tips for first time concert goers

Tips for First Time Concertgoers

For first time concertgoers, heading to your first show sets off a range of emotions. A nervous mix of anticipation, excitement and even trepidation as you head to see your favourite act.

Some of the best tips for first time concert goers include knowing how to get to and from the venue, staying hydrated during the even,t and maximizing your enjoyment of the event itself.

A first concert is always a must-do event for any music lover. No matter if you are going to a rap, rock, metal or dance show, nothing beats hearing music live for the first time.

The whole situation can be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t sure what to expect from a live show. So what are some of the best tips for first time concertgoers to heed at their first live event?

Tips For Before Going To A Concert

Even before you walk through the venue doors, there are plenty of things to sort out to prepare you for your first concert.

These are essential points to ensure that you not only enjoy the concert, but also stay safe during and around the event. So what should you consider?

Dress for the occasion

There’s nothing worse for first time concertgoers than having your event ruined by not dressing properly. And this isn’t because you didn’t fit in with the latest trends.

It’s more about being comfortable and picking clothing and accessories that keep you safe at the event. Firstly, think about the footwear you are wearing. Picking the right shoes makes a big difference to your overall night.

The best choice is to wear shoes that are comfortable, grippy and cover your entire foot. Not only does it support your feet when standing for hours, but also minimizes the risk of slipping on any wet surface.

On top of that, try to wear light clothes when possible. Moving around at shows will make you warm – especially in a crowded area. This helps you stay cool and prevent overheating in the crowd.

It also doesn’t hurt to wear items with pockets either. That will not only keep your valuables safe, but minimize the risk of losing them when moving around.

Secure your travel plans

It’s always a good idea to know just how you are going to get to and from the venue. There’s nothing worse than rocking up only to find out you have no way home at the end of the night.

Thankfully, this is a matter that can be prepared in plenty of time. All concerts will provide ahead of time what time doors open and when the concert curfew is. This gives you time to plan how to get there in advance of the show.

Match up the times with local public transport and see how that interlinks with your show. If there isn’t anything that matches, try organizing a ride from a friend or booking a taxi or Uber.

Doing this not only guarantees a safe means to and from the venue, but it also means you don’t miss out on any of the show itself.

Concert Tips For During The Show

Upon being at the show, first time concertgoers might be taken aback by the experience. The loud sounds, the massive crowd and the constant energy from those around you. It can be a lot to take in.

Therefore, take your time to soak everything in. Once you feel the atmosphere, it helps you think about how you are going to enjoy your night. But what is there to think about?

Staying hydrated

No matter what point of the show you are at, it is always important to stay hydrated during a concert. Being in large crowds is hot, and jumping around for hours exerts a lot of energy.

Therefore, having regular drinks of water is essential to avoid becoming unwell. It’s a mistake for many first time concertgoers who don’t always think about this when in the moment.

You don’t want to be fainting and missing out on your favourite song. So plan drink breaks accordingly. Use the time during the support acts to freshen up and have a couple of cups of water to cool down and ready yourself for the main event. It’s a no-brainer

Finding your comfort zone

Being in a lively crowd means that plenty of things can happen within an audience. You will find plenty of people jumping, moving around and even maybe starting a mosh pit.

These events can start spontaneously right in front of you. However, that doesn’t mean you have to participate if you don’t want to.

For example, if a mosh pit forms and you are on the edge, there’s an expectation that you might join. And you are more than welcome to if that’s what you want to do.

However, if you aren’t up for some rough and tumble, then you don’t have to join in. That’s the point where you move away from the edge and let others enjoy that experience.

So think about your placing within the crowd. If you are happy to be super active and participate, head to the front and center and let the shenanigans unfold. Should you want to just watch your favorite band play, then stay closer to the sides or the rear of the crowd.

Think about others

Even if you are psyched up for a show, just remember you aren’t going to be the only one there. Hundreds or thousands of others will be there too. So don’t think the concert is all about you.

Having good concert etiquette goes a long way when at a show. It doesn’t matter if you are first time concertgoers or someone that has been to hundreds of shows.

This means that you shouldn’t push past others to claim a spot and try to avoid stepping on people when possible. If you find a good spot, have a quick look around to ensure you aren’t blocking anyone else’s view.

All these small things add up, and a little respect towards them can go a long way. It improves camaraderie within the crowd and enriches the concert’s feeling even more.

That’s why so many people go to similar shows time and time again. This was indicated further by a spokesperson from Indonesia’s Bank Central Asia (BCA) who said that it is important “to have a good time at any show of any occasion” after revealing their tips on the matter.

Concert Tips For After The Show

Even after a show is finished, there are still some things to keep in mind as you filter out of the venue. It’s something that might not be obvious to many first time concertgoers. So what should you look out for?

Look for mementos

At the end of the night, don’t be surprised to see band members or stage techs giving away mementoes from the show. Many might try to catch picks or drumsticks as they are thrown, but those are hard finds.

Instead, wait for the crowd to disperse and head to the barrier. If you are lucky, there’s a chance you might be able to grab a setlist as roadies pack up the stage.

You might not always be successful in this venture, but it’s not a bad habit to get into if you want to collect memorabilia from a show.

Grab some merch

What many people expect at shows is for merch to sell out in the blink of an eye. It’s all too easy to think that fans hit the stands at the start and there’s nothing left by the end of the night.

That is anything but the case. Some smart vendors will hold some stock back until the very end of the show in a desperate attempt to flaunt stock to fans who might have missed out on the initial rush.

It’s also a good chance to grab items that might not have been known about at the start of a show. Support acts will always encourage fans to check out their merch tables at the end of the night.

Checking out those merch tables at the end of the night is always worthwhile, particularly if you liked the support act.

Furthermore, you are more likely to meet a member from the band at the end of the show as they look to meet and greet with fans. Having an encounter like that only further enhances the night itself.

Final Thoughts

In the end, many first time concertgoers are going to a live show wanting to enjoy their night out. For many, it’s the first time for them to see their idols in person.

That’s why dressing smartly and pre-organizing travel plans are essential for being prepared before the night begins. Once you reach the show, it’s all about enjoying the night as it unfolds.

This means looking after yourself throughout the night, staying in your comfort zone, and ensuring you treat other fans with common courtesy.

Once the night is done, think about grabbing a memento or a piece of merch to remember the night by.

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