The best 3/4 Guitars available today

If you want your kids to become obsessed with learning guitar, searching for the best 3/4 guitars available is a great way to introduce them to the instrument itself.

When you look for the best 3/4 guitars in the market today, check to see that they are easy to transport, produce impressive sounds and are made from solid materials.

What these aspects provide is the ability for beginner guitarists to learn with ease. It’s why grabbing a 3/4 guitar can be more beneficial than getting a fully sized guitar to begin with.

You’ll find that most ¾ guitars are acoustic models but can give impressive sounds in their own right. So don’t think that a slightly smaller model is sacrificing anything in quality. So with that in mind, what are the best 3/4 guitars available on the market today?

The best 3/4 guitars revealed

Luna Aurora Borealis 3/4-Size Acoustic Guitar - Teal Pearl
Fender Acoustic Classical Guitar, with 2-Year Warranty, Small Beginner Guitar (3/4 Size) with Nylon Strings (Easier on Fingers), Includes Guitar Bag
Luna Aurora Borealis 3/4-Size Acoustic Guitar - Teal Pearl
Fender Acoustic Classical Guitar, with 2-Year Warranty, Small Beginner Guitar (3/4 Size) with Nylon Strings (Easier on Fingers), Includes Guitar Bag
Price not available
Luna Aurora Borealis 3/4-Size Acoustic Guitar - Teal Pearl
Luna Aurora Borealis 3/4-Size Acoustic Guitar - Teal Pearl
Price not available
Fender Acoustic Classical Guitar, with 2-Year Warranty, Small Beginner Guitar (3/4 Size) with Nylon Strings (Easier on Fingers), Includes Guitar Bag
Fender Acoustic Classical Guitar, with 2-Year Warranty, Small Beginner Guitar (3/4 Size) with Nylon Strings (Easier on Fingers), Includes Guitar Bag

The Beginner’s Favorite: Yamaha JR1

Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar, Natural
  • The FG Junior is a 3/4 sized guitar modeled after the acclaimed Yamaha FG Series
  • The JR1 has a smaller body and shorter neck, perfect for young players or those with smaller hands
  • Yamaha craftsmanship and a spruce top give this compact guitar an authentic acoustic tone
  • Great for use as a travel guitar when space is limited
  • Gig bag included for safe storage and easy transport. Saddle material: Urea

Yamaha is always a splendid choice for beginner musical instruments and the Yamaha JR1 provides a perfect introduction to guitars. This ¾ guitar feels great to hold thanks to its compact nature but still produces some great tones. That comes thanks to the spruce body, which allows for some impressive sounds to come whenever it’s played. This is matched with tough steel strings that give great pitch when played anywhere above the rosewood fingerboard.

Aside from the excellent tones, the JR1 is easy to hold, making it comfortable to play for hours should you feel like it. What Yamaha provides, though, is an excellent starter bundle that makes life easier for any budding young guitarist.

This includes a waterproof polypropylene bag that keeps the instrument dry if you get caught in the rain and an automatic tuner to keep things sounding in check. This bundle provides everything a junior guitarist needs when starting out.


  • Great sound
  • Accompanying travel bag
  • Durable strings


  • Pegs can be misaligned
  • Case padding is thin

The Colorful Choice: Luna Aurora Borealis ¾ Guitar

Luna Aurora Borealis 3/4-Size Acoustic Guitar – Teal Pearl
  • Body: Basswood
  • Top: Basswood
  • Pearloid Knobs
  • Fret board: Rosewood
  • MOP Moon Phase Inlays

If you want to learn with a bit of character, look no further than Luna’s Aurora Borealis. Named after the Northern Lights itself, the Aurora Borealis is a ¾ guitar that looks and sounds great.

Made mostly out of basswood, this instrument comes in no less than 3 different finishes, including teal, black and even pink. With both the head and body matching in color, you will find that the aesthetics will be more than enough to win over any young mind.

But don’t think that they have sacrificed the sounds for style. That’s hardly the case.

The 22.5’ fretboard makes it easy to learn fret positioning, which is backed up nicely by the sturdy rosewood board. It also holds its tuning for a long time thanks to steel tuning keys that stay in place with accurate results. All this combines into a powerful duo that will keep youngsters playing for hours every day.


  • Customizable finish
  • Easy to play
  • Holds tune well


  • Slightly tinny sound
  • Strings are very close together

The Professional’s Choice: Fender FA-15 N

Fender Acoustic Classical Guitar, with 2-Year Warranty, Small Beginner Guitar (3/4 Size) with Nylon Strings (Easier on Fingers), Includes Guitar Bag
  • One right-handed Fender Acoustic Guitar and one Gig Bag
  • Small Size, Same Sound: This smaller ¾-size body acoustic guitar is ideal for children, beginners, and players with small hands, it still offers great performance with its all-laminate construction and is easier to travel with and play anywhere
  • Smooth Tuning: The modern 3+3 headstock makes for an easy playing acoustic guitar and gives an intricate symmetrical design
  • Starting with Nylon: Combines the easy playability and quintessential sound of nylon strings with the comfort of a narrower string spacing for a best-of-both-worlds feel
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty: Fender guitars are built with unmatched quality, down to the last screw- which is why Fender warrants this Fender acoustic guitar to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for two (2) years from original purchase

Fender is an iconic name in guitars so it’s no surprise that the Fender FA-15 N is one of the more popular ¾ guitars around today. Fender’s classic hallmarks are all over this compact guitar.

From the classic shape of the body to the iconic logo on the headstock, you can soon see that the FA-15 N belongs to the Fender family. Made from mostly sapele and lined with nylon strings, it’s an instrument that has a great feel and produces huge tones despite its smaller size.

As per usual, you will find an array of minor details that you have to discover to appreciate.

First, the laminate finish over the wooden body gives extra gravitas to the tone, making it sound like a fully fledged acoustic. Furthermore, the headstock has a conventional 3+3 tuning setup allowing you to adjust naturally to what a full instrument may feel like further down the line.

With no less than 7 different color finishes also available to choose from, the FA-15 N shows that even industry giants like Fender look to cater to all levels of guitarists.


  • Well-made
  • Great look
  • Huge sounds


  • Strings feel hard when plucked
  • Quickly loses tune

The Budget Pick: Oscar Schmidt OG1

Oscar Schmidt OG1FYS-A-U 3/4 Size Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar (High Gloss) Flame Yellow Sunburst
  • Fully adjustable truss rod, Chrome die Cast tuners
  • Package Dimensions: 118.11 H x 20.32 L x 55.88 W (centimetres)
  • Package Weight: 4.513 kilograms
  • Country of Origin : China

If you are looking for a first guitar that won’t break the bank, the Oscar Schmidt OG1 is a great option to explore.

Taking on a wider dreadnought shape, the OG-1 is easy for any novice to hold and play. It’s also extremely lightweight thanks to its catalpa wood body, meaning everything comes in at just 4.5kg. This all combines to make it perfect for younger players to get to grips with.

There’s a lot of room for a guitarist to find their authentic style with the OG1 as well. This is because of the ¾ guitar having a fully adjustable truss rod to refine their sound and chrome tuners that keep everything sounding spot on.

You will also find that you can switch the top finish out into a wide range of colours with no less than 6 different finishes to choose from. This makes for a ¾ guitar that is personal and practical.


  • Fully adjustable truss rod
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to play


  • No pickguard
  • Finish may fade over time

The Youngster’s Pick: Hola! Music ¾ Guitar

Hola! Music Acoustic Guitar Bundle for Beginners and Kids – 3/4 Size (36″) Guitars – “Pink”
  • QUALITY DESIGN – This kids guitar features a smooth spruce top with a mahogany back, sides, and neck. With a glossy finish and a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, it won’t just be the music that’s turning heads.
  • QUALITY DESIGN – This kids guitar features a smooth spruce top with a mahogany back, sides, and neck. With a glossy finish and a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, it won’t just be the music that’s turning heads.
  • SET INCLUDES – Our beginner guitars are a complete set! You’ll get a padded gig bag with a front compartment, backpack straps, and a handle, 3 picks in different sizes, a pick-guard, a hex key, and a strap.
  • PRE-STRUNG – This is the ultimate beginner guitar for kids and adults alike. It’s pre-strung with high-quality D’Addario EXP16 coated Phosphor Bronze strings. Just tune up and jam out!
  • PERFECT FOR KIDS – The perfect kid guitar for little hands. At 3/4 the size, this HG-36SB small guitar is ideal for children aged 8-12, between 4’6″ and 4’11” in height.

Fewer ¾ guitar bundles in the market capture the attention than the offering from Hola! Music. This brightly coloured guitar comes in a range of bright finishes, from neon pink to blazing sunburst, capturing the eye on first look.

The matching combination of a bright headstock and body will win hearts over. Thankfully, the guitar is well made too. Whether it is the mahogany and spruce body to the walnut fingerboard, you will find that Hola! Music has put a lot of love into its craftsmanship.

You will also find some impressive sounds when playing the instrument too. This comes thanks to the addition of a TUSQ Saddle and Nut that contacts the default D’Addario bronze strings to produce large sounds.

Hola! Music has put a lot of thought into their overall bundle too, with the package also including a set of plectrums, a travel case and 2 months of video lessons to help get users off to a flying start. This all combines into a great package for any youngster to learn guitar in an instant.


  • Colourful finish
  • Well made
  • The bundle includes tutorial lessons


  • String distance not equal
  • Loses tune quickly

The Premium Pick: Ibanez Mini ¾ Dreadnought

Ibanez PF2MHOPN 3/4 Mini Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Open Pore Natural
  • 3/4 Dreadnought bodyMahogany topMahogany back and sidesMahogany neck580mm/22.8″ scaleRosewood bridge and fretboardIbanez Advantage bridge pinsGig bag included
  • In the case of the 22
  • 8″ scale PF2MHOPN, it provides you with a 3/4 Dreadnought body with a mahogany top, back, sides, and neck with an open pore finish
  • Other appointments include a rosewood bridge and fingerboard, chrome tuners, a single rosette, black pickguard, and Ibanez Advantage bridge pins
  • Includes gig bag

Ibanez is a veteran of the guitar world, and their Mini-Dreadnought is a great shrunken-down version of their fully fledged acoustic models.

This ¾ guitar oozes quality from its all-near mahogany finish that looks and feels great. It comes with a collection of Ibanez’s signature styles including in-house pickguards, bridge pins and tuning keys. What this provides is all the tools necessary to sound like a pro, even if strumming for the first time.

Aside from the nifty features you’d expect from a brand like Ibanez, it feels extremely easy to hold thanks to the wide dreadnought shape. Combined with great spacing between the strings, this mini-dreadnought is easy to play and produces impressive sounds. It also comes with a matching bag for transportation, making this a must-have for anyone serious about learning guitar.


  • Great look
  • Maintains advanced features
  • Easy to play


  • Top finish damages easily
  • Slightly tinny sound

The Unknown Replica: LyuL Acoustic Package

Lyul 3/4 Size Acoustic Premium Guitar Package (Black)
  • OEM Fender Squier. 37 inches in length (3/4 size, not full size), Steel strings
  • Rosewood finger board, Rosette body binding and sound hole
  • Full wood construction with great gloss finish, Orchestra Model (OM) body style
  • Perfect gift for juniors, petites, travelers, beginners or even backup guitar owners
  • Extra items such as sturdy padded carrying case with shoulder straps, picks(3), extra set of strings, strap and electronic guitar tuner

Some brands will look to replicate styles to find success and that is what LyuL has done with their ¾ guitar. Based on the Fender Squire, the LyuL ¾ guitar features a jet-black rosewood body that shines thanks to a glossy finish on top.

It’s lined with steel strings to give a rich sound along with extra durability. In terms of the neck and fingerboard, it comes with bronze frets for added feel and accuracy when playing chords.

LyuL has gone out into ensuring their bundles cater for everything a guitarist may need. That’s because their offering comes with a padded travel bag for easy transportation and an additional shoulder strap too.

There are plenty of spare parts offered in the package too, including extra strings, plectrums and an electronic tuner. This means that learners have everything they need to get themselves started with no delay.


  • Good look
  • Comes with spare parts
  • Good travel bag


  • Loses tune quickly
  • Tuner has some accuracy issues

The All-In-One Combination: WINNZ Dreadnought ¾

WINZZ AF168C 3/4 Spruce Acoustic Guitar Cutaway for Beginners Students Kids with Advanced Kit Right Handed, 36 Inches
  • FIRST CHOICE – Quality, affordable and attractive, full size dreadnought cutaway acoustic guitar is great value for money that represent the best entry level guitar ideal for beginners
  • BALANCED SOUND – Handcrafted spruce top and “X” bracing structure offers both bright and warm tone that has excellent acoustic properties and great extension and response from both the highs and the lows
  • SMOOTH PLAY – High density wood fingerboard and bridge offers both sturdy construct and smooth touch that you can roll over the nickel silver frets freely. The chrome die-cast machine head keeps the strings in tune, and the dual-action truss rod allows fine adjustment of the nato neck
  • EXQUISITE LOOK – With state of art crafting and assembling, the natural finish, smooth body lines, decorative bindings on top, back and fingerboard, celluloid inlay on top body and rosette, all tog ether present an exquisite artwork
  • ALL-IN-ONE – Start kit includes 1-month online lessons, high quality water-proof padded gig bag, wall hanger, durable capo, a set of extra strings, string winder cutter, pin puller, clip-on electronic tuner, adjustable strap, 4 picks and polishing cloth, everything in a pack to start your splendid music journey

If you need everything in one package, then the WINNZ Dreadnought may be right up your alley. Their ¾ Dreadnought is the centerpiece of a bundle that has everything a first guitarist may want.

They made the guitar from basswood to produce powerful sounds, while the 23” neck is easy to reach for any beginner guitarist. The strings are wound quite close together so that youngsters can play easily without suffering any pain or issues whilst playing. There is also an adjustable truss too to help find the ideal sound for your playing style.

What WINNZ has also included in their package is a bunch of gear that helps first-timers get to grips with how everything works. This includes two different tuners to find the right note and plectrums to learn every style of playing.

The travel bag also comes with a hanger and shoulder strap to make it easy to transport and store your guitar without any issue—an ideal pick for anyone wanting everything in one bundle.


  • Lots of gear
  • Easy to play
  • Easy to adjust for the right sound


  • Needs tuning on arrival
  • Frets are sharp to touch

The advantages of a 3/4 guitar

Most people may think having a 3/4guitar may seem pointless compared to owning a standard instrument, but that is hardly the case. ¾ guitars have a concrete place in the music world. And this covers users of all abilities. So what’s the appeal of a guitar this size?

Building the basics

For younger users, a ¾ guitar is the perfect starting point in learning the fundamentals of playing. With these being slightly smaller, they bring a breadth of advantages for kids wanting to learn guitar, such as…

  • Easier to hold
  • Simpler to reach all the frets
  • Lighter to transport

With young kids able to get their hands across the instrument without overreaching, it allows them to learn the basics at their own pace. Over time, this allows them to grasp basics, such as strumming and mastering chords with relative ease. This gets them to develop their style and abilities before moving on to a full-size acoustic or electric guitar.

A traveller’s companion

For more seasoned players, ¾ guitars solve a massive problem—providing an instrument that’s easy to travel with. Most full-size guitars are not only bulky to carry around on your back but also take up a lot of storage space in a vehicle. Therefore, having something smaller is much more convenient for anyone that travels a lot.

This is where ¾ guitars come into their own somewhat. Their much smaller bodies make them much easier to travel and store in a trunk or back seat. If you are travelling by foot, they are light enough to carry over the shoulder and walk with wherever you need to go. This all adds to make a ¾ guitar an ideal choice for anyone playing multiple shows and travelling.

Keeps classic properties

Despite not quite being a full-size guitar, you will discover that most ¾ models don’t sacrifice the strengths that their bigger cousins may have. They still made many of the best ¾ guitars from high-quality woods such as basswood, rosewood and sapele. Finding guitars made from these materials ensures the instrument will produce warm rich tones that are found in full-size guitars.

They also will come in an array of different finishes to match the user. With some companies offering finishes that can be pink, purple, red or natural, this gives users–particularly younger players—the chance to learn about selecting custom preferences before they become serious players.


Are ¾ guitars replicas of full-sized models?

Not necessarily. Most ¾ guitars are individual models designed to fit the purpose of being a smaller-bodied instrument. Some companies may create scaled-down versions of larger models but many are fully-fledged instruments that have their own defined characters

Who are ¾ guitars best suited for?

Most players of ¾ guitars are around 8-12 years old. These instruments are a great way to introduce children to the instrument without struggling with a full-sized model. After they feel comfortable with these smaller guitars, they can move on to something more substantial.

Are all ¾ guitars acoustic?

Yes—most ¾ guitars are acoustic. This provides a simple platform for users to learn without having to worry about the extra features that come with owning an electric. Allowing a beginner to focus on the core basics helps them strengthen their playing level with no unnecessary complications.

So what are the best 3/4 guitars available today?

You will find that many ¾ guitars provide an ideal stepping stone into the world of playing guitar. Many of these models are well-constructed and easy to use, as well as easy to transport from one place to another.

Some models, such as Oscar Schmidt and Luna, offer excellent guitars that are made from high-quality materials. Alongside that, brands such as Hola! And WINNZ adds a touch of colour that young users will love when they discover their first instrument.

You will also find that leading manufacturers such as Fender and Ibanez have also produced excellent 3/4 guitars that give a taste of what a innovative guitar can produce. However, we think that Yamaha’s JR1 is the best model on the market. This comes down to a mix of sturdy construction, great tones and ease of use. It’s this reason we consider this to be one of the best 3/4 guitars on the market. 

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