The Song With the Most Featured Artists

Some of the most fun songs and albums feature collaborations between two or more artists. But some tracks go far beyond just two artists, featuring as many as a dozen or more artists during just one song. Which of these tracks has the most significant number of featured artists?

The song with the most featured artists is “Rolling 110 Deep”, a rap track released in 2021 by DJ KaySlay. As its name implies, the track features 110 artists. Previously, the song with the most featured artists was “119 Remix”, a 2018 K hip-hop song by GRAY featuring 51 artists.

Look no further if you want to know more about “Rolling 110 Deep” and which 110 artists are on the track. Below are all 110 artists, as well as a few honorable mentions for songs that feature many artists but don’t feature as many as “Rolling 110 Deep”.

The Song With The Most Featured Artists: “Rolling 110 Deep” by DJ KaySlay

Released by New York local DJ KaySlay in 2021, “Rolling 110 Deep” culminated decades of songs and collaborations. Previously, DJ KaySlay released “25 Deep” over 15 years ago, and then “50 Deep” in 2020.

The piece is over 40 minutes long, which makes it one of the longest rap songs ever, although “Verdens længste rap,” which is technically a concept album but is one continuous story by Østkyst Hustlers, has it beat at a total of 78 minutes, just under the 80-minute limit to what you can record on a CD.

In terms of a single song, only German artist Eko Fresh’s song, “1,000 Bars Die Meisterprufung,” surpasses it, while Lil Wayne’s “10,000 Bars” comes in just shorter than “Rolling 110 Deep” at around 35 minutes long.

“Rolling 110 Deep” gives an entire verse to each of the rappers it features, and its creation must have been a huge feat considering that it has over 55 more artists than any other song that features multiple artists. In addition to the track, a music video was created featuring all 110 artists performing their verses. The song was one of the last songs DJ Kayslay ever released, as he passed away at age 55 on April 17, 2022, after falling ill with COVID-19.

Besides being a huge loss to the hip-hop industry, DJ Kayslay’s passing likely means that it will be a long time before we ever hear a song that features more artists than “Rolling 110 Deep,” even though he had hinted at possibly creating a “Rolling 200 Deep” video in the future. In any case, DJ Kayslay’s song celebrates East Coast hip-hop and rap, which is unlikely to be surpassed by anyone else in scope and duration.

The following is a list of all the artists featured in the song.

  • Sheek Louch
  • Styles P
  • Dave East
  • Crooked I
  • Black Thought
  • Raekwon
  • Ghostface
  • Inspectah Deck
  • Papoose
  • Loaded Lux
  • AZ
  • Bun B
  • Fred the Godson
  • Jim Jones
  • Ransom
  • Rah Digga
  • Billy Danze
  • Lil Fame
  • Trae Tha Truth
  • Joell Ortiz
  • Lord Tariq
  • Cory Gunz
  • Peter Gunz
  • Shaq Diesel
  • Roy Jones jr
  • DJ Kayslay & Kool DJ Red Alert
  • Redman
  • Young Buck
  • MC Serch
  • Big Daddy Kane
  • MC Shan
  • Maino
  • Uncle Murda
  • KRS1
  • Jon Connor
  • Twista
  • Drag-On
  • Chris Rivers
  • Nino Man
  • Locksmith
  • 3D Natee
  • Trick Trick
  • Tragedy Khadafi
  • E-A-Ski
  • Cassidy
  • Bumpy Knuckles
  • Gillie the King
  • Ice T
  • Treach
  • Kool G Rap
  • Lil Cease
  • RJ Payne
  • JR Writer
  • Shoota 93
  • Ms. Hustle
  • Vado
  • Mysonne
  • Fredro Star
  • Sticky Gingaz
  • Rass Kass
  • Termanology
  • DJ DooWop
  • Junior Reid
  • Oun P
  • Merkules
  • Wais P
  • PT Capone
  • Tony Starks
  • Mike Cee
  • Royal Flush
  • Super Lover Cee
  • Page Kennedy
  • Rockness
  • gunplay
  • Sadat X
  • Grand Puba
  • Lord Jamar
  • Sonja Blade
  • Coke La Rock
  • Greg Nice
  • Smooth B
  • Consequence
  • Millyz
  • OT The Real
  • Ron Artest
  • Kaflow
  • Tone Trump
  • Hocus 45th
  • Omar Epps
  • Bodega Bamz
  • Bynoe
  • Aobie
  • King Kirk
  • Big Dubez
  • Tony Moxberg
  • Styleon
  • Chuck D
  • Sauce Money

Notable Runner-ups

1. 119 Remix

While “Rolling 110 Deep” is the song with the most featured artists, several other pieces feature many artists.

As mentioned above, one is the “119 Remix”, a K hip-hop song featuring 51 artists released in 2018. It is over 20 minutes long, nothing compared to “Rolling 110 Deep,” but it is still much longer than most hip-hop and rap songs.

This song features the following artists:

  • Jay Park
  • Simon Dominic
  • Loco
  • Ugly Duck
  • Woo Wonjae
  • Sik-K
  • Woodie Gochild
  • Haon
  • Gaeko
  • Bewhy
  • Paloalto
  • G2
  • Reddy
  • Sway D
  • Owen Ovadoz
  • The Quiett
  • Changmo
  • Hash Swan
  • Keem Hyo-eun
  • Deepflow
  • Nucksal
  • Odee
  • Rocky L
  • EK
  • Los
  • Giriboy
  • No:el
  • Jvcki Wai
  • Justhis
  • Han Yo-han
  • Yunhway
  • Jhnovr
  • Coogie
  • Punchnello
  • Penomeco
  • Dbo
  • Hangzoo
  • Geegoin
  • Boi B
  • Ja Mezz
  • Dayday
  • Junoflo
  • Flowsik
  • Killagramza
  • Yumdda
  • Uneducated Kid
  • TakeOne
  • Gray
  • Chaboom
  • Swings

2. 50 Deep

After this is “50 Deep”, the song released by DJ Kayslay in 2020. “Kaos 2,000” by Ken Rings supposedly ties this with 50 artists, although only 42 features are listed explicitly. “Space Needle” by The MC Type ft. Macklemore also has 50 artists, meaning at least three songs tie for 3rd place for the most artists featured in a piece.

3. Won’t Let You Down

The Chamillionaire Remix of “Won’t Let You Down” has 31 artists, possibly putting it in fourth place. There are several songs in the 20 to 30 artist range, including “Rolling 25 Deep” by Ryan Hemsworth – “Hyperbolic Chamber Music,” Harry Fraud’s mixtape, and “300 Spartans” by Sy Ari.

Wrap Up

The vast majority of songs featuring many artists tend to be hip-hop and rap songs. Hip-hop tends to be a lot more collaborative than most other genres of music, and even those artists that have beef with each other can often end up on the same track at some point or another.

In particular, the “posse cut” is a collaborative type of song that features verses by four or more rappers in rapid succession. As you could probably guess, nearly every song on this list is a prime example of the biggest posse cuts.

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