Copeland and Valise Hit Lawrence Kansas

Coming off of the Writing The Future tour with Paramore, Copeland embarked on a final handful of tour dates celebrating their newest album Ixora. Copeland had parted ways in 2010 but are back and stronger than ever. The Dallas-based band Valise, whose full-length album Young Bloomer was released in February of this year joined Copeland for these shows. By the Barricade caught the short tour as it came to an end on May 31 in Lawrence Kansas.


Different from their recorded albums, both indie-rock bands very quickly brought out the more high energy rock sound in their music. Illuminated by brilliant lighting, Valise started their energized performance with wide smiles and their first single, “Charlie Gray.” After exchanging a little bit of semi-awkward banter, the show continued with dance-worthy tunes “Don’t Forget Me” and “Digadig.”

Following a quick set change and dimmed lights, Copeland took to the
stage with “Disjointed”, one of the singles off Ixora. Playing a different set than they had on their dates with Paramore, the first handful of songs started with frontman Aaron Marsh behind his piano, the show suddenly gained tempo. After getting warmed up, the entirety of the crowd was very quickly engaged in the music. Copeland took to the stage in a manner that focused the attention of all audience members as they played song after song seamlessly, getting through the first few before even introducing themselves. It was captivating, and not just for this writer. Throughout the crowd, all attention was on the stage. Not on others, not on phones, just the stage and the air of excitement that filled the floor of the Granada Theater. By the Barricade recommends catching the band the next time they pass through your town.

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