Hear 4 Songs Off UK Molotic Punk Band DRONES’ New Album ‘Our Hell Is Right Here’

London-based melodic punk band DRONES have announced that their second album Our Hell Is Right Here will be released on February 12th via Thousand Islands Records in North America and Lockjaw Records in the UK/EU.

The band has spoken at length about the album’s subject matter, delays, and hurtles. Our Hell Is Right Here is an extremely personal journey for the band and each track released so far eloquently gives fans a look into topics most bands shy away from.

The band’s unique blend of post-hardcore and melodic punk landed them a spot on APs 50 Nee Artists You Need To Hear in 2020. Their critical acclaim didn’t stop there. Four singles have been released off their upcoming album and we’ve compiled them in one awesome list. If you’re a fan of Bad Cop/Bad Cop, The Bombpops, or Tsunami Bomb all thee tracks are worth a listen.


The first track to be revealed from the record was “Josephine”. It is a deeply personal journey into vocalist Lois McDougall’s past unhealthy relationship with alcohol. The accompanying music video features intricate models of each band member, crafted by animator William Davies, embarking on a journey to another world.

The band have also enabled a virtual situation where you can walk around the Planet Josephine that appears in the video. You can login, chat with other fans and walk your characters around the environment on Topia.

Our Hell Is Right Here

Next to be released was the album’s title track. The single is an emphatic condemnation of abuses of power, featuring  Petrol Girls’ Ren Aldridge. Ti’s by far the most energetic single of the bunch and proves DRONES can tackle emotioantl topics in a multitude of ways.


Vocalist Lois McDougall has called“‘Epitaph’ the emo anthem of our new record. The track delves into the complex issues surrounding mental health with a punk edge. Mcdougall continues:

“The umbrella term ‘mental health’ is so widespread and complex that it can be hard to pinpoint the exact problem that one person is experiencing. That’s why conversation is so important to try and unwrap the layers of each individual‘s struggles. Personally, I’ve done a lot of exploring over the last few years to try and find out which wires are crossed for me and since writing this song I have finally found some appeasing answers. A diagnosis can really help free you from the spiraling mess that depression can cause, and writing Epitaph was just one step of that process for me.”


“Learn” signfies the band’s personal growth with an upbeat tempo and catchy chorus. The track is a window into the desperate struggle to make a failing relationship work.

“You can feel that it’s not right but you still care about the other person. We seem to make the same mistakes over and over by assuming we know what the other person is thinking, so communication stops. We keep trying to force a relationship to work with someone that we’re just not meant to be with. If it’s more of a struggle than not… it’s not worth it. You should never diminish any part of yourself for someone else because, ultimately, you’ll end up resenting them.”


  1. Please Vacate The Planet
  2. Live & Let live
  3. Our Hell Is Right Here
  4. Manipulate
  5. Listen
  6. Learn
  7. Josephine
  8. Lost In Translation
  9. Epitaph
  10. Colourblind
  11. Grey Matters
  12. VOID
  13. Warning Signs

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UK/EU Pre-Order: HERE

About Recording Our Hell Is Right Here

DRONES‘ sophomore album was produced by the band’s very own Tim Kramer at Signal House Studios in St Albans. The global lockdown seems to have made recording a much more tourbulent recording process from thier 2018 release Exiled. Kramer continues:

“We finished writing the record in January, but it’s been an usually long process due to all the twists and turns that 2020 has thrown at us! We’ve been spread apart all over the country, but there’s also been a national lockdown and we lost a guitarist at the tail-end of the process. So the different stages of recording were drawn out across the year, with Lois visiting to finish her parts around five months after the drums and guitars were recorded. There were never more than two of us in a room at any given stage of making this album but it doesn’t feel disjointed at all – in fact, in the face of adversity, it’s our fullest sounding record yet. That being said, I do hope we don’t have to produce the next album via Zoom again!”

About the album’s heavy topics

Writing about such heartfelt topics wasn’t an easy decision but when McDougall looked back on the journey the band had been on she had the following comment:

“I struggle with claiming my problems and sadness as valid because they are disproportionate to the danger and loss that many face every day. It got to the point where I was almost ashamed to write songs about my own life. However, I’m learning that personal care and self-worth is not something to be diminished. There are songs on this album that I had to write for my own therapy. Whilst writing this record, I went through a divorce, lost a family member and was battling with my own mental health. At the same time, it felt like the world was falling apart. Our Hell Is Right Here is the product of my experiences over the past few months. There’s a lot of sadness on this record, but I can now look back and celebrate who I have become in spite of it all.”

More About DRONES

DRONES are: Lois McDougall (vocals), Tom Thain (guitar), Tim Kramer (guitar/backing vocals), James Kerr (bass/backing vocals), and Mitchell Thomas (drums).

Since their inception, DRONES have been building a name for themselves with their powerfully energetic live shows and unique punk-fueled post-hardcore stylings. Their highly-conceptual debut album ‘Exiled’ was released in 2018 and packed a punch.

After signing with Thousand Island Records and Lockjaw Records the band’s sophomore album Our Hell Is Right Here has already charmed the ears of new and existing fans all over the globe. The release catapulted DRONES to be featured in industry-leading publications like Rock SoundAlt Press, and many others.

The band’s quick climb to stardom hasn’t stopped outside the recording studio. From playing underground squats to appearing on festival stages, DRONES have already supported the likes of Marmozets, Neck Deep, Gallows, Funeral For A Friend, Mallory Knox, Young Guns, and H2O, as well as playing Download festival and packing out their own headline shows.

You can learn more about the band on FacebookTwitterInstagram, Spotify, and YouTube.

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