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EzDrummer 3 vs Superior Drummer 3 | Which is Better?

Many musicians use drum plug-ins to gain more freedom in the drum sounds they choose to include in their work. However, knowing which program will be best for their specific needs and how to get this product quality for the best price can be very difficult. So, in a battle between EzDrummer vs Superior Drummer, which is better?

Both EZDrummer and Superior Drummer 3 are incredible music libraries. However, Superior is more expensive and has a much more extensive content list. EZDrummer is much more cost-efficient and still offers a very large song collection, even though it does not exceed that of Superior Drummer 3.

Honestly, both of these programs offer vast music selections and features that will improve your music and allow you complete control of the sounds you choose to use. This being said, EZDrummer and Superior Drummer each have distinct target audiences, prices, features, content sizes, and other qualities that make them different from one another and more suitable to specific types of drummers’ situations and needs.

What is Superior Drummer 3?

Superior Drummer 3 is a drum production studio created by Goerge Massenburg and Toonrack. It’s known for appealing to experienced musicians who can appreciate complexity.

George Massenburg is specifically mentioned because he is one of the most respected inventors and engineers in the music industry. He’s worked on over 400 records with well-known artists like Earth, Wind & Fire and the Dixie Chicks (as well as many more).

So, with a respected audio engineer behind Superior Drummer 3, it’s no surprise that it’s an acclaimed product. This brings us to its alternative, also made by the same company.

What is EZDrummer 3?

EZDrummer 3 is a more streamlined drumline creation platform created by Toonrack. Its simplistic approach makes it a “quick and dirty” approach compared to Superior Drummer.

EZDrummer 3 doesn’t have any big names behind it. Instead, it focuses on providing a simple solution compared to its bigger brother (Superior Drummer). This might appeal to musicians who need some drums to get stuff done.

That said, the recorded drum sections on EZDrummer aren’t naturally lower quality. After all, the two have access to drum libraries from the same company.

Below, you’ll learn a bit more about how the two compare.

6 Things To Consider When Choosing Between EZDrummer 3 & Superior Dummer 3

1. Target Audience

Superior Drummer 3 is a comprehensive and versatile drum production software aimed primarily at professional musicians, music producers, and audio engineers. It has an extensive library of raw, unprocessed sounds, allowing complete control over every aspect of your drum sound.

This software’s advanced features include detailed editing capabilities, numerous microphone perspectives, built-in mixer effects, and a wide variety of MIDI grooves. Superior Drummer 3 also supports surround sound and electronic drum kit integration.

The level of detail and control offered by Superior Drummer 3 requires a certain level of technical knowledge and experience. This complexity makes it better suited to professionals and serious hobbyists who need granular control over their drum tracks.

EZ Drummer 3 is designed for a broader audience, including beginner to intermediate-level musicians, songwriters, and producers. It focuses on ease of use and efficiency while offering high-quality sounds and a robust feature set.

EZ Drummer 3 includes a variety of premixed drum kits and MIDI grooves, making it easy for users to quickly create professional-sounding drum tracks without requiring extensive technical knowledge. Its user-friendly interface and features like Song Creator and Tap2Find make it incredibly accessible for those who want great drum sounds without getting too deep into the technical side of drum production.

2. Price Difference

Most critics agree that both are quality products offered for the price. Superior Drummer is sold for about $399, which is considerably higher than the cost of EZDrummer, about $149.

If you own the old software version, you can pay upgrade pricing. For EZDrummer users, this will reduce your one-time payment to $99. Superior Drummer 3 also has a “crossgrade” (basically an upgrade), bringing you up to date for $319.

Superior Drummer 3 also recognizes its own massive file size (more than 200 GBs). So, it offers to include its full core sound library in an SSD drive for $129. A dedicated SSD with the core files is great but unnecessary if you already have a good SSD.

3. User-Friendly

EZDrummer and Superior Drummer boast easy-to-use products and allow users to create beautiful-background drumlines.

Superior Drummer allows the artist to have control of every minute detail, allowing them to create the exact sound they desire, creating a realistic and authentic sound, limited only by the artist’s imagination.

Superior Drummer is a top-of-the-line, elite, professional-quality program used by many in the music business. While it offers everything a musician desires, the application can be daunting for a beginner or intermediate artist.

EZDrummer doesn’t offer as many drum sounds as Superior Drummer, but it is high-quality software that will allow you to add the drum sounds that you need to your music. It tends to be more beginner-friendly with a simpler user interface as well.

4. Sound Quality

Designers and users of both programs agree that EZDrummer and Superior Drummer have an impressive compilation of sounds. There are many more drum sound variations in Superior Drummer, but EZDrummer has a large library as well and will likely give you the high-quality sounds you need.

One of the upsides to having EZDrummer is that the program is ready to use immediately after purchase. Users will not need to make many adjustments to achieve the sound quality they want when using EZDrummer, even if they are using it for the first time and are still learning how to use the program.

While EZDrummer offers users much control, Superior Drummer gives users full control over the sounds and music created. There are millions of options available in terms of sound adjustments and settings. Some of these options include different microphone locations, angles of contact with the drum, acoustics of the room, EQ and compression, and hundreds of different virtual drum sets.

5. Sound Libraries

Superior Drummer 3 delivers an immense library of raw, unprocessed sounds. It boasts 230 GB of meticulously recorded, multi-channel drum samples from top-tier studios worldwide.

The collection covers various drum kits and individual pieces, including vintage kits, modern kits, electronic drum sounds, and various percussive elements. The kits span various styles and eras, accommodating diverse musical genres, from jazz to pop, rock, and metal. Each kit is captured with multiple microphones, allowing users to control every nuance of the sound for a truly immersive drum mixing experience.

Moreover, Superior Drummer 3 offers the option to load third-party samples, making it an incredibly versatile tool for tailoring the perfect drum sound. This level of detail and variety serves the needs of the professional user who requires a comprehensive sonic palette at their fingertips.

In contrast, EZ Drummer 3 has a more modest but highly curated library. Although it’s smaller — around 15 GB — don’t let that fool you. EZ Drummer 3 provides a variety of drum kits and individual drums, all beautifully mixed by top-tier producers.

The sounds in EZ Drummer 3 are designed to deliver professional results right out of the box. It covers a wide spectrum of musical styles, ensuring that regardless of the genre, users will find a fitting sound. From tight, punchy kits for pop and rock to laid-back, warm kits for blues and jazz, EZ Drummer 3 has got you covered.

While it doesn’t have as many options as Superior Drummer 3 or allow for third-party samples, the sounds that EZ Drummer 3 provides are more than sufficient for many musicians and producers, especially those who prefer a more straightforward, plug-and-play approach to drum production.

6. Customization

Many users and artists agree that EZDrummer is a very capable program, but it doesn’t have extensive features that allow you to fully customize the drum sounds in the library.

In terms of customization, Superior Drummer 3 is much better than EZDrummer. Users are given full access to layers of sounds, tuning, the angle of the drum being hit, and a plethora of unique and creative drum sounds.

Because this software gives you access to many unique drum sounds, you can customize the drum sounds you use. Part of the reason this program is so popular is the amount of customization that the software allows, but it is also one of the reasons why it costs so much.

If you are a music creator and want to add various drum sounds to your music, both Superior Drummer 3 and EZDrummer are useful programs. However, if you are a more experienced music creator and want to add complexity to your music, Superior Drummer 3 is better than EZDrummer. It may be more expensive and take up more space on your computer, but the cost is worth it in the long run.

If you are just beginning your music career and want an easy-to-use program that will allow you to add drum sounds to your music, EZDrummer is likely the better option for you. This program will also be the best option if you haven’t started making money through your music yet, as it is much cheaper than Superior Drummer. Once you start making money from your music, you can purchase Superior Drummer if you need to use a program with a larger drum sound library.

7. System Requirements

Given the size and customization differences, you can probably tell Superior Drummer 3 is more powerful than EZDrummer 3. But so you know what to expect, here are the recommended system aspects from the two platforms:

EZDrummer 3:

  • 18 GB free disk space (plus another 18 GB for download)
  • 64-bit Windows 7 w/ 4 GB of RAM minimum (newer system w/ 8 GB of RAM recommended)
  • macOS 10.10 or higher with Intel/Apple silicon processor
  • 64-bit host (needs support for VST 3, AU, or AAX).

Superior Drummer 3:

  • Basic Sound Library Install: 41 GB download with an additional 41 GB for installation. Complete Sound Library Install: 236 GB download with an additional 55 GB for installation.
  • 320 MB for software space
  • 64 bit-windows 7 or higher (4 GB of RAM minimum and 8 GB or more recommended) OR macOS 10.10 or higher with Intel/Apple silicon processor
  • 64-bit host with support for VST 3, AU, or AAX.

Asking Users: Who Does Reddit Prefer?

That being said, it is clear that Superior Drummer 3 is the “superior” option on the market. This product is designed for experienced drummers, songwriters, and musicians. It has an extensive library of drum sounds.

Below is a total of votes gathered from various Reddit threads. The consensus is that Superior Drummer is more expensive, but it is worth it if you can afford it. EZDrummer is cheaper, easier to use, and works great overall. Out of the 50 opinions gathered, the numbers came out slightly in favor of Superior Drummer.

Asking Which is Better (on Reddit): EZDrummer vs Superior Drummer

EZDrummerSuperior Drummer
EZDrummer vs Superior Drummer

Here’s another perspective on how the two compare:

Wrap Up

The general internet consensus is right regarding EZDrummer vs Superior Drummer. The one with “EZ” in the title is easier to use, while the one with “superior” will get complicated. What should you pick? Ultimately, it depends on what you want.

Both rely on similar excerpts from the Drumkit from Hell that Toonrack is known for. But Superior blows that drumkit up a bit, creating an impossibly massive and overwhelming sound selection. EZDrummer doesn’t do much more beyond the basics but has a healthy selection.

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