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Ever wonder what it would sound like if My Chemical Romance and Neon Trees had a lovechild? The Karma Killers might just be that missing link! Their dynamic and eclectic sound draws on influences from rock, indie, and post punk to create one of the most interesting sounds this writer has ever come across. Their latest EP Strange Therapy highlights The Karma Killers‘ dark and romantic aesthetics while having some unbelievably catchy choruses. By the Barricade reached out to The Karma Killers to find out more about their one of a kind sound, adventures on the Vans Warped Tour 2015, and what they’re currently working on. Find out all about it in the interview below!

The Karma Killers Strange Therapy Cover ArtYour debut album Strange Therapy was released on June 9th via Island Records almost two years after you started writing it. What was the process like to picking the five tracks that made the cut?

The Karma Killers: The process was pretty simple. We picked the ones that we felt were the strongest. The ones that had identity. Depth and value. The best representation of the Karma Killers and myself as a writer.

My favorite track off Strange Therapy is “Coming Of Age”. When was the last big event that made you guys feel like you were coming of age?

The Karma Killers: I wouldn’t necessarily say that a specific “event” could represent a time when I was “coming of age” I wrote the song just based off of my life at the time. Being in a band. Things were changing. It was time to turn the page.

Karma Killers Promo 2The Karma Killers have a very dynamic sound that seems to have a lot of eclectic influences. When writing songs is there ever tension about which direction to take a new song?

The Karma Killers: Never. I don’t go into a song knowing what it’s gonna be. Or what it’s supposed to sound like. The beauty of songwriting is that the ‘song’ will take me there. It will find its character. Of course I am subconscious of certain aspects sonically, but lyrically it’s an open book.

The 2015 Vans Warped Tour was your first national tour and you’re on the tail end of the Strange Therapy Tour. What are some of the tricks that you picked up on your first two tours?

The Karma Killers: I couldn’t say I have ‘tips’ to give from touring, really. You just grow as a band. As people. As artists. Realizing it or not.

Karma Killers Promo 1For fans wanting more music “I’m Ok,” “Walk My Way,” and a live version of “Mexico” have been sitting on Soundcloud for a while now but I didn’t see a formal release. Will fans ever be able to get their hands on official releases of those tracks?

The Karma Killers: Hahah oh man, you’ve heard those tracks? Those are SUPER old. I’m surprised they’re still up? Oops. Well, We will definitely not be doing a release for those songs. I guess Soundcloud will be your only opportunity to hear them.

You Told Substream Magazine that you are working on a full length album. Can you tell me anything else about that?

The Karma Killers: Just writing. Always writing. Finding its identity.

The Karma Killers Promo 3I want to hear more about The Karma Killers off stage. What’s something your fans might be surprised to learn about you?

The Karma Killers: We’re pretty down to earth guys. This probably sounds super cliche but we just enjoy music. Listening to records. That’s all we know. We’re not really skilled in anything else. And buying music. Physical albums. None of that downloading shit. I also drink way to much coffee for my own good. There ya go kids !

Is there anything else you want to say to the readers of By the Barricade?

If you haven’t heard our EP Strange Therapy take 20 minutes or so to take a listen. I think it’s a nice taste for what’s to come for The Karma Killers. Thank you!

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