The best drumsticks for electronic drums in 2024

It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or a master drummer; having the best pair of drumsticks for electronic drums makes a massive difference to your sound and style.

Many of the best drumsticks for electronic drums have anti-slip grips to absorb vibrations and are made from solid materials such as nylon or wood to retain their longevity.

Finding the right pair may seem trivial, but anyone aiming to become the next Travis Barker will need to find a match if they want to succeed. The right set for your needs is a gamechanger once you discover them. So what are the best drumsticks for electronic drums on the market today?

Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums

Ubblove Nylon Drumsticks 5A 2 pair with ANTI-SLIP Handles for Drum Light Durable Plastic Exercise 2 Pair Drum Sticks for Kids Adults Musical Instrument Percussion Accessories (Blue and Green)
WOGOD 5A Drum Sticks Maple Drumsticks (Two pair)
Zildjian 7A Nylon Anti-Vibe Drumsticks
Ubblove Nylon Drumsticks 5A 2 pair with ANTI-SLIP Handles for Drum Light Durable Plastic Exercise 2 Pair Drum Sticks for Kids Adults Musical Instrument Percussion Accessories (Blue and Green)
WOGOD 5A Drum Sticks Maple Drumsticks (Two pair)
Zildjian 7A Nylon Anti-Vibe Drumsticks
Price not available
Ubblove Nylon Drumsticks 5A 2 pair with ANTI-SLIP Handles for Drum Light Durable Plastic Exercise 2 Pair Drum Sticks for Kids Adults Musical Instrument Percussion Accessories (Blue and Green)
Ubblove Nylon Drumsticks 5A 2 pair with ANTI-SLIP Handles for Drum Light Durable Plastic Exercise 2 Pair Drum Sticks for Kids Adults Musical Instrument Percussion Accessories (Blue and Green)
WOGOD 5A Drum Sticks Maple Drumsticks (Two pair)
WOGOD 5A Drum Sticks Maple Drumsticks (Two pair)
Zildjian 7A Nylon Anti-Vibe Drumsticks
Zildjian 7A Nylon Anti-Vibe Drumsticks
Price not available

The Best Overall: Ubblove Nylon Drumsticks

Ubblove Nylon Drumsticks 5A 2 pair with ANTI-SLIP Handles for Drum Light Durable Plastic Exercise 2 Pair Drum Sticks for Kids Adults Musical Instrument Percussion Accessories (Blue and Green)
  • 【Size and Package】1.5cm*40.6cm,126g/pair,package come with 2 pair of Drumsticks with ANTI-SLIP Handles,Blue and Green.
  • 【DURABLE & STURDY】Made of high quality nylon material,which is durable and soft to use.
  • 【ANTI-SKIP DESIGN】The handle is with power grips which can be effectively anti-skid.And the stick head is bubble-shaped design,fashionable and unique.
  • 【Good for beginner】The color can attract the interests of beginners,especially for kids,lightweight and appropriate size,easy for child to hold and play.
  • 【Nice design】Well design by attractive color and very cost effective .

The Ubblove Nylon Drumsticks look flashy but also have the necessary characteristics for all drummers to enjoy using them at any moment.

Made from nylon and coming in a 5A sizing, Ubblove’s offering is excellent to pick up and play. The nylon body prevents the sticks from slipping out of your hand yet feel slight, allowing for quick and easy movements.

You won’t miss these from a distance either. The drumsticks pairings are available in electric blue or neon green, making them particularly striking to the naked eye.

The vibrant colors are great for encouraging younger drummers to take their first steps and urge them to keep practicing. The bubble-shaped head of each stick will also help you produce an excellent thick sound when hitting a pad and gives beginners great control over each movement. A great round product


  • Striking look
  • Great durability
  • Light to use


  • Slight issues with the head design
  • Not suited for regular drumming

Best Value: WOGOD Maple Drumsticks

WOGOD 5A Drum Sticks Maple Drumsticks (Two pair)
  • WOGOD Maple Drum sticks: Our 5A drumsticks are crafted from high-quality maple, providing a comfortable grip and excellent response for any style of drumming. The unique water drop-shaped tip enhances articulation and tone.
  • Unleash Your Drumming Potential: Our drumsticks are the perfect choice for drummers of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, WOGOD drum sticks will help you achieve your musical goals.
  • Durable and Stable: Our drumsticks are meticulously crafted to ensure strength and durability, with a well-balanced design that helps you maintain accurate strikes and rhythms.
  • Perfect for a Wide Range of Musical Styles: Whether you’re playing rock, jazz, blues, or any other style, our drumsticks will help you deliver the perfect sound and feel. They are also ideal for marching bands and drum corps.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: At WOGOD, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality drumsticks that meet and exceed your expectations. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please let us know and we will do everything we can to make it right.

Who said wood was out of fashion? WOGOD’s maple drumsticks are the perfect blend between old and new. Made from treated maple, these pair of sticks look like their classic counterparts but are ideally suited for electronic pads.

Their pointed, smooth nose gives off a rich sound upon impact and allows for complete control no matter your drumming style. Furthermore, the body is easy to grip for all ages and has non-slip pads in the middle designed to give you complete control with each arm swing.

The maple body is treated and smoothed to increase its durability. The result will ensure that you can strike pads hard and often without worrying about any breakages.

With a 5A rating, these are great for beginners and veteran drummers to use on electronic drunk kits without sacrificing your style. They are also suited for traditional kits, making transitioning from practice to the stage an absolute breeze.


  • Traditional look
  • Lightweight
  • Works on all drum kit styles


  • It can be fragile if misused
  • There is slight curvature in some models

Premium Pick: Zildjian Anti-Vibe Sticks

Zildjian 7A Nylon Anti-Vibe Drumsticks
  • Patented feature effectively reduces key vibrations
  • Well-balanced but lighter touch and feel
  • Much greater stick articulation
  • Nylon tip for slightly brighter, focused sound
  • Designed for playing any style of music

Zildjian is a drumming powerhouse, so don’t be surprised that their Anti-Vibe Sticks are some of the best around today. Unlike other manufacturers, the Zildjian Anti-Vibe sticks blend synthetic and natural materials.

The body and handles are made from hickory, while the tips are from nylon. This blend gives a much tighter sound when connecting on a pad and easy movement when moving across pads.

It’s also highly durable as the nylon tips absorb the significant impact, reducing its wooden body’s overall stress. With a thickness rating of 7A, the sticks are much lighter than their 5A counterparts giving great movements for anyone looking to add finesse to their performances.

These sticks also come decorated with Zildjian’s classic stylings and etchings, giving you a great look whenever you transition to playing on stage. A great addition to their drumming portfolio.


  • Great look
  • Nylon tips absorb impacts
  • Well-balanced for movement


  • Rubber plug prone to coming off
  • Not suited for aggressive styles

The Most Comfortable To Hold: Rockstix 2 PRO

If you want to be the life of the party, then look no further than the Rockstix 2 Pro. These nylon e-sticks are all about drumming with style.

You can start with the light-up tips made from a frosted polycarbonate covering that lights up in 13 different colors. The light-up effects fade out slowly, leaving the audience in awe as you steal the show. 6x LR44 batteries power these marvelous light shows to help deliver the ultimate show performance.

Despite all of the flashy features, the fundamentals are still there as well. The body of the sticks is rated as 5B, meaning they are generally light to hold and easy to grip when playing. Alongside that, they only weigh 6.8oz, making them easy to transport and stow away in your kit bag when you are traveling—a perfect accessory for creating a visual impact.


  • A striking look
  • Reinforced tips
  • Easy to hold


  • Drains battery power quickly
  • Not suited for heavy usage

The Most Versatile: Vic Firth American Classic eStick

Vic Firth American Classic eStick
  • Acoustic shielding
  • Accessories – Drums und Percussion
  • Material: Holz
  • Anzahl der Artikel: 1
  • Drums und Percussion

Looking to jump into the modern era, Vic Firth has stunned the competition with their American Classic eStick. As the name suggests, it is designed with electronic drum pads in mind.

The narrow body with a ball tip gives refined sounds and work on both pads and cymbals alike. This versatility makes them suited for all electronic kit setups and uses in performances and training alike.

On top of that, the eStick is made primarily from hickory, giving a great classic look but excellent durability for multiple usages. Its long and sleek body also makes it easy to hold, giving you plenty of control for slow or fast movements, dependent on your preferred style. The ball tips are also excellent for use on traditional kits, giving soft sounds when played on cymbals or the hi-hat.


  • Great look
  • It gives users real finesse when playing
  • Designed especially for electronic kits


  • The long body is an acquired taste
  • No grip pads on the body

Wood Material With Great Longevity: NKG Drum Sticks

NKG is not the most prominent name around. Still, the NKG Drum Sticks are an excellent offering for use on electronic kits.

Made from hickory with a walnut tip, the NKG Drum Sticks offer great control and plenty of grips when drumming. The thick well-rounded body of the sticks is easy to grasp, and the wooden tip absorbs any vibrations when hitting the pad. This combo increases their longevity. With a 5A rating, it is easy to use for drummers of all abilities.

They certainly look the part as well. The sticks are available in either blue or black, and a sparkly finish ensures they will catch the eye whenever they move quickly. This unique look provides that you will be the life of the party whenever wielding these behind your kit—a great offering from an upcoming name in the world of drumming.


Unique look

Wooden tips prolong longevity

Easy to hold


  • Not suited for traditional kits
  • Unproven reputation

What to Look for in the Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums

The Best Materials for Electronic Drumsticks

When looking for the best drumsticks around, you need to consider good materials. Choosing suitable materials dramatically impacts your drumming style. It affects the sound, longevity, and style for which you can use them.

Nylon and hardwood make up the best materials for electronic drumsticks.

Electronic Nylon Tip Drumsticks

Nylon is an excellent synthetic material that matches all styles. It provides an excellent grip for fast movement and is easy to grip. As it’s an artificial product, nylon has outstanding durability, which is vital for the hard surface of an electronic drum pad.

Electronic Hardwood Drumsticks

Hardwood is a more traditional and natural material for drumsticks. The most common wood types used for drumsticks are maple and hickory. These hardwoods are resistant enough to refrain from chipping or splitting over heavy usage. They also have a classic finish giving them a classy style whenever fans see them.

Refining your search to materials like these ensures your drumsticks remain a vital part of your drumming arsenal for a long time to come. Natural wood (like hickory wood) is typically the most popular due to its appeal.

What is a Good Thickness for Electronic Drumsticks?

Electronic drumkits are a bit different from traditional drum sets. With this in mind, you will want to stick with size 5A drumsticks. These drumsticks are great for rock because of their thickness. If you want a thinner drumstick for lighter music, 7A is a good backup.

The second letter dictates the thickness, with later letters dictating thicker drumsticks. The thickness dictates where they are generally used, regardless of being a bit outdated.

You will find the markings of these sizes on the side of all drumsticks. Here is a chart of drumstick sizes for reference:

Drumstick Thickness optionsTypical Use
ATypically known as the “orchestra” model
BBest for use in most bands
SA street model for marching bands
DFor “dance bands”

Each brand generally sticks to A and B sizes. eStick sizes can be around .563 in diameter.

What is a Good Drumstick Length for Electronic Drumsticks?

Drumsticks typically run anywhere from 15 to 18 inches. Electronic drumsticks are no different, so you’ll want to stick with standard sizes.

Ideally, you’ll want to get a feel for drumsticks by going to your local music store. After going through numerous lengths, you’ll get a feel for what you are comfortable with.

Here is a table including additional lengths:

Drumstick NumberLength
Number 1About 17 inches
Number 2

About 16 inches

Number 3Approximately 16 inches (up to 17)
Number 5Exactly 16 inches
Number 7About 15 to under 16 inches
Number 8 and 9No more than 16.5 inches

What is a Good Drumstick Weight for Electronic Drumsticks?

The number in your 5A drumstick dictates the weight. Thicker and heavier drumsticks create a meatier sound. As the number gets smaller, the stick gets heavier.

Series 5 drumsticks are the perfect happy middle for electronic drumsticks. For a lighter sound, stick with Series 7 drumsticks (7B). Avoid thicker series 2 drumsticks, as those can tear apart some weaker electronic drums.

Many companies offer custom weights just under the “eStick” category. Of course, standard drumsticks aren’t appropriate for electronic kits.

Knowing About Drumstick Tips for Electronic Use

Drumstick tips come in numerous shapes. These shapes impact the overall sound and can be broken down into these areas:

  • Teardrop tip – Teardrop-shaped tips are known for low deeper drum sounds with more depth.
  • Acorn tip – Acorn tips are great at creating a full and rich sound.
  • Oval tip – Oval tips give a balanced sound with good frequency response, perfect for studio work.
  • Barrel tip – Barrel tips are good for loud, punchy sounds (think punk)
  • Round tip – This tip is the most common type of drumstick tip for clean and bright sounds.

Choosing An Electronic Drumkit With Good Design

Unlike their more traditional cousins, drumsticks designed for electronics come with a little more personality. They are more likely to be made from synthetic materials; these drumsticks can be designed to your specifications.

Want to stand out from the crowd, then this is your chance to shine? Quite literally. It’s possible to find electronic drum sticks that have numerous party tricks. This can include lighting upon impact, glowing in the dark, or adding extra sounds when touching a pad. It adds true character to the performance.

Aside from the gimmicky tricks, you can pick sticks that are of any color or shape. You can stick with a classic look, but switching colors helps give you a unique persona. Add some unique carvings or engravings, and you have a custom-made set of drumsticks ready to wow the world.


Are 5A or 7A drumsticks better for electronic drum kits?

Both are perfectly acceptable for electronic drum kits, but many manufacturers design their models in a 5A sizing. 5A drumsticks provide a fuller sound and thicker bodies, making them easier to hold with a bit more weight.

The more lightweight nature of 7A drumsticks is excellent for beginners but can sometimes offset the balance for more experienced drummers.

Can drumsticks designed for electronic drum kits be used on traditional setups?

Yes – you can use drumsticks made for electronic drum kits on acoustic equipment in most setups. Many of the best drumsticks for electronic drums will retain the same properties as traditional drumsticks, making them perfectly acceptable for conventional kits.

However, there is a tendency for them not to have as good of a lifespan when used on acoustic kits, so think about whether your style will impact their longevity before trying an electronic drum stick on an acoustic kit.

Does it matter if the body is nylon or wood?

Not really, as both nylon and wooden handles are proven to have the properties needed for making drumsticks. A synthetic material like nylon is excellent for providing better grip and introducing novelty features where necessary.

However, wooden materials like hickory or maple have a classic feel towards them and are generally highly durable for electronic and acoustic kits. Both are perfectly acceptable to use and won’t affect the overall sound or style depending on what you choose.

Conclusion – The Best Drumsticks?

When searching for the best drumsticks for electronic drums, we found plenty of suitable choices for drummers of all abilities. Our favorite pick is the Ubblove Nylon Sticks, as they are perfect for users of all abilities to use and come with both substance and style.

We also like the Zildjian Anti-Vibe Sticks as they provide excellent balance and durability mixin,g together natural and synthetic materials. It’s blending all these aspects that ultimately produces the best drumsticks for electronic drums in the industry today.

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