The best Jackson Guitar of 2024

It’s hard to describe what exactly makes the best Jackson Guitars model for you considering this iconic brand. Various rock musicians, like Randy Rhoads, Adrian Smith and Scott Ian, use these guitars.

The best Jackson Dinky Guitars often display many of the brand’s iconic trademarks such as the stylish body, sleek neck board, and bright finishes on the body.

First formed in California in 1980, Jackson Guitars have produced models for many musicians—from learners to rock legends.

Their illustrious history has meant that the brand has dozens of models to choose from. So how do you pick the best Jackson guitar for you?

The best Jackson Guitar models available today

Jackson JS Series Rhoads JS32T - Satin Black
Jackson JS Series Warrior JS32 - Snow White
Jackson JS Series JS32T King V - Gloss Black
Jackson JS Series Rhoads JS32T - Satin Black
Jackson JS Series Warrior JS32 - Snow White
Jackson JS Series JS32T King V - Gloss Black
Jackson JS Series Rhoads JS32T - Satin Black
Jackson JS Series Rhoads JS32T - Satin Black
Jackson JS Series Warrior JS32 - Snow White
Jackson JS Series Warrior JS32 - Snow White
Jackson JS Series JS32T King V - Gloss Black
Jackson JS Series JS32T King V - Gloss Black

Top Pick: Jackson JS Rhoads

Jackson JS Series Rhoads JS32T – Satin Black
  • Solidbody Electric Guitar with Basswood Body
  • 2 Humbucking Pickups – Satin Black
  • String-through Hardtail
  • Amaranth Fingerboard
  • Maple Neck

Sometimes, you just can’t beat the original. Based on the prototype made famous by the late Randy Rhoads, the Jackson JS Rhoads celebrates everything that the Crazy Train guitarist showcased on stage.

Straight away, the shark-fin body screams out to any budding rock protégé. They match its flamboyant look at with the classic Jackson headstock pointing away from the fretboard.

Away from the look, the JS Rhoads is light and durable, making it easy to use for hours on end. This comes from the popular body and the maple-made fretboard.

These materials are also extremely durable in most conditions, making them great for playing on any indoor and outdoor stage.

They miss nothing on the finer details. The stylish white and black amaranth bridge looks magnificent, yet is perfectly detailed to allow for precise movements when playing. One of the best Jackson Guitars available today.


  • Iconic look
  • Extremely durable
  • Excellent finish


  • Difficult to string
  • Strings are at default max tightness

Best Seller: Jackson JS Warrior

Jackson JS Series Warrior JS32 – Snow White
  • Solidbody Electric Guitar with All-poplar Body
  • 2 Humbucking Pickups – Snow White
  • Amaranth Fingerboard
  • Maple Neck

The Warrior is an strengthened version of many of Jackson’s earlier models. Still sporting the sleek and sharp looks, the Warrior has a beefier body giving added stability whilst playing.

It has a long, sleek amaranth maple fretboard giving impressive control when moving up the neck and trying to play anywhere along the 24 frets.

There are lots of little tricks that make the Warrior great for advanced players to enjoy. As the neck narrows toward the headstock, the space between frets is perfect for tapping and fast switches when soloing.

There are multiple switches to allow you to alter the sound depending on your style. This includes three-way toggle switches and controls for both tone and volume.

It’s an all-inclusive instrument designed to bring out your inner metal monster.


  • Detailed switches for volume control
  • The wide-body gives great stability
  • Excellent for solos


  • Loses tune quickly
  • Some quality issues on tuning keys

Premium Pick: Jackson King V

Jackson JS Series JS32T King V – Gloss Black
  • Solidbody Electric Guitar with Basswood Body
  • 2 Humbucking Pickups – Gloss Black
  • String-through Hardtail
  • Amaranth Fingerboard
  • Maple Neck

There is perhaps no more striking guitar in Jackson’s lineup than the King V. It has a look and appeal that just screams rock legend.

Taking on the classic flying V shape, the King V looks dramatic thanks to the shape and any of its bold body colours. Whether it’s Ferrari red or jet black, everyone will take notice of this instrument.

It’s more than just stylish, though. The King V has an easily adjustable bridge, giving you greater precision of how the guitar sounds.

The white amaranth look of the neck contains 24 frets and has pearl-laced inlays giving you great guidance when moving up and down the board.

With style and substance, the King V allows you to live and play like a living legend.


  • Striking look
  • Easily adjustable
  • Built for precise playing


  • Some sound quality issues
  • Static occasionally produced when played

Jackson Dinky Arch

Jackson Dinky Arch Top JS32Q DKA – Transparent Purple Burst
  • Licensed Floyd Rose Tremolo – Transparent Purple Burst
  • Solidbody Electric Guitar with Poplar Body
  • Amaranth Fingerboard
  • 2 Humbucking Pickups
  • Maple Neck

Perhaps one of Jackson’s more tradition looking guitars, the Dinky Arch still has a superstar look and feel much like some of its other cousins.

This comes in the shape of a two-tone finish on the wide-body, giving it a look that sparkles in the spotlight. The body’s shape is also reversed compared to other Jackson models. This comes with the curves coming on the neck board side of the body rather than on the other side.

To play, it has everything you’d expect of a Jackson guitar. From the amaranth look of the board, including double-locking tremolo switches, there are plenty to play with on the Dinky Arch.

You also have full control of the sound of the instrument, with controls included to alter the outright tone, volume and style as you play.

A great guitar for anyone looking for a first chance to get hold of a Jackson guitar.


  • Affordable
  • Precise control over the sound
  • Classic hybrid look


  • Some tone issues
  • Pickups are difficult to replace

Jackson X Adrian Smith Signature

One of Jackson Guitars’ most notable signature artists, the signature model designed by Iron Maiden legend Adrian Smith, is suited for players of all abilities.

Based on a more classic body in a pure white finish, this signature model looks classy yet will not back out of giving a meaty sound.

A high-output humbucker bolsters the sound to give that a loud sound that drowns out the rooms. It’s combined with five-way switches and controls for both tone and volume to give you full control as you play.

With just 22 frets, there’s plenty of room for you to move up and down the neck to bust out complex solos akin to The Trooper or Number of the Beast.

It’s a durable piece too, with the maple neck joined to the body, with graphite joining roads making it sturdy and usable for show after show.

A great signature model that allows you to riff like a metal legend even if it’s from the comfort of your own home.


  • Excellent sound
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy construction


  • Look not customisable
  • Designed for advanced users

What are the characteristics of a Jackson guitar?

Even though Jackson Guitars were taken over by Fender in 2002, the brand has maintained its unique look.

We can see this through their entire lineup. From their entire shape to minute details, Jackson guitars still maintain a certain aura to them. So what makes a Jackson Guitar?


We know Jackson Guitars for flamboyant body shapes. Rather than a classic fatter look, Jackson models often have slim bodies with extreme looks at one end.

Embracing styles like the Flying V or other striking shapes, the sleek and slimline feel of a Jackson looks like it belongs at a stadium show.

The finish matches the flamboyant shapes of the body. You can find models that have a wooden look. However, they can be traded in for much striking colours.

These can be in gloss or matte finishes and an abundance of colours. Whether it be red, black or even purple, the finish can be tailored to your design.

It’s why Jackson guitars always have a message to tell when seen on stage.


You will also know if you have an official Jackson guitar by looking at the headstock of the instrument.

It’s here you find the make’s most signature item—the pointed headstock with the brand’s logo. Pointed like a flame or shark fin, this unique shape is iconic to Jackson models alone.

Alongside the classic joined Jackson logo at the end, this flashy and now iconic look gives each guitar a unique character other models lack.

You will also often find that the headstock is almost always black too. This, set with the often silver fretboard, makes for a stunning look.


Are Jackson Guitars similar to Fender Guitars?

No. Despite being owned by Fender, Jackson Guitar models are separate from their parent company. The best Jackson guitar models also keep the brand’s classic look and design, making them a favorite for rock enthusiasts.

Who are Jackson Guitars signature artists?

Jackson Guitars are backed by some of the biggest names in rock and metal. This includes Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden), Scott Ian (Anthrax) and Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy). They were also the choice of guitars for Randy Rhoads throughout the 1980s, before the legend’s untimely death.

What is Jackson Guitars trademark look?

Many of the best Jackson Guitars models will have some similar features. This includes the pointed headstock with the brand’s logo, an amaranth shark-fin design on the neck and a slimline body.

So what is the best Jackson guitar around today?

As you can see, there are a variety of different Jackson guitar models to choose from. Some call back to the company’s heyday with the likes of the Rhoads and the King V looking as sharp as they sound.

Others like the Dinky Arch and the Adrian Smith Signature keep a classic look but give out excellent sounds to fill the stage. Meanwhile, models like the Warrior are designed for experienced players to enjoy on stage.

No matter what model you choose, knowing that you have found the best Jackson guitar for you will let you feel like a rock god, no matter where or how you play.

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