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Authority Zero at Saint Rocke

authority zero
Jason DeVore of Authority Zero

Authority Zero kicked off their current U.S. and Canadian tour with a show on May 9th at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA. The show featured not only Authority Zero, but also Torches to Triggers, Eken is Dead and Lose Control and By the Barricade was there to see it all. This writer also had an opportunity to interview members of Authority Zero before their set.

Local hard rock outfit, Lose Control started off the night. These guys come from Hermosa and bring dual lead guitars, heavy metal sound, and melodic lyrics to their set. They prove that rock is not dead and are reminiscent of favorites such as Black Sabbath and Guns and Roses with a contemporary twist. Look for Lose Control on their upcoming tour of the west in support of their first studio album, Let it be Known.

Next on the bill was South Bay’s Eken is Dead celebrating the release of their CD, Outlier. These local favorites packed the house with their fans and the band did not disappoint. Lead singer, Chris Navarette, delivered the lyrics to old favorites and new anthems passionately from the stage, the mosh pit, and even atop the bar

Torches to Triggers
Triggers to Torches, Chris Kreuger

Canadian based Torches to Triggers are out on tour with Authority Zero in support of their newly released album, Modern Day Monsters. These guys bring a melodic hardcore sound with some “monstrously” titled songs.  They brought out the energy with titles such as “Zombaby,” “Dracula,” and “Necro Love” to name a few.

Authority Zero’s energy especially from the mobile frontman Jason DeVore, brought the crowd to a frenzy! Beginning the set with “No Other Place,” the lead track from their album, The Tipping Point, got the full house in the mood for some heavy moshing and fist raising.  Rolling through other favorites both in the skate punk and reggae styles  from present and past albums the set included “Brick in the Wave, “Revolution,” and “A Passage in Time.”  Jason went all out with the vocals on traditional Irish drinking song, “Rattlin’ Bog,” delivering accelerating lyrical speed unmatched by many through the course of the verses.  Authority Zero closed out the set with “21st Century Breakout,”  but that only left the crowd shouting, “Let’s go zero!” The guys encored with “One More Minute” and “Lift One Up.” A fantastic set and great start to the next tour … Authority Zero puts on a live show that should not be missed.

By the barricade interviewed Authority Zero vocalist Jason DeVore, guitarist Brandon Landelius and bassist Mike Spero along with the band’s manager Ken Seaton.

authority zero header
Authority Zero. L-R Mike Spero, Jason DeVore, Brandon Landelius, Sean Sellars

By the Barricade: You have a string of shows coming up in Canada, some in the U.S. and later in the summer in Europe.  What is your favorite place to play and why?

Jason – There are so many places, but the one that always pops out is Greece. We’ve done a couple of tours in Greece and the kids just got really rad. We got to spend some extra time there because a show cancelled in another place and actually see the sights. We have a friend who lives there who is a local sound guy, he actually does all of our European stuff with us. We met actually just by playing where he works. He’s going back out there with us again this summer.

Brandon:  Greece for me as well.  Amazing country, amazing people, they are very hospitable, they take good care of us there and yes, the kids go insane.

Mike:  I met some really cool people in Australia. Our band hadn’t been to Australia until this last tour a couple of months ago.

(Jason adds:  He’s lying actually, his favorite place to play is in Canada… Laughing…)

Mike: Yeah, I do love playing in Canada, I’m not allowed to but…(more laughing). Also Greece. There have been rad people and rad shows all over.  It’s hard to really pick one.

Jason: Europe in general, the kids have such a passion and zeal for this kind of music we play and it feels like it did many years ago. It’s really cool.

By the Barricade: It sure seems like you’re always on the road. What is your standard mode of transportation and how does it deal with the wear and tear?

Jason: We have the same exact van we bought in 2006 with 20 miles on it and now it has 396,000 miles on it.  We’ve been on a couple bus tours years back, and had an RV at one point but it broke down in every state [so] it was time to sell that one. We’re part of the white van and trailer group that is crossing America all over the place.

By the Barricade: Is there a band or a couple of bands you particularly enjoy being on tour with that have already joined you on the road?

Brandon: We’ve done shows with The Flatliners and A Wilhelm Scream. They are two of my favorites because they are just great guys. There are too many great bands and great guys.  We’ve got friends all over the place but these guys stand out in my mind.

Jason: They are just great to hang out with.  It is great and refreshing to see super talented musicians that are out there doing their thing but are also humble and cool and easy to be buddies with.

Mike: Our buddies are in a band called Versus the World and we have been on tour with them a few times in the states and also in Europe.  Those guys are always an absolute pleasure to be out with.  A lot of fun.  When you are out with Versus there are a lot of quoteable moments.

Brandon: Suspicious at best our friend Donald [Spence] would say.  We have a lot of fun.  Donald is one of the most quick-witted and naturally funny people you could ever hope to be around.

Jason: Never a dull moment.  He always has something fun and interesting to say. A lot of times the band is stagnant in regards to conversation but it’s always something new and cool with him. The Pennywise guys too, we’ve been out with them a couple of times and they are fun, there’s always a good story.

Mike: Never a dull moment with Fletcher (Dragge).

By the Barricade: If you were offered the opportunity to have one of your upcoming live shows recorded where would it be, and why?

Jason: Greece!

Ken: You actually did it here, and Club Red, what about Red Rocks?

Jason: It’s hard to pick what the actual place would be but, Red Rocks would be cool.  We’d have to visit it first, maybe hike the stairs once and then play there. That would be awesome, very stellar, recording an album live there would be a good accomplishment

By the Barricade: What is the Arizona punk scene like?

Jason: It’s not huge and kind of underground. It’s a different time for punk music in general. It’s seemingly coming back a little bit.  Bands that are coming back after a break and there is a bit of a resurgence. It’s not a huge expanding thing, but there are still shows at the Nile Theater, our old stomping grounds where I used to go to shows. Bands like Against Me are playing there pretty soon.  You go and say “cool, it’s still happening”.

By the Barricade: In the Song “No Other Place” Jason sings “There’s no other place I’d rather be, than right where I’m standing with you here beside me.” If you could stand beside any celebrity who would you chose and why?

Brandon: I’m thinking Coltrane.

Jason:  Jonny Depp is a weird cat. I like him a lot. He’s just an interesting character. I like how he stays out of the spotlight. He has played a lot of different kinds of roles which are turning into the same role these days, but he’s an interesting cool guys.

Mike: I’d hang out with Dave Grohl. I hear he’s laid back and I would definitely want to hear some wise words from the guy who made it twice.

The_Tipping_Point_coverBy the Barricade: It’s been about a year since The Tipping Point was released. What is next on the horizon?

Jason: We are still touring on that cycle and we have been writing. There are still some ideas we have not put together form the last album so more writing, hopefully we will get in the studio and produce new stuff pretty soon. We would rather have it come out naturally and not forced on a particular schedule.

By the Barricade: Was there a tipping point that drastically changed your careers, or your path as a band?

Jason: For me one of the big ones was when this group collectively, the four of us, came together after a lot of hardships and confusing times. A lot of up and down areas and with that (union) came more of a positive direction toward moving forward rather than on a decline.  It was where that album came into play lyrically and musically. It was almost like a rebirth of the group after some stagnant times.

Brandon: I would agree with that

Mike: I’ll third that.

By the Barricade: Do you have any plans for a “10 year anniversary tour” in support of Andiamo?

Jason: Passage in Time was the 12 year anniversary, that being said, that might be cool on the 15th year.  We probably won’t do a 20th anniversary tour even though it’s our 20th year as Authority Zero.  If anything it will be a European tour.  I’m getting a 20 year tattoo with the Authority Zero logo, crest and a 20 year symbol.

Ken: Maybe across the street, have Fletcher do it, he’s got some skill.

By the Barricade: Jason; You deliver some of the fastest paced lyrics around.  How did you develop that skill?

Jason: I did not, I just was influenced by fast punk rock music as a kid. I’ve always tried to one up that.  I’ve always talked fast and I’ve always used that to my advantage. My parents always told me to slow down and enunciate and kind of the only time I do that is when I’m singing. Otherwise I’m just a mumbles kind of guy.

By the Barricade: Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers of By the Barricade?

Jason: Please check out the website, Please keep an eye out for new music, keep supporting touring bands, buying people’s music.  That is what keeps bands out there able to go town to town.  Got to pay for that somehow, and that is taken care of by people who appreciate the music and come out for the shows. Support this, support live music.  There are enough D.J.’s out there. (Enter Fletcher Dragge from Pennywise and a good opportunity to end the interview and let the Authority Zero guys get ready for their set).

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