FILMSPEED Talks Rock N’ Roll Roots, Their Message, And New LP

Filmspeed, a power trio of Craig Broomba, Nick Stout, and Oliver Dobrian that originated in 2004 (with Oliver joining the band in 2017), brings an unequivocal blues, grit, and classic rock sound straight from Detroit. The founding members made the move to Los Angeles to pursue their music careers and signed with Awfully Good Records in 2017. Since then, from podcasts to countless live shows, this group is definitely a band to notice. We talked with them to get an update on all of their projects, and to find out when we can expect their next album.

Filmspeed has been on the scene for quite some time, but let’s go back to the beginning. Why did you decide to form a band? 

For the love of the show. There’s really nothing that substitutes a live band. DJs can’t do it, and playing alone with an acoustic won’t ever compare. 

You guys were signed by our record label Awfully Good Records back in 2017. What have you guys been up to since then?

Ohhh nothin’… 12 singles, a few tours, a few videos, dozens and dozens of podcast episodes, and a brand new hand-built studio. Safe to say, we have been busy ha-ha!

The band recently dropped a single called “Ready Now”. Could you tell us more about that song?

Totally-  We put this one together with an LA/Nashville producer for the writing and pre-production end of it. The recording all got done in our area at a buddies O.C. studio.  It’s a song about putting your money where your mouth is, and your mouth where it makes money.

What bands did you listen to when growing up, and how did they shape the Filmspeed sound?

Oh boy – There are just so many in our world, so it’s Craig here to highlight a few big inspirations –

AC/DC: That’s what records should sound like. 

Butch Walker: That’s what arrangements and guitars should sound like. 

Muse: That’s what a band should play like.

Green Day: That’s what a band should be like. 

What’s the main message Filmspeed wants to express with your music?

In times of joy, grief, victory or defeat, it’s your obligation as a human to turn up the volume and party. 

In an interview, you guys said that due to today’s Post-Spotify era, music genres have blurred a little. That being said, what type of music do you feel you are creating?

Ok – let’s see if we can do this accurately.  ModernClassic / PowerPop / GarageGrunge / BluesRock.  Are we close?  What about just “All-Time-Jams”?!

Oliver and Nick are both into gaming. Are there any games in particular that have influenced the band’s creative process of making music? 

Not directly.  However, sometimes a quote may find it’s way from a game into a lyric. It’s typically deep cuts, but if you listen close enough, they’re in there. (HINT** “Need A Rush”)

In another interview, you mentioned that you are a live show band that feels at home onstage. What has been your favorite venue to call home so far?

We’ve gotten mad-love outta Phoenix. We rolled through Last Exit Live just a few weeks back, and they have become a front runner for best time.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to the readers of ByThe Barricade?

We’re in the middle of tracking the next LP. This album is gonna be monumental rock n roll explosions. We can’t wait to share it with you all!

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