What are the Best Amps for Busking

When it comes to finding the best amps for busking, it can be difficult to make a good choice. Do you opt for something that sounds good or is easy to set up?

The best amps for busking must be portable, produce good sounds and operate without needing to be plugged into a direct power source.

Buskers need a good sound source to get their voice heard. That’s why finding the right amp is crucial for buskers to bring in good money and earn a good reputation.

It’s why finding a good amp for busking is crucial for anyone playing on the streets. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to choose from. So what are the best amps for busking?

The best amps for busking revealed

Roland CUBE Street EX 2x8" 50-watt Battery Powered Combo Amp
Yamaha THR10II Desktop Amp , 10W
Coolmusic BP40D Powered Acoustic Guitar Amplifier- Portable Bluetooth Speaker 80W W/Battery with Reverb Chorus Delay Effect, 6 Inputs,3 Band EQ, Blue
Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker System with Battery, Black
Roland CUBE Street EX 2x8" 50-watt Battery Powered Combo Amp
Yamaha THR10II Desktop Amp , 10W
Coolmusic BP40D Powered Acoustic Guitar Amplifier- Portable Bluetooth Speaker 80W W/Battery with Reverb Chorus Delay Effect, 6 Inputs,3 Band EQ, Blue
Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker System with Battery, Black
Roland CUBE Street EX 2x8" 50-watt Battery Powered Combo Amp
Roland CUBE Street EX 2x8" 50-watt Battery Powered Combo Amp
Yamaha THR10II Desktop Amp , 10W
Yamaha THR10II Desktop Amp , 10W
Coolmusic BP40D Powered Acoustic Guitar Amplifier- Portable Bluetooth Speaker 80W W/Battery with Reverb Chorus Delay Effect, 6 Inputs,3 Band EQ, Blue
Coolmusic BP40D Powered Acoustic Guitar Amplifier- Portable Bluetooth Speaker 80W W/Battery with Reverb Chorus Delay Effect, 6 Inputs,3 Band EQ, Blue
Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker System with Battery, Black
Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker System with Battery, Black

Aroma 15W Guitar Amp

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For practicality and substance, it’s difficult to go wrong with Aroma 15W Guitar Amp. It’s a device that has minimal weaknesses overall. What makes this stands out from the crow is the dual-channel independent outputs. This allows you to plug in your mic and guitar and run it through one system. It offers excellent control for guitars through multiple volume ranges and has a reverb mode to allow for some sound manipulation too.

Then comes its overall practicality too. Protected by a light wooden casing, the entire device is extremely lightweight and easy to transport to wherever you are playing. This makes setting up a breeze. Furthermore, it also carries a 5-hour battery life to allow you to play an entire set without losing charge. Bluetooth support allows it to sync with your smartphone and access backing tracks or other tools to boost your performance. It is a tremendous all-in-one amp that supports your voice and your instrument.


  • Independent controls for mic and guitar
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Very lightweight


  • Slight humming drone
  • No handle for transportation

Roland Cube Street EX4

Roland CUBE Street EX 2×8″ 50-watt Battery Powered Combo Amp
  • 50-watt 4-channel 2×8″ Battery Powered Guitar Combo Amplifier PA
  • with 2 x Mic/Instrument Inputs
  • Built-in Tuner – Black
  • COSM Amp Modeling
  • 2 x Line Inputs

Roland is no stranger to sound equipment, and the Roland CUBE Street EX4 displays all their expertise. The biggest strength of the EX4 is that all speaker formats are mixed into one device. The EX4 has a stereo speaker and dual subwoofers, ensuring both the treble and bass levels are pitched and equally balanced. It can also support a range of peripherals, with four independent channels for you to access and control as you wish.

A great feature that Roland has also included is that you can vary the output levels to suit your needs. Doing this gives the amp long life when operating on batteries. This means you will get 5 hours at the standard 50W setup, but it can be stretched to 20 hours if dialed down to just 10W. There are also several preloaded programs to suit what instrument you use as well. With unique modes for clean and crunchy sounds and a special acoustic mode, this amp is designed to find the perfect sound on the street.


  • Excellent balance of sound
  • Variable power output
  • Excellent battery life


  • No connectivity platforms
  • The guitar sounds weaker than the mic output

Yamaha THR10II Desktop Amp

Yamaha THR10II Desktop Amp , 10W
  • Realistic tube-amp tones and feel plus essential effects
  • 15 Guitar amps, 3 bass amps, 3 mic models for acoustic-electrics, and flat modes for everything else
  • Bluetooth support for audio playback, editing via the remote, and more
  • Hi-fi audio playback with extended stereo technology
  • Plug-and-play USB connectivity for recording and playback

To pack the biggest punch possible into a small device, Yamaha’s THR10II is an amp not to be sneered out. The 1HR10II is loaded with fantastic technology. This long sound bar provides the full stereo sound as you play, supporting treble, mid, and bass levels. Furthermore, Yamaha has included no less than 15 different modes and eight effects to play around with. All this combines to give you an amp that sounds as good as models triple its size.

There are also some excellent connection opportunities built into the THR10II as well. Using their connections with Line 6, the THR10II can connect with Line 6 transmitters to link with any smart device. This allows you to throw in additional layers to give a full sound as you perform. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery, making it easy to recharge before your trip and avoid needing batteries on hand every time you hit the street. It is an excellent amp from one of music’s biggest names.


  • Lots of effects
  • Excellent connectivity
  • Rechargeable battery is included in the amp


  • Companion amp difficult to use
  • Similar sounds between different effects & modes


Coolmusic BP40D Powered Acoustic Guitar Amplifier- Portable Bluetooth Speaker 80W W/Battery with Reverb Chorus Delay Effect, 6 Inputs,3 Band EQ, Blue
  • 【6 Inputs】4 musical instrument inputs and 2 auxiliary inputs, which can…
  • 【80 Watt】Double 6.5- inch woofer and Double 2-inch tweeter deliver clear,…
  • 【Bluetooth】: Compatible with most BT devices, such as smartphone, tablet,…
  • 【Rechargeable】It can run up to 6-8 hours depends on the volume you use after…
  • 【Condenser microphone switch】: The microphone interface is designed with 48V…

Fewer amps for buskers offer the power and quality that the COOLMUSIC BP40D provides. Sporting a pair of 40W speakers, the BP40D offers huge sounds for a unit that operates comfortably as a freestanding device. It is a powerful amp, and you will find many ways to manipulate your sound. This includes two independent channels to select from, a three-way equalizer, and six different effects, such as chorus and delay. It’s a great way to fine-tune your sound to get a crowd’s attention.

You don’t have to worry about any connectivity issues, either. The BP40D has full Bluetooth support to sync with mobile devices and specialist wired slots if you prefer to plug and play. It’s also a fully cordless amp with around 6-8 hours of battery life. Throw in it being extremely lightweight thanks to its wooden shell, and you have an amp covering everything a busker needs to perform. An excellent choice for anyone looking to grab the attention of any passer-by


  • Powerful unit
  • Excellent sound effects
  • Great connectivity


  • Slow to charge
  • Some issues with USB connection support

BOSE S1 Pro System

Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker System with Battery, Black
  • Big sound from a rugged speaker that goes where you do.Mounting Type: Freestanding
  • This portable Bluetooth PA system is made for parties, outdoor get-together, and all those times that deserve better sound
  • Wireless Bluetooth pairing and inputs for a microphone or musical instrument such as a keyboard or guitar
  • Built-in sensors and multiple aiming positions for optimal sound in any nearly position
  • Get up to 11 hours of play time with the rechargeable, lithium-ion battery

BOSE is a brand for professionals, and it won’t disappoint music enthusiasts who use the S1 Pro System. What makes the S1 an excellent amp to use is its versatility. For starters, it supports a wealth of different instrument setups and sounds. Whether you are playing guitars, using mics, or even a keyboard, there’s a mode for that. It can all be synced directly through an accompanying Bose app to give even more ways for you to manipulate the sound.

With that in mind, the S1 has full Wi-Fi & Bluetooth compatibility allowing it to link with any device or system you have nearby. It’s not a system that will lose power when operating as a stand-alone platform. That’s because it has an estimated battery life of 11 hours on a single charge making it perfect for weeks of performances. It’s a device designed to impress no matter how you intend to use the S1.


  • Excellent connectivity
  • Supports multiple instrument types
  • Outstanding connectivity


  • Treble sounds dominate other sound layers
  • Issues with Bluetooth connection range

Fishman Loudbox Mini BT60

Fishman Loudbox Mini BT 60-Watt 1×6.5 Inches Acoustic Combo
  • 2-channel Acoustic Guitar/Vocal Amplifier with Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Feedback Suppression
  • Built-in Effects
  • Mic Input
  • 60W

Fishman is no stranger to making gear for guitars, and their Loudbox Mini BT60 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a portable amp. There’s plenty of power within the BT60 thanks to the 60W speaker that offers clear and crisp tones. You will discover that the amp has independent channels for both guitar and mics for complete control of your overall sound. Various effects, such as chorus and delay for guitar and reverb for vocal inputs, exacerbate this.

You will also get excellent sound clarity from the amp, with feedback suppressors installed on both channels to minimize background interference. It’s also easy to transport as it weighs only 20 lbs and has full Bluetooth connectivity to connect directly to smartphones or laptops. An excellent amp that is both powerful and loaded with tech.


  • Excellent sound
  • Has Bluetooth connectivity
  • Effects for both vocals and guitar


  • Some issues with the packaging
  • Vulnerable to moisture

Positive Grid Spark Mini

Positive Grid Spark MINI 10W Portable Smart Guitar Amp & Bluetooth Speaker with App for Playing Guitar at Home or Travel (Black)
  • Portable guitar amp & Bluetooth speaker with powerful, multi-dimensional sound….
  • Free accompanying smart app included (iOS or Android) with Auto Chords, video…
  • A mini guitar amp that jams along with you: All-new Smart Jam Live uses machine…
  • Ready to use for electric guitar, acoustic or bass – plug in any guitar at…
  • Create your own guitar tones with 30 amps and 40 effects, then record at home…

When it comes to smaller amps, few pack a punch quite like the Positive Grid Spark Mini. This comes thanks to it being loaded with tech. For example, the feet allow bass levels to be pumped from underneath the amp to deliver the same vibrations and sounds generated by the treble and mid-layers being propelled forward. Multiple equalizer settings are included to help you fine-tune everything and find the perfect balance for your style.

There’s also a lot provided with the Spark Mini through its accompanying amp. Connecting via Bluetooth, the accompanying app allows access to over 10,000 preloaded loops, samples, and effects to manipulate your sound. This can also automatically generate bass and percussion based on what you play to allow you to become a one-person band. Add 8 hours of battery life, and this amp lets you take over the streets as a one-person music army.


  • Automatically adjusts sound levels
  • Smart design
  • The app provides thousands of customization options for sound


  • Weak Bluetooth connection with Android devices
  • App tricky to use on desktop computers

What to look for in the best amps for busking?

When selecting a good amp for busking, you must be smart when making choices. This is because your choice will impact the overall sound you make and how you can perform. Thankfully, there are several aspects you should look for when going to select an amp…

Sound Outputs

The first thing to consider when selecting your amp is to ensure it supports everything you will use when performing. There’s nothing worse than setting everything up to find that one thing cancels out another.

Therefore, you must select an amp with independent channels for different instruments to operate on. This will almost always come in separate input slots within the amp itself. Thankfully, this is quite common as amps offer at least a different input for guitars and a mic. This will mean that you can play and sing without the two lines clashing with each other. Some amps may support more instruments and allow for a sophisticated setup, but having at least two input slots is crucial for anyone performing on the street.

Battery Life

When using an amp, you need to ensure it has good battery life. There’s nothing worse than playing for a couple of hours only for your amp to conk out in the middle of a song. Therefore, you must know how much you can get from the amp on a single charge. Thankfully, most modern amps are capable of lasting at least 5 hours before they will start to run out of juice.

Some manufacturers have built their amps to extend longevity by managing power outputs. Reducing power outputs allows devices to run longer without sacrificing sound quality. This will enable performers to use amps for multiple shows without charging up – which is particularly handy when going on mini-tours.


When performing on the streets, you must have an amp that is easy to carry. Having an amp that is easy to carry makes life easy, making the entire experience much easier to handle. For ease of portability, you really ought to consider amps that:

  • Have a handle to hold onto
  • Are cordless and can run on batteries
  • Lightweight (Less than 25lbs)

Light devices are easy to carry and reduce the effort needed to lug everything around. This spare energy can then be put into your performance instead of draining you just setting up and getting to your performing spot.

Furthermore, having no cords is a crucial requisite for the best amps for busking. Transporting devices with long cords is a significant tripping hazard, and any incident involving a cord that will impact both yourself and your gear will be an unmitigated disaster.


Do all amps for busking have Bluetooth connections?

No – not all amps will have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. Many of the best amps for busking will have some form of connectivity to link with smartphones and accompanying amps. This will allow you to access custom sounds and effects without any issues.

Are powerful amps likely to die quicker?

No – the amp’s power does not mean that an amp’s battery will drain quicker. Some amps will have modes allowing for power to be adapted and last longer than some smaller amps. Look at the amp’s specs and see if its estimated lifespan will work for your performing style.

Do amps need independent channels for different instruments?

Yes – all amps should have independent channels for different instruments. Many of the best amps for busking will provide this so you can use a mic and guitar simultaneously. This reduces the chance of interference and allows for the cleanest sound possible.

Wrap up

There are plenty of choices when it comes to finding the best amps for busking. These come from various brand types, including iconic brands and newer names. All of these amps allow for independent input channels and allow for the overall sound to be manipulated. They can also operate without being connected to a power source and sync with smartphones and apps.

Some options are loaded with cutting-edge tech and amps, such as the Bose S1 and the Positive Grid Spark Mini use this to offer unique sound offerings. You will see iconic names such as Roland and Yamaha put a lot of tech into their respective amps to create a unique dynamic between different sound layers. However, the Aroma 15W Guitar Amp offers the best option for buskers due to its excellent sounds, various effect options, and lightweight nature. This combines to make this one of the best amps for busking today.

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