Is This the Best Warped Tour Lineup Ever?

2016-vans-warped-tour-full-lineupKevin Lyman is back at it again with those Warped bands! Luckily the 2016 lineup blows past years out of the water. Headliners like Four Year Strong and Good Charlotte caters to the normal Warped audience but bands like Reel Big Fish and Sum 41 makes sure those begrudging parents have enough nostalgia to coast through the day.

This year the biggest problem about warped is that there are just too many great bands. That may seem more like a blessing than a curse but with more headline worthy bands and fewer stages fans are bound to miss a big chunk of the lineup. With a lineup this packed with heavy hitters going to multiple stops becomes more of a necessity. Especially since the daily schedule coordinator is obviously going to have your two favorite bands play at the same time on opposite sides of the grounds.

The inevitable scheduling conflicts and opportunity to see so many great bands in a single day leaves only one question. Will you be going to more than one day of the 2016 Vans Warped Tour? We will!

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