What are the best Ibanez guitar models for 2023?

With a Spanish name and Japanese construction, finding the best Ibanez guitars models around today feels like you are getting hold of one of the best guitars in the world today.

The best Ibanez guitar models feature the make’s classic thin neck design, with a classic shape and producing rich, clean sounds that blow audiences away when played live.

Having been around since 1957, it’s easy to find an Ibanez guitar in a music shop and they have become one of the best-selling guitars brands in the world today.

This success causes some problems, though. Which one do you choose? Never fear, as we have done our research to find and bring you the best Ibanez guitar models you can buy today.

The best Ibanez guitar models (summary)

Ibanez GRG 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Walnut Flat, Full (GRG121DXWNF)
Ibanez 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Blue (GRX70QATBB)
Ibanez 6 String Semi-Hollow-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Transparent Black Flat (AS53TKF)
Ibanez GRG 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Walnut Flat, Full (GRG121DXWNF)
Ibanez 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Blue (GRX70QATBB)
Ibanez 6 String Semi-Hollow-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Transparent Black Flat (AS53TKF)
Ibanez GRG 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Walnut Flat, Full (GRG121DXWNF)
Ibanez GRG 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Walnut Flat, Full (GRG121DXWNF)
Ibanez 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Blue (GRX70QATBB)
Ibanez 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Blue (GRX70QATBB)
Ibanez 6 String Semi-Hollow-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Transparent Black Flat (AS53TKF)
Ibanez 6 String Semi-Hollow-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Transparent Black Flat (AS53TKF)

Top Pick: Ibanez GRG6

Ibanez GRG 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Walnut Flat, Full (GRG121DXWNF)
  • Product Type :Guitars
  • Package Dimensions :10.16 Cm L X41.91 Cm W X105.41 Cm H
  • Country Of Origin :China
  • Package Weight :11.4Lbs

If you want an electric guitar that will let you find your comfort zone as a player, then meet the Ibanez GRG6. This guitar provides everything that we know the brand for.

It starts with a classic look thanks to its mahogany body topped off with a shady wooden design. The 24-fret maple neck is nicely detailed with shark-tooth inlays to help guide you down the fretboard whilst you are playing. Matched with a pine fingerboard, it’s an instrument that is easy to hold and play in any situation.

There are plenty of features that experienced axemen will enjoy too. The IBZ-6 humbucker produces some lovely tones and the dual pick-ups give further room to refine your sound. That’s alongside a 3-way tonal switch which can let you opt for a clean, distorted or fuzzy sound depending on just how you want to shred. With all this loaded into one instrument, the Ibanez GRG6 is a guitar suited for players of all abilities.


  • Classic look
  • Plenty of tonal change options
  • Suited for all abilities


  • Rather heavy to hold
  • Fret ends can be sharp

Best Seller: Ibanez GRX7

Ibanez 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Blue (GRX70QATBB)
  • GRX Maple Neck
  • Poplar Body/ Quilted Art Grain Top
  • Medium frets
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Pearl Dot Inlay

If you want something that looks and sounds fantastic, then the Ibanez GRX7 is your perfect weapon. Featuring the classic Ibanez look, the GRX7 shines thanks to its sturdy mahogany body and neck.

The pearl-dot inlay gives easy guidance when moving between frets and the sharp blue finish on the body gives it a dominant presence whenever you are holding it. The medium-size frets are also well-suited for players of all abilities, making it a versatile instrument for anyone to use.

In terms of sound, the GRX7 comes with a dual-pickup set-up, giving plenty of variation as to how the guitar can be tuned. It also includes the IBZ-6 humbucker setups to produce clear tones and let you hear what you are playing. This, mixed with the guitar’s lightweight nature, makes it the perfect piece to have whenever you are planning for the next set of shows. A great guitar with no real weaknesses.


  • Great finish
  • Lightweight
  • Clear sounds


  • Tuners not deadly accurate
  • Cheap feel to strings

Premium Pick: Ibanez AS53

Ibanez 6 String Semi-Hollow-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Transparent Black Flat (AS53TKF)
  • Infinity R pickups feature warm, balanced articulation and excellent response for various music genres
  • Art-St Bridge provides tuning stability
  • Easy access to higher notes

If you are looking for a hybrid sound between acoustic and electric, the Ibanez AS53 could be for you. It achieves this predominantly thanks to semi-hollow body construction.

Thanks to the Sapele body joined to a rosewood fretboard, there are plenty of rich sounds to be found when playing the AS53. It also looks great too with an array of classic finishes that freshly mimic the more stripped back look of acoustic models.

Ibanez has also put a lot of thought into how to generate rich sounds in this guitar too. This can be found in two areas.

First, the dual Infinity R pickups are mounted on two wooden pieces. By doing this, there is less feedback produced when playing. A mahogany core is included after the 17th fret to give players the chance to hit higher notes than standard models. This helps the AS53 bridge the gap between acoustic and electric playing and lets guitar enthusiasts strum long into the night no matter what they are used to playing.


  • Clean sound
  • Variety of tones
  • Reduced feedback when played


  • Small finish issues
  • Strings feel loose

Ibanez AX6

A model designed to celebrate both old and new, the Ibanez AX6 is a piece that looks as good as it plays. The design harks back to artists of yesteryear with the more-rounded basswood body and a cherry red finish reminiscent of many guitars from the rock-n-roll era. The finer details echo that too. From the cleverly-shaped pickguard to the thicker-than-usual maple fretboard, it is something that classic models celebrated.

Yet, the classic look is supplemented by some excellent modern innovations. At the forefront of this are dual controls for both volume and tone. The dual system gives you individual control of sounds from both the bridge and neck pickups allowing you to fine-tune your sound to the nth degree. This is all on top of a three-way pickup switch giving musicians the perfect way to refine everything they need in the studio or on stage. It makes the AX6 one of the purists to enjoy.


  • Fine-tune sounds at each pickup
  • Great look
  • Remarkable detail


  • Poor finish on the pickguard
  • Fret wires are too long

Ibanez RG421

Ibanez RG421 Electric Guitar Blackberry Sunburst
  • Wizard III 3-piece Maple neck
  • Mahogany body
  • Rosewood fretboard w/White dot inlay
  • Jumbo frets
  • Fixed bridge

Based on Ibanez’s most classic series, the RG241 brings together everything that makes the brand renowned worldwide. It comes with the classic Ibanez look, including the thin neck, the pointed headstock and the classic mahogany body. The neck thins towards the headstock over its 24-fret layout, making it perfect for fast transitions between notes over two separate octaves.

Where the RG241 stands out from the crowd is its way to manipulate sounds. This comes thanks to a 5-way switch coil to help adjust tone, volume and pitch. In addition, it is built with Ibanez’s high-end Quantum pickups which give additional bass to notes sacrificing no richness in the overall sound. By including an assortment of high-end tech on the RG421, this is a guitar that professional shredders will love to experiment with.


  • Built for shredding solos
  • Great sound
  • Excellent sound modulation tools


  • Lack of customization
  • Small clashes between frets and A string

What are the characteristics of an Ibanez guitar?

Ibanez guitars have gone through a mantra of changes since they were first founded in Japan in 1957. Evolved from building acoustic guitars, the company slowly adopted their way into the electric.

Heavily influenced by the shape of Gibson guitars, figureheads in Japan slowly crafted their own identity. By the 1990s, Ibanez had become a powerhouse in its own right, thanks to a few certain characteristics:


One thing that Ibanez has stuck closely to is their classic guitar body shape. Not too dissimilar to early Gibson designs, Ibanez models have a rounded and wide-body shape, perfect for conventional playing. However, the side closest to the neck is much more rounded. Having corners arcing round almost like fangs, it gives the guitar a menacing edge that captivates when played on stage.


Perhaps Ibanez’s most striking feature is the neck of the guitar. That’s because they are known for being much thinner than other brands. The thinner neck results in the need for precision when playing and helps produce an extremely clean sound. With most models featuring a 24-fret layout, there is plenty of room for keen axemen to show off their soloing skills without much to fear.


Thanks to the classic body and thinner neck, players often get a particularly clean sound when playing an Ibanez guitar. Aided with the brand’s Edge series of pickups and gear, it helps players get that defining whine that most iconic solos are known to produce. It’s why guitarists such as Steve Vai and Joe Satriani are some of Ibanez’s most famous collaborators in years gone by to create their own iconic sounds.


Is Ibanez a Spanish brand?

No – Ibanez Guitars are based and built in Japan. The company, owned by Hoshino Gakki, are based in Nagoya but the name was chosen to pay tribute to Spanish guitar builder Salvador Ibanez.

Does Ibanez make their own gear?

Yes – Ibanez develops all their own gear in-house as well. All the pickups used on their guitar are built by the company which also produces effect pedals, amplifiers and other guitar merchandise.

Who are Ibanez’s most famous guitarists?

Ibanez has backed a whos-who of guitar legends down the years. This includes virtuoso acts such as Steve Vai and Joe Satriani as well as established rockstars such as Paul Stanley (Kiss), Head & Munky (Korn) and Hermann Li (DragonForce)

So what are the best Ibanez guitar models around?

As you can see, Ibanez has made guitars for all types of players. Some of their best models such as the GRG6 and the GRX7 are designed for players of all abilities to enjoy. Meanwhile, others such as the RG421 and the AX6 are made to give professional musicians an instrument they can enjoy in both the studio and on stage.

Ibanez has also created models such as the AS53 to bridge the large divide between acoustic and electric models. By doing this, you will never struggle to find the best Ibanez guitar model for your needs no matter what type of instrument you want to play

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