What Is The Highest Note In Singing?

It’s no surprise that each of us loves listening to various kinds of music genres, artists, and styles. Through listening, we may wonder about the range of an artist. This begs the question, what is the highest note in singing?

The highest note that can be sung is G10. Brazillian singer Georgia Brown holds the record for singing this note. Because of its extremely high pitch, G10 is also considered a frequency. There are debates about whether or not G10 can be “sung.”

Many of us may not have heard of G10, and that’s fine. In this article, we will explore in-depth what a G10 is and its associated artists that have reached this note. We will also discuss briefly some debates about having G10 as the “highest” note sung.

What is a G10 And How Does It Apply To The Highest Note?

A G10 is equivalent to a frequency of 25087.708 hertz (Hz).

G10 is part of the G chord group. The “10” in G10 indicates the octave level, making it labeled as a seven-lined octave. It means that when looking at a piano, for example, a G10 doesn’t exist as it extends well beyond the piano’s 88 keys on the treble side.

Adding to this, G10 is an abnormally high note, uncommon for instrument playing and singing. Only some people play music at this pitch level.

It isn’t a popular note to play, mainly because it’s difficult to reach with your voice and not available on all instruments. Though possible to reach this high note on some instruments, singing is a different story.

When it comes to singing, many see it as an impossible task. This wasn’t the case with one singer named Georgia Brown.

Georgia Brown’s Record

Georgia Brown is the stage name for the singer Rossana Monti, and she is known for having one of the best ranges of octaves for singing.

She has been part of many bands as a vocalist or backup vocalist. On August 18th, 2004, Brazillian dancer and singer Georgia Brown was recorded to have the highest note sung at G10.

The Guinness Book of World Records verified it and made it part of the 2004 edition as the highest note sung by a female. This is also interesting to note that despite being sung by a female, no other artists, male or female, have been capable of singing G10 or even being recorded to sing.

When news of this record hit the public, it was both praised and criticized greatly.

Why Is The G10 Note Such A Huge Record Debate?

Debates immediately sparked when Guinness verified Georgia Brown at Aqui Jazz Atelier Music School in Sal Paulo, Brazil.

Many say the G10 is not a “note” but a frequency. While this is technically true, a G10 can be both a note and frequency. In addition to this, some noted that it’s impossible to hear G10.

The human ear can only hear between frequencies of 20 to 20,000 Hz. G10 is about 5,087 Hz above what a human ear can listen to, which could be why a G10 cannot be heard.

The only reason this is the world record is that it was recorded by devices used to understand what dogs can hear.

Another debate is due to the verification being recorded. Many have also listened to the recording and judged her note to be a Bb7 rather than a G10, automatically questioning the validity of Georgia Brown’s world record.

Judging by these comments, many also state that a G10 is never heard at any point in the live recording.

Lastly, with support from these two and many other criticisms of Georgia Brown’s world record, many believe that Guinness World Records have questionable standards regarding judging performances and how they are recorded.

In other words, Guinness World Records may need more quality in judging world records.

Despite these debates against Georgia Brown’s world record, she retained the world record for the highest note sung by an artist in 2004.

Other High Note Singers

To conclude this article, we will briefly share other examples of artists singing high notes.

To get started, most singers who sing at a higher range can sing up to seven octaves. They are also the highest octaves found on a piano.

Artists who can reach very high notes

  • Adam Lopez: An Australian talent with plenty of success in his career, including world records such as producing the highest note from a male between 2008-2016.
  • Nicola Sedda: From Italy, Nicola Sedda continues giving people his voice. He began early as a child, and despite ups and downs, he persevered and developed popular singles enjoyed today.
  • Dimash Kudaibergen: A name that may not be familiar to many, Dimash Kudaibergen is trained in classical and contemporary music. Much like the rest on this list, his vocal ranges are incredible. It helps that he also performs in 13 different languages.

Next, we have artists who can sing in four octaves. These are the most common notes sung by those naturally singing on the higher end.

Artists who can sing in four octaves

  • Freddy Mercury: Known as a unique, high-sounding artist, Freddy Mercury, former lead singer in Queen, is one of the most popular and successful artists coming from Britain.
  • Michael Jackson: The “King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson made a name for himself after his run with the Jackson 5.
  • Ariana Grande: Known for her role as Cat Valentine in Victorious, Ariana Grande continued to sing and become one of the quickest pop stars to rise.
  • Paul McCartney: Coming from the Beatles, much like his former band member John Lennon, Paul McCartney has found immense success as a solo artist.

Now we know what a G10 is and who is capable of singing this high note.

Again, only Georgia Brown was capable of reaching this high note. However, many others may just as well produce such as sound. Hers is the only recorded instance of a G10 being used in any live performance.

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