How to Get Karaoke Songs for Free [With 11 Proven Methods]

Do you enjoy singing and feel incredible when holding a microphone? If so, karaoke is ideal for you since it allows you to sing along to your preferred songs and make you feel like a celebrity. A common way to enjoy music is through karaoke. But how do you get karaoke songs for free?

There are many ways to get karaoke songs for free, and some of the most common ones are YouTube channels, karaoke websites, karaoke apps, and karaoke software.

Karaoke is a wonderful way to spend time with loved ones. However, it can be pricey, and most people don’t own a karaoke machine. We’ve compiled the top free karaoke options to make things easier.

11 Ways You Can Get Karaoke Songs for Free

After you buy a good microphone, you can use these 11 resources for free karaoke music.

1. YouTube Channels

Using YouTube to download karaoke music is the simplest option. There are several professional karaoke tracks with both lyric and instrumental footage. All you have to do to start singing is hook up a few microphones to your smart device or karaoke machine.

Popular channels with excellent karaoke music include Sing King, KaraFun Karaoke, CC Karaoke, EasyKaraoke, and Tracks Planet Karaoke.

2. Karaoke Version

Karaoke Version is an amazing karaoke website. They have an extensive library of their cover tunes instead of original songs. However, especially in the instrumentals, they sound remarkably similar to the originals.

The ability to isolate individual instruments, in turn, is the most striking feature. For instance, you could only play the guitar or the drums. This indicates that you could play an instrument in addition to singing along.

Over 150 free karaoke tracks are available on Karaoke Version, although many songs cost a few bucks. There are a lot of old and vintage pieces in this collection, and some are multilingual.

3. SoundCloud

The audio-sharing website SoundCloud is an excellent resource for finding free Karaoke music. You can download several Karaoke versions directly to your smartphone.

Simply type “the song title or the artist’s name + karaoke” into the search field to locate free Karaoke tunes.

4. Smule

Smule, commonly known as Sing! by Smule, is one of the most well-known karaoke apps. It boasts a vast song library with more than 10 million songs. Although the app is free to download and use, you may want to make some in-app purchases. These come with various functions, such as duets and group karaoke. Additionally, you have the option of recording and broadcasting your performance.

You can enhance your karaoke tracks with audio and visual effects with Smule. They appear more professional as a result. To make it simpler for you to sing, you can also alter the song’s key. You can connect with other singers worldwide and have fun from the corner of your room.

5. Karaoke Party by RedKaraoke

Karaoke Party is one of the most well-liked apps for karaoke songs. To compete against your friends, you may also use the website as a game (like the Sing Star series). You’ll receive a score based on how many notes you hit and how far off the notes you missed. Why not invite your friends to a singing competition?

There is also an app available for both Android and iPhone users. The software may pair with Bluetooth-enabled devices and smart televisions via platforms like Chromecast, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

A sing-off with a total stranger is always an option if you don’t feel like challenging a buddy because there are also about 5 million users.

There are also literally thousands of songs in a wide range of different musical genres.

6. SingSnap

The “biggest online karaoke community,” according to SingSnap. It encourages you to watch other members’ karaoke videos and upload your own. You could even do a duet with a neighbor.

Begin by singing after browsing by genre or what’s popular. As you go, you can keep track of your efforts and make them public so that other users can rate them. To share those recordings with your other friends, you can also save them to your hard drive and upload them to YouTube.

Although SingSnap offers a selection of free songs, most benefits come with a premium subscription, which costs $12 per month or $120 per year. You may use the key, and pitch changer to enhance your vocals, access a ton more music, and store unlimited recordings using this.

7. Singa

Singa is a Karaoke app for smart TVs, mobile devices, and the web. You can alter the song’s pitch while singing to top-notch Karaoke music. You can sing three free songs every day. You must become a member of Singa Premium to have unrestricted access to Karaoke tracks.

8. Sing2Music

“Serious musicians” who want to record polished cover songs are the target audience for Sing2Music. For others to sing over, Sing2Music creates their renditions, frequently in an acoustic manner or different keys.

Even though they differ slightly from the original tunes, these tracks are excellent for karaoke. You may listen to music on various platforms, like Spotify and Apple Music, by searching for the song or the artist.

Simply search for a song or artist, and you can then stream the song on loads of platforms, like Spotify or Apple Music.

9. Creating your own Karaoke Track

You may create karaoke songs by following these steps if you find YouTube and karaoke apps slightly restrictive.

  • Using Audacity, eliminate the vocals from an existing track.
  • Utilize a website like Kapwing to create lyric videos
  • Verify the timing before adding the instrumental track to the lyric video.
  • Exporting the song

Getting a free track that isn’t on YouTube may sound tricky, but it isn’t too tough to do.

10. Karaoke Software

The highest caliber karaoke tracks are frequently offered to customers via download-only karaoke software. There are still some karaoke software alternatives that either have a free trial or a free option, even though most operate on a subscription basis.

Examples include Kanto Karaoke, iStar, and Sing Magic.

11. The Voice

You have undoubtedly heard of the well-known singing competition program The Voice. The show now has a karaoke app, though. The music selection in The Voice: Free Karaoke is extensive. The ideal app to develop your karaoke abilities is this one.

You may hone your vocal techniques with the songs added daily to the program. Join a buddy or other app users to record a solo or duet performance. To advance your performance, it also includes specific voice and visual effects.


For a long time, people have enjoyed getting together through karaoke as a pleasant way to connect. These days, karaoke applications are a terrific way to have fun and practice vocal skills.

The tools above provide features, tunes, and game types. You can choose the perfect software for your requirements depending on your tastes. This list may be helpful whether you enjoy karaoke or are just searching for a fun app.

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