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Full Circle Tour Flyer Feature“They’re a band, we’re not talking about the book,” is often the start of conversations with Of Mice and Men’s growing fan base. Joining them on The Full Circle Tour are Crown The Empire, winners of Alternative Press’ award last year for Best Breakthrough Band, and Volumes, LA natives with an exciting stage presence.

Upon arriving at the Uptown Theater in Missouri on May 21st this writer discovered a line that was already wrapped halfway around the venue by early in the afternoon. The show quickly got underway when Volumes hit the stage with the crowd erupting with cheers and smiles. Volumes opened with “The Mixture” and continued through a set that seemed to have ended entirely too soon. Everyone was left wanting more.

CTE 1The excitement quickly grew as fans waited for Crown The Empire to start their set. When the lights dimmed fans sporting markup similar to the cover of the band’s latest release The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways surged towards the stage. Playing a song the crowd was unfamiliar with seemed impossible for Crown The Empire. The band’s performance proved why the band won the Best Breakthrough Band award from Alternative Press. Their entire set was captivating, and definitely one that would make a new listener crave more.

Of Mice & Men By the BarricadeAnticipation for the night’s headliner Of Mice & Men was so thick it could make the hairs on your legs stand straight. That is, if they weren’t already plastered to your skin due to the heat or the force of the crowd coming from behind. Starting their set with “Public Service Announcement” the fists of fans were raised high as the crowd chanted the track’s opening lines welcoming the band to the stage. The crowd seemed tired, but with a burst of light and second-wind energy, the crowd gave it their all, earning nothing but grins from not just frontman Austin Carlile, but the band as a whole.

Moments later, beach balls and crowd surfers were flying through the air, giving the venue a taste of what a true concert feels like, especially in breaking the oddly-enforced “no moshing” rule. Of Mice &
know how to put on a fantastic show full of fast-paced opening songs, but they added in a little more emotion with “Another You” and “Second & Sebring”. An evening at The Full Circle tour was one that this writer will not forget, especially due to the unique bond between crowd and band. It is definitely not a night to be forgotten. Be sure to catch The Full Circle Tour when it comes through your town!

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