The Six Best Electric Violins for Silent Practice

Finding the best electric violins for silent practice might be tricky, especially when there aren’t many that can be used quietly at all times. So how do you find the best silent and electric violin?

The best electric violins will come with a silent fiddle for minimal noise. They will also connect to headphones and other gear to help them remain silent.

Electric violins are becoming increasingly common but are known for being louder than their traditional counterparts.

It’s why finding electric violins that can be practiced silently are a huge advantage compared to those that can’t. With that in mind, what are the best electric violins for silent practice? Below, you’ll find six answers to that question.

The Best Electric Violins for Silent Practice Revealed

Yamaha Silent Series SV-200 Electric Violin - Black
Kinglos 4/4 White Blue Flowers Colored Solid Wood Advanced Electric/Silent Violin Kit with Ebony Fittings Full Size (DSG1201)
Pyle Full Size Electric Violin Kit - 4/4 Solid Wood Silent Fiddle with Hard Case, Bow, Ebony Fittings, and Digital Tuner
Yamaha Silent Series SV-200 Electric Violin - Black
Kinglos 4/4 White Blue Flowers Colored Solid Wood Advanced Electric/Silent Violin Kit with Ebony Fittings Full Size (DSG1201)
Pyle Full Size Electric Violin Kit - 4/4 Solid Wood Silent Fiddle with Hard Case, Bow, Ebony Fittings, and Digital Tuner
Price not available
Yamaha Silent Series SV-200 Electric Violin - Black
Yamaha Silent Series SV-200 Electric Violin - Black
Kinglos 4/4 White Blue Flowers Colored Solid Wood Advanced Electric/Silent Violin Kit with Ebony Fittings Full Size (DSG1201)
Kinglos 4/4 White Blue Flowers Colored Solid Wood Advanced Electric/Silent Violin Kit with Ebony Fittings Full Size (DSG1201)
Price not available
Pyle Full Size Electric Violin Kit - 4/4 Solid Wood Silent Fiddle with Hard Case, Bow, Ebony Fittings, and Digital Tuner
Pyle Full Size Electric Violin Kit - 4/4 Solid Wood Silent Fiddle with Hard Case, Bow, Ebony Fittings, and Digital Tuner

1. Yamaha Silent Series SV-200

Yamaha Silent Series SV-200 Electric Violin – Black
  • Solidbody Electric Violin with Spruce Body
  • Maple Neck
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • Dual Piezo Pickups
  • EQ – Black

When it comes to silently playing electric violins, Yamaha is always a good brand to go with. The stand-out of their product line is the Silent Series SV-200, which is designed for quiet playing.

Made from spruce, this solid-body instrument produces rich tones when plucked or played with a fiddle. It can sync directly with headphones, allowing you to play without making anything more than an utterance to the outside world.

There are plenty of other strong features aside from playing it silently.

The SV-200 comes with dual Piezo pickups to help change the playing notes. There’s also an ebony fingerboard that gives a nice feel as you work your way up the neck of the violin.

The violin is also available in a black or brown finish. You can opt to style your instrument based on your persona. It is a great all-around practice for some quiet playing.


  • Supports headphone connections
  • Easy to use
  • Good sound from pickups


  • Slight plasticky feel
  • Some body screws may feel loosely assembled

2. Kinglos Silent Violin Kit

Kinglos 4/4 White Blue Flowers Colored Solid Wood Advanced Electric/Silent Violin Kit with Ebony Fittings Full Size (DSG1201)
  • Patented coloring technology: Kinglos electric violins have a unique and…
  • Quality craftsmanship: The violin is made with a hand-carved solid spruce body,…
  • Pick-up system: The VPU-300 active pick-up with tuners of volume and tone and…
  • Convenient power source: The violin is powered by a 9V alkaline battery (not…
  • Comprehensive outfit: The violin outfit comes with a case, bow, aux cable,…

If you want a combo to encourage silent play, Kinglos’ Silent Violin Kit is a great package to explore. Thanks to a blue and white floral body pattern, this electric violin immediately catches the eye.

Laid over a spruce/maple body, it sounds excellent with rich tones. The violin has an aux cord to allow for headphones to be plugged in to minimize noise when playing.

To help produce a great sound, Kinglos have included a three-band equalizer within the body to get a good balance between different sound levels. There’s also a single active pickup to further modulate and alter sounds depending on your playing style.

A single 9V battery powers the violin, making it durable and easy to maintain. It is a great package that has something to cover every style of playing the violin.


  • Three-way equalizer
  • Lots of connection ports\
  • Cordless instrument


  • Decals are unevenly finished
  • Loses tune easily

3. Pyle Electric Violin

Pyle Full Size Electric Violin Kit – 4/4 Solid Wood Silent Fiddle with Hard Case, Bow, Ebony Fittings, and Digital Tuner
  • TONE AND VOLUME CONROL KNOBS: Play with precision in every performance as this…
  • SOLID EUROPEAN MAPLE DESIGN: This electric fiddle features a solid European…
  • DIGITAL VIOLIN TUNER INCLUDED: Our electric violin set is already tuned, still,…
  • SILENT PRACTICE & LOUD PERFORMANCES: With headphones included, this full-size…

Regarding useful accessories, Pyle offers some of the best gear to help encourage silent play. The biggest supporter of Pyle’s offering is the silent fiddle.

The Pyle fiddle creates low noise when played unplugged and includes headphones. Furthermore, separate volume controls on the body help modulate noise levels. All these aspects combine to allow for plenty of silent play no matter what environment you are in.

When it comes to the violin itself, the body is made from a combination of maple and linden. This material choice makes it light to hold as you play it. A chin rest is also included to allow for easy play, whether you are standing or seated.

Pyle has included plenty of accessories with this bundle. These accessories include a solid protective case for traveling and an online subscription to two months’ lessons. It’s an excellent bundle that allows any new violinist to pick up and play.


  • Silent
  • Lots of accessories
  • Lightweight


  • Brittle original strings
  • Rosin on the bow is delicate

4. Stagg EVN-X MBL

Stagg EVN X-4/4 MBL Electric Violin
  • Lacquered solid maple body
  • Tone and volume controls; internal headphone pre-amp
  • 1/8″ headphone and output jack
  • Soft case with straps, bow, rosin, stereo headphones and 9V battery included
  • Metallic blue

Stagg has plenty of offerings to encourage silent violin play, which is well displayed in their EVN-X MBL.

Sporting an electric blue maple body, this bright violin offers an excellent mix of fun and play. It is easy to sync everything up with headphones and separate AUX in/out ports without making too much noise or drama. Once you are set up, you will likely hear warm and balanced sounds as you play across the neck.

It’s easy to gauge and manage the tones thanks to separate controls to monitor tone and volume levels. It’s a cordless instrument powered by a 9V battery. The EVN-X also has a fabric-lined, soft case to avoid scratching the body.

The ENV-X MBL includes many accessories, including carrying straps and spare strings. Simply put: it’s a comprehensive package that is very portable.


  • Cordless
  • Headphones included
  • Nice finish


  • Bridge not assembled
  • Some tuning issues

5. Vangoa Electric Violin

Vangoa Electric Violin 4/4 Full Size Silent Violin Set for Beginner Adults Teens, Solid Maple Wood Metallic Electronic Quite Violin with Ebony Fittings, Pink
  • [Quiet Practice, Rapid Progress] Vangoa electric violin is much quieter than the…
  • [Elegant Stylish Electronic Violin] Lightweighted body with glittering metalic &…
  • [Easy to Start] Volume and tone control is specially set on the back so you can…
  • [Perfect Playability] Vangoa electric silent violin achieve superior balance and…
  • [Complete Set, Unbox and Play] Vangoa E Violin kit is considerately complete for…

For a colorful option for beginner violinists, Vangoa’s electric violin combination allows budding musicians to learn at their own pace. The violin kit has a set of headphones to minimize any noise from the instrument.

You can also plug it into a microphone or amp should they want to do just that. You can further refine the sound thanks to the instrument having separate controls for the instrument’s volume and tone.

There’s plenty to like about the design of the instrument as well.

The neck and fingerboard have bright inlays to guide players if they are using their fingers. The pink body is a striking visual that catches the eye instantaneously.

The bundle has plenty of gear, including a lined travel kit, spare strings, a 9V battery, and 2x rosin. It’s got everything a new violinist needs to get started. So, it’s an excellent starting violin.


  • Comes with headphones
  • Guide stickers for inexperienced players
  • Easy-to-modify sound


  • Difficult to tune
  • Some issues with connection jacks

6. Kennedy Bunnel Edge Violin

Electric Violin Bunnel Edge Outfit 4/4 Full Size (BLUE) — With Carrying Case and Accessories – Headphone Jack – Piezo Ceramic Pick-Up from Kennedy Violins
  • [HIGHEST QUALITY RATED] Ranked at #1 for customer service, ANYTHING you need or…
  • [THE COMPLETE OUTFIT] We have included the high quality accessories that…
  • [EASY ADJUSTING] Control sliders on the face of the instrument for easy tone and…
  • [[HIGHEST QUALITY ELECTRIC VIOLIN] Kennedy Violins is known for having the…
  • [LIFETIME GUARANTEE] All of our Violins are fully backed by a lifetime warranty…

Laden with excellent tech and design, Kennedy’s Bunnel Edge Violin is a beautiful instrument for advanced users. This violin comes with headphones that sit tight within the eardrum.

You can easily hear the rich tones created using either dual Piezo pickup sitting just above the curved radial bridge. All these sounds are accentuated by the maple and ebony, allowing for warm and soothing tones as you play.

There has been plenty of thought put into this offering and this comes in all aspects of the bundle.

For example, the bow is lined with horse hair on a Brazilwood shaft to allow for easy play and sturdy construction. It’s also lined with durable D’Addario strings and a sturdy case. It is an excellent blend of sturdy craftsmanship and warm sounds.


  • Well made
  • Lots of gear included
  • Great sounds


  • Small amp
  • Headphones can be uncomfortable over time

How do you know your violin is suitable for silent practice?

When it comes to selecting electric violins for silent practice, it can be difficult to find the right instrument. After all, it’s not easy to see how these instruments can be played silently. However, a few tell-tale signs can help make the right choice.

Headphone Support

Look for models that offer headphone support. Some violins come with headphones, while others only have connection ports that support headphones. That may come in the form of line-out sockets or an AUX port.

If your instrument comes with headphones, be prepared to face varying levels of quality. Some headphones loop over the ear, providing excellent sound quality and soundproofing. Others help reduce some noise. However, loose-fitting headphones aren’t as reliable at reducing noise levels.

Volume Controls

Look at how you manage the sound levels. Most electric violins come equipped with separate controls for both tone and volume. These may come as either sliders or via dials that can be adjusted.

Monitoring the violin’s sound helps to find ways to limit the sound. While this may not aid in silencing the violin completely, it reduces the device’s sound output.

Electric Violin Buyers Guide

Setting Your Budget: Electric Violins for Every Price Range

When setting out to buy an electric violin, one of the first considerations should be your budget. Electric violins come in a wide range of prices, starting from budget-friendly options below $200 to high-end models that can cost several thousands of dollars.

Budget-Friendly ($100 – $500)

At this price range, you can find violins that are perfect for beginners. They are generally equipped with the basic functionalities needed to start your musical journey. Note that instruments in this category might offer limited customization options and might not have the most refined sound quality.

Mid-Range ($500 – $2000)

In the mid-range price bracket, you’ll find violins with more advanced features, including better sound quality and more customization options. These are suitable for intermediate players or professionals looking for a backup instrument.

High-End ($2000 and above)

High-end electric violins are designed for serious musicians and professionals. They boast superior craftsmanship, outstanding sound quality, and can offer a myriad of customization options to cater to individual preferences. Instruments in this range are generally crafted with high-quality materials that are designed to last a lifetime.

Must-Have Features in Your Electric Violin

Buying an electric violin is a significant investment, and knowing the must-have features can guide you in making an informed decision. Here are the essential features to consider:

Sound Quality

  • Pickups: Look for violins with quality pickups to ensure great sound amplification.
  • Preamp: A good preamp can allow for a richer and more versatile sound.


  • Neck Shape: Consider the neck shape and the fingerboard material for a comfortable playing experience.
  • Weight: A manageable weight ensures comfort during long playing sessions.


  • Material: Opt for violins made with durable materials to guarantee longevity.
  • Craftsmanship: Pay attention to the build quality and craftsmanship.


  • Output options: Check the different output options available, including USB and MIDI outputs.
  • Compatibility with accessories: Ensure the violin is compatible with necessary accessories like amps, pedals, etc.

Customization Options: Tailoring Your Electric Violin to Your Needs

To further enhance your playing experience, consider a violin that offers a good degree of customization. Here are some options to look out for:

Adjustable Hardware

  • Shoulder Rests: Look for adjustable shoulder rests to suit different playing styles.
  • Bridge: Consider violins with adjustable bridges to set your preferred string height.

Aesthetic Customizations

  • Color options: Some brands offer a range of color options for a personalized touch.
  • Custom designs: High-end models might offer customization options for a unique design.

Sound Customization

  • Equalizer settings: A violin with customizable equalizer settings allows for a tailored sound experience.
  • Effect integration: Consider violins that allow for the integration of different sound effects for a versatile performance.

By understanding the various features and customization options available, you can find an electric violin that meets your requirements and budget. Make sure to take your time exploring different models and brands to find the perfect fit for your musical endeavors.

How To Maintain An Electric Violin

Just like acoustic violins, electric violins require regular maintenance to ensure their longevity and optimal performance. Below are some practical tips to help you take good care of your electric violin:


1. Regular Wipe Down

  • After each use: Wipe down the strings and body of the violin to remove rosin dust and perspiration using a clean, dry cloth.
  • Polishing: Occasionally, use a violin polish to maintain the shine and finish of the violin’s body.

2. Fingerboard and Strings

  • Cleaning solutions: Use appropriate cleaning solutions to clean the fingerboard and preserve the strings.
  • String replacement: Replace the strings as necessary, typically every 6-12 months depending on the usage.


1. Proper Case

  • Sturdy case: Always store your electric violin in a sturdy case to protect it from dust, moisture, and accidental damages.
  • Silica gel: Consider placing a sachet of silica gel in the case to absorb moisture and prevent dampness.

2. Controlled Environment

  • Temperature: Avoid extreme temperatures as they can affect the wood and electronic components adversely.
  • Humidity: Maintain a consistent level of humidity to prevent wood from cracking or warping.

Hardware Maintenance

1. Bow

  • Rosin: Apply an appropriate amount of rosin to the bow to ensure good sound production.
  • Loosen the bow: Always loosen the bow before storing it to prevent warping.

2. Bridge and Nut

  • Regular check: Regularly check the bridge and nut for any signs of wear and tear.
  • Professional setup: Seek professional help for adjustments to maintain the best playability and sound.


1. Battery

  • Replacement: Replace the batteries in active pickups promptly to prevent leaking and damage to the electronics.
  • Regular check: Regularly check the connections and solder joints for any signs of wear and corrosion.

2. Cable Management

  • Careful unplugging: Always unplug cables carefully to prevent damage to the jacks.
  • Storage: Store cables neatly to avoid tangles and damages.

Regular Check-ups

  • Annual check: Schedule annual check-ups with a professional luthier to ensure your electric violin is in top condition.
  • Documentation: Keep a log of all maintenance activities and repairs for future reference.

By adhering to these maintenance tips, you can ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your electric violin, allowing you to enjoy your instrument for many years to come.


Are electric violins truly silent?

No – as the violin bodies are still made from wood, they will still carry vibrations and produce noise when they are played. The best electric violins for silent practice allow them to minimize sounds by using headphones and managing the volumes generated by the instrument.

Are electric violins cordless?

Most electric violins can operate without being directly plugged into a main. As these can be powered by 9V batteries, they can be played as a free-standing instruments. However, this might change depending on if you are using any external devices or gear when playing.

Do electric violins come with headphones?

No – not all electric violins come with headphones. Many models will come with a way to support them such as a line-out port or AUX jack. Some of the leading electric violins for silent practice will come in a bundle that will come with headphones to allow for quiet practice when needed.

Finding the best electric violins for silent practice

When it comes to discovering the best electric violins for silent practice, there are plenty of options to explore. Most of these come in bundles including headphones. You can see this in bundles like the Pyle Electric Violin or the Kinglos Electric Violin, designed to give players everything they need in one package.

Other bundles, such as the Vangoa Electric Violin, include gear for novice users. You will also find established brands, such as Kennedy, providing quality headphones to match the high-end design of the instrument.

However, the best option remains the Yamaha Silent Series. Not only has it great sounds and is well made, but it is easy to play silently with headphones. That is why it is one of the best electric violins for silent practice. 

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