You Only Live Once Interview

Female fronted SoCal rock band You Only Live Once is gearing up to release their debut album after four years of making music. Arial Sanson and Stephany Isls ditched reality shows like The X Factor and America’s Got Talent to pursue music in their own unique direction. They could be headed to this years’ Vans Warped Tour, so the By the Barricade team caught up with them to learn more about their plans. You-Only-Live-Once


  • Steph IsIs (Vocals)
  • Ariel Sanson (Clean Vocals)
  • Valentine (Guitar)
  • Ray (Bass)
  • Jared (Drums)

By the Barricade: Ariel, you and Stephanie have very different hair styles. Would you dye your hair like Stephanie and if so what color?

Ariel: Well, I used to have blue hair back in 2010 but dyed it back to black not too long after I had it for like a summer, then I just decided to rock my natural brown hair, it’s easier. Steph has to dye her hair quite frequently to keep her vibrant color.

By the Barricade: Stephanie, do you think your hairstyle helped our hindered how your performance was judged on The X Factor and America’s Got Talent?

YOLOSteph: I’m sure it helped because the color grabs people’s attention and that’s important because at those open call auditions there are thousands and thousands of people so you have to try to stand out!

By the Barricade: Which Los Angeles bands inspired you to start a band and rock your hometown?

Valentine, Steph: Well, Bring Me the Horizon was one of the bands who really inspired me and Ariel to start a band. I know they’re not from Los Angeles but we listened to a lot of 80’s rock music like Guns ‘N Roses, La Guns, and Ratt.

By the Barricade: In your interview with Bands on Tour T.V. Ariel says she goes to the Vans Warped Tour every year. Are members of the band headed to Warped Tour this year? And if so, what band are you most excited to see?

You Only Live Once: We try to make it out to Warped every year we want to play one day.  The bands we are excited to see play this year are: the Maine, Mayday Parade, Issues, Of Mice and Men, Neck Deep, and The Word Alive!

By the Barricade: In that interview the band also mentions playing a lot of backyard shows. If you could play a show in the backyard of any celebrity’s house, who would it be and why?

Valentine: I love 30 Seconds to Mars, they’re great! I would love to play in Jared Leto’s backyard.

By the Barricade: Jared mentioned the band was working on a new album and music video. Can you tell the readers any more information about either of those?

You Only Live Once: Yes, we are working on finishing up our album. It should be done by the end of this year and we will release it in the beginning of 2015. It’s taking time because we are financing it all by ourselves! We are really excited to show our fans our new and exciting sound so be on the lookout. As far music videos go we would like to produce one for each song on the album if we can.

By the Barricade: You Only Live Once has played a lot of venues in your hometown of Los Angeles. Which venue do you think has the best acoustics?

Valentine: All the venues are awesome but The Roxy is amazing!

By the Barricade: Members of the band were helping out at the recent Self Help Fest. What other ways do members of the band support the music scene?

You Only Live Once: We watch local bands at festivals [because] it’s good to support each other as we go through the same struggles.

By the Barricade: The band’s Facebook page says you’re “a bunch of crazy kids”. What’s the craziest thing you have ever done?

You Only Live Once: Well we plan on skydiving together later this year as a band!

By the Barricade: Is there anything else you want to say the By the Barricade readers?

You Only Live Once: Stay strong, chase your dreams, and remember it’s do or die! Come see us at a show and be on the lookout for our album! Thank you for all your support.

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