Spotify here:

About The Band:

If members of Bikini Kill and TSOL musically collided The Venomous Pinks would be their pop punk lovechild. Hailing from Mesa, Arizona the trio creates a uniquely addictive and unapologetic pop punk sound.

Now signed to Die Laughing/Golden Robot Records, The Venomous Pinks have been blasting their way from the garage and into the spotlight since 2012. They’ve shared the stage with some of punk rock’s finest bands, such as Bad Religion, Iggy Pop, Anti-Flag, and The Bouncing Souls, just to name a few.

We may not know what’s next for the band but one thing’s for sure. Their EP I Want You will be on repeat in the BTB office for months.  Keep it on for tons of punk rock interviews, reviews, articles, and photos! Also, “Like” By the Barricade on Facebook to never miss a post.

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