Ghost In Decay Release “Broken Home” Music Video

Metalcore quartet Ghost In Dekay are back with a new music video for “Broken Home.” Their latest EP To The Grave cranks their horror aesthetic up to eleven. The band combines sinister guitar riffs, gothic topics, and aggressive vocals in the vein of Wednesday 13 or Ice Nine Kills.

“Broken Home” is a great culmination of the band’s efforts and gets the BTB team pumped for their next release. Ghost In Decay had the following to say about the release:

“The essence of the song is that no family is perfect and sometimes things fall apart, but you can always build a new home. There’s always someone to put the blame on for trauma, but not letting yourself become a victim to the trauma helps you to heal. Healing helps you to understand and forgive.”

If you’re a fan of all things Halloween check out Ghost In Decay‘s new EP To The Grave on Spotify or get the latest GID news from their Facebook.


1. “Funeral Song”
2. “Irony, Infamy”
3. “Worm Food” (feat. Tom Barber)
4. “Cold War”
5. “Broken Home”
6. “Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are”

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