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Nowadays music blogs and websites are popping up all over the web from dedicated fans. This new web of coverage extends over bands of almost every caliber. While media outlets like Alternative Press and New Noise Magazine keep an eye on the ever-changing rock landscape sites like Dying Scene, Punknews, and Absolute Punk cover music off the beaten path. There is also an astonishing number of web-based publications promoting bands from smaller circles that often fly under the radar. Between blogs, webzines, and online media outlets Rock, Punk, and Metal have a chance to take center stage.

By the Barricade was originally created to put local bands and unsigned artists without corporate backing in the spotlight alongside household names.  Through interviews, reviews, and editorials the team provides a platform for artists to speak their minds. The team’s overarching goal is to encourage fans to discover new music.

Weather By the Barricade is covering punk icons, or brand new bands our writers do research, and it is still astonishing to find websites with similar goals and interests. Here is a list of other sites promoting unsigned artists and proving view count isn’t the only thing driving coverage.

Rockwell Unscene

Wes and Mellissa Anderson hit the road with Rock-n-roll Ganstar aparal to find undiscovered rock and metal bands from across the country. They cover the span of “locals to legends” as long as it rocks. The magazine is based in California and has been distributed at some of the biggest rock festivals to date, but that’s just the beginning. Rockwell Unscene also has an internet radio show that brings interviews onto the airwaves. This outlet gives southern California FM radio stations a run for their money by giving local and unsigned bands the chance they deserve.

Kill Rock Podcast

Ken Settles is the man behind Kill Rock Podcast and takes a different approach to band promotion and interviews. Not only does he cover bands without the backing in of labels on his podcast, but he talks with industry members to combine the vocal part of a radio show perpetuity of a magazine. If you’re too tired to read and still want to hear music news check out Kill Rock Radio on iTunes.

Metalhead Blog

Metal enthusiast Jojo Shrader spends free time and vacations at countless metal shows and heads up This dedicated fan took the next step on her musical journey by starting her own blog with enough awesome twists to stand out from the crowd. Metalhead Blog is “writin by the fans for the fans … and not driven profit or page views”. The conversational style she uses in her interviews, and reviews with bands like Psychostick, Nothing More and HELLYEAH is continued throughout her entire site.  Even the inclusion of personalized Spotify playlists proves Jojo is not only a skilled writer, but more than just a fan.

Highwire Daze

For 20 years Highwire Daze has been providing interviews, reviews, and photos from all over the US. Ken Morton and his team focus on artists who impacted the rock scene and bands that usually fly under the radar. After recently upgrading its online presence Highwire Daze certainly delivers an unrestrictive experience.

Concert Crap

Since 2013 avid concert-goer Corey Kleinsasser has been heading up Concert Crap. His interviews, show reviews, and photo galleries showcase not only bands that have made a name for themselves within the scene, but also include up and coming artists. His eclectic tastes span from metal to indie and everything in between. The site has been growing for the last few years and this writer knows it will continue the trend for years to come.

You can check out a full list of the top 200 music blogs via Feedspot HERE.

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