How To Make Money From A Spotify Playlist

How To Make Money From A Spotify Playlist

When people are looking for alternative or extra sources of income, there are exciting ways to make money through Spotify while still having fun! For those who want to make money off of playlists on Spotify, how should they monetize them? After extensive research, here are the things to know and the best ways to make money off of Spotify playlists!

To make money from Spotify playlists, create an account, make playlists, and use monetizing websites to make money off of them. Some music curators can make money by making playlists for buyers. If users have enough followers, they can use sites to gain money from their playlists!

What do most users and people do to avoid copyright issues or rule-breaking on Spotify while still earning money? How can everyday users ensure that their playlists are of good quality and remain marketable in the future? Let’s go over what to look out for and what to do to start and keep making passive income from exciting Spotify playlists!

How is Money Made Off of Spotify Playlists?

Spotify does not have a built-in software or program to directly pay their users for making playlists and getting views on them. It is not like YouTube or other similar social media websites.

Spotify users are not like music creators, who get most of the money each time their songs play on Spotify, which is paid directly to their record labels and then to the artists or bands. Thus, to make money off of Spotify, some outside software will need to be used to act as the playlist makers’ payers.

Reviewing Music and Playlists

One of the top ways that entrepreneurs can get paid through Spotify playlists is by listening to music. There are websites like which allow music curators to listen to music and then get paid for it by submitting reviews for the songs and playlists listened to.

These reviews help people sort the music and recommend it to audiences most likely to enjoy that band or artist’s style. Some people can make up to $975 per month depending on the software and websites they use and how much music they manage to hear and review.

There are dozens of unique music platforms and apps that cohesively work with dozens of unique music curator sites. This way, people who want to accrue some extra income outside of their day job. They can even work outside of or in addition to the Spotify company to bring in even more money.

Creating Playlists From Scratch and Selling Them

Thousands of people make money off of Spotify playlists by putting in the time to create and compile them. They can sell these playlists to buyers for people who don’t have the time to create playlists themselves! Users who make playlists like these must ensure they meet specific standards. This makes them more likely to be played and shared by other users on Spotify.

People Who Use Spotify as a Means of Income

Users must carefully play by their rules to not get banned by the music platform! Record labels and artists cannot directly reach out to Spotify users to ask them to promote their songs. This can easily lead to borderline harassing situations. Users need to give contact points to Spotify, like their Facebook or email accounts. It is a good idea for them to use their Instagram username when promoting their playlists to others and artists.

The safest and easiest to use PlaylistPush to list playlists since doing so will not violate Spotify rules. It is a great idea to search through Spotify to get inspired by the highly sought-after playlists. Looking at playlists with millions of views to get an idea of where to get started. Many listeners enjoy Lo-Fi or studying music playlists they can listen to while doing other things.

Tips and Tricks for Being a Music Curator

People who work professionally as music curators have a lot of tactics and advice to spread their music playlists.

Many music curators will spread their playlists through Instagram stories by posting them on YouTube. This adds the Spotify link in the description, and even publishes the Spotify link to Reddit forums!

Thousands of people are in each specific audience group for certain music genres. If a person does their research and makes a good enough playlist, they can post it to hundreds of listeners! Try and make it at least five hours long to retain listeners.

Sharing Playlists

Money can be made on Spotify by connecting up-and-coming artists to audiences who enjoy their music. The people who do this work are often called music curators. They are an essential link connecting Spotify artists to listeners through websites like PlaylistPush and others.

There are even other ways to share and promote playlists. Users can promote their work quickly and efficiently by using sites like and Sound Plate. Try to use a combination of Instagram, YouTube, Reddit posting,, and Sound Plate to spread around playlists.

Spotify even has a function to share playlists easily, called the Playlist Exchange feature. It is a unique forum where users post their playlists, a short description of the genre, the mission, and the target audience. Users can then search around and follow these published playlists. These playlists work even better when users tag related genres and keywords along with their playlists to promote them and help the playlists spread through these forums.

For further details on how to make the best Spotify playlists, it is also a terrific idea to do further research by watching videos and reading guides by people who are music curators themselves. The following video is helpful to use to know how to make top-tier playlists and how to make money off of them!

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