Interview With Shawn Bates of ASD and Haunted Records

ASD Shawn Bates HeaderSome amazing modern hardcore bands have been popping up lately and ASD is no exception. Independent labels like Haunted Records continue to stand by their artists and support the scene. ASD front man and founder of Haunted Records Shawn Bates can wear many hats whether it be promoter, label exec, or lead singer if it helps the hardcore movement. By the Barricade caught up with Shawn to ask about ASD’s latest release Diehard and what sets Haunted Records out of the pack. In the interview that follows Shawn not only proves the spirit of hardcore never died, but it’s alive and well.

`1`ASD._._Shawn, ASD’s has been described in a variety of ways. How would you describe ASD in five words or less?

Shawn Bates: 90s brutal hardcore crossover thrash

It seems like every band’s base of operations has had an effect on their music and style. What separates ASDs brand of Indiana hardcore from the pack?

Shawn Bates: [Indiana bands] are more 90s based hardcore than what a lot of bands are now. Typical hardcore bands now are more punk hardcore.

Has there been a place outside of Indiana where the fan response surprised you in a positive or negative way?

Shawn Bates: Yes! We played in Cincinnati last year and the fan response was amazing. It felt like home away from home.

ASD was originally called As Seasons Die. What prompted the abbreviation?

Shawn Bates: The name As Seasons Die came from a lyric in one of our songs. We always called it ASD within the band and after so long it seemed to fit with how the band is now than its original start.

ASD Diehard CoverDiehard is the new album from ASD. How would you say your sound has evolved since your first release?

Shawn Bates: It’s more aggressive, it’s a lot faster, and straight to the point. There’s more “take no shit, don’t give a fuck” attitude.

It’s been awhile since hardcore emerged and created its own scene, but bands like Dogfight and Refused continue to pack venues. Do you see a hardcore revival happening now or in the future?

Shawn Bates: To say there was a revival implies that it was dead. But to me hardcore was never dead. True hardcore will always carry on.

I talked to Danny Greene awhile back and they also said “hardcore never left”. Do you think the underground recording process and collective helps propel the genre forward?

Shawn Bates: I think the brotherhood and culture of hardcore is what keeps it moving. The music is a part of it but not the sole heart of it.

Social media has come a long way since you started ASD six years ago. How are you capitalizing on it now for your work with Haunted Records?

Shawn Bates: If it hadn’t been for the Internet and social media, the door may not have opened for ASD or Haunted Records to be out there internationally the way that it is now. We try to take full advantage of social media and other online avenues that help spread the word about ASD, Haunted Records, and everyone involved.

Haunted Records LogoCould you list some of the pros and cons of pushing your own band and label simultaneously?

Shawn Bates: It depends on what day of the week you asked me that. [Haunted Rerecords] is well worth it but it’s a lot of hard work and planning. Some of the pros include the fact there’s no one to dictate what we can do or where we have to play so it’s much more natural. There’s a lot more freedom and there are no restriction on what we can promote. Pushing a band and label that’s new to someone can be challenging but it is well worth it.

What other DIY artists or labels would you encourage the readers of By the Barricade to discover outside of the Haunted Records Family?

Shawn Bates: Filled with Hate and Whatever It Takes!

Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers of By the Barricade?

Shawn Bates: Support underground music, support local hardcore, go to shows, buy band merch and support people who are living their dream whether they make anything from it or not. … And oh yeah, buy our new record Diehard at our Haunted Records Big Cartel site, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

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