best equalizer for bass guitar

What Is the Best Equalizer for Bass Guitar?

Discovering the best equalizer for bass guitar helps your rhythmic riffs stand out from the crowd. It lets the bassline claim its own identity and not disappear within the mix.

The best equalizer for a bass guitar not only needs to promote lower sounds, but be easy to adjust, work on a range of frequencies, and be compact enough to use both in the studio and on stage.

Equalizers are a great tool to use no matter where you are playing. It’s especially handy to have when wanting to make sure each layer of the instrument is heard by the audience as you perform.

That’s why having an EQ pedal for your bass can give your songs an added oomph when you jam. So just what is the best equalizer for bass guitars out there?

Best Equalizer Pedals For Bass Guitars

BOSS GEB-7 Bass EQ Pedal

Boss GEB-7 7-band Bass EQ Pedal
  • Full range response, even for five- and six-string basses
  • Great for electric-acoustic bass applications
  • Can be used as a “boost” or “cut” pedal using the level control knob
  • Can be used as a “boost” Or “cut” Pedal using the level control knob

When it comes to finding the best equalizer for bass, few do it better than the BOSS GEB-7. This EQ Pedal is designed specially to find and promote notes solely generated by bass guitars. This pedal can operate on frequency ranges anywhere from 50Hz to 10kHz ensuring that any type of low note is picked up when plugged into the rig. Operating over seven band channels, it doesn’t take much tweaking to find a setup that is right for whatever style you are playing.

Alongside the excellent range that is accessible, it is incredibly easy to use. With each band easily modified by slider controls, each mode can be selected with minimum fuss in no time at all. It’s a pedal that is compatible with all types of instruments including all types of bass guitars, electric guitars and even an upright bass. It is also able to work on both AC & DC voltage settings making it a key gear piece that is suited for any environment.


  • Large frequency range
  • Easy to adjust
  • Various power forms


  • No looping features
  • Only acts as an equalizer

Darkglass B7K Bass Preamp Pedal

Darkglass Electronics Microtubes B7K Overdrive Preamp v2
  • Dual Bass Preamp/OD Pedal with 2 Disttion Circuits
  • Micro-USB B Pt
  • XLR Output
  • Aux Input
  • 6-b EQ

Not all bass equalizers have to be specialist pedals, as the Darkglass B7k Preamp proves. This all-around effects pedal has all the features needed to boost your bass notes. Coming with a 4-band equalizer, it can perfectly pick up notes across multiple frequencies to make your sounds stand out no matter what type of style you are playing. It’s just one of several top features that the Finnish company has loaded into the pedal.

It comes with a host of features that takes care of all your playing needs. This includes solo controls for both your treble and bass notes, as well as lo-mid notes.

All this comes with separate knobs for each function allowing pinpoint control to find your ideal sound.


  • 4-band equalizer
  • Plenty of effect choices
  • Pinpoint control


  • Some drops on ultra-low frequencies
  • Generally suited for heavier genres

Stax Bass EQ Pedal

Stax Equalizer Guitar Pedal Analog 5 Band Graphic EQ Guitar Effects Pedals with Full Metal Case for Electric Guitar and Bass Mini Size True Bypass
  • 🎸【5-band Graphic EQ】This Bass pedal is the smallest Bass graphic…
  • 🎸【Adjustable Frequency Band】The frequency centers of this bass pedal:…
  • 🎸【Pure Sound】This bass effects pedal is no noise. There is a volume knob…
  • 🎸【Easy to Carry】This equalizer bass pedal has a small size body, light…
  • 🎸【Sturdy Quality】True bypass design of this bass guitar pedal provides…

If you want something light and great for on-stage, then the Stax Bass EQ covers all your needs. This pedal operates on 5 frequency bands covering anywhere between 62.5Hz to 4kHz. With an 18Db variation to play with, there is a lot of room to find the ideal balance between the bassline and other sound layers.

If tailoring each band isn’t what you want, then the pedal also has a master volume control that can manage the sound levels generated across all frequencies.

As it’s designed for life on the road, the pedal is small and lightweight. Weighing just 8.8oz and no bigger than just a few inches, it’s easy to pack away in your gear bag. Despite this, it is rather durable thanks to a protective zinc casing.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Has master volume control


  • No power adapter included
  • Not suited for outdoor use

Rowin Bass Equalizer

Rowin Bass Equalize Pedal 5 Band for Bass with True Bypass
  • Original professional manufactures for this guitar effect looper. Best quality…
  • The smallest bass EQ, with a 5-band graphic EQ that has master volume…
  • Small size, sturdy and well built that made for high quality aluminum alloy…
  • True bypass
  • Power supply: DC 9V adapter (not included)

Few bass equalizers are as easy to use as Rowin’s 5-band Bass Equalizer. This 5-band equalizer pedal can be used simply by one quick stop of the dial to get it to kick straight into gear. When active, the 5-band pedal can boost notes ranging anywhere between 62.5Hz – 4kHz. Covering an 18db gain fluctuation, everything is quick to adjust giving you full control of how your notes are given an extra boost.

With an all-zinc casing, Rowin’s pedal is particularly durable yet still light enough to be taken on the road. It also features separate slots for both input and output devices, making it easy to slip into your overall rig. This pedal works from a 9V power supply, making it easy to link up with other devices that you have on stage.


  • LEDs to show when active
  • Lightweight, compact body


  • No power adapter included
  • Some frequency fluctuations

Donner EQ Pedal

Donner EQ Pedal, 10 Band Equalizer Pedal, EQ Seeker for Guitar and Bass True Bypass
  • [Superior EQ Pedal] Convenient compact size, Suitable for any music style.The EQ…
  • [10 Band EQ] Fully functional 10-band graphic equalizer suitable for any…
  • [15dB Boost/Cut Range] Sliders for output level/EQ level control ,±15 dB…
  • [Durable and Solid Construction] A well made durable and whole aluminium-alloy…
  • [True Bypass] The true bypass design delivers a transparent tone. During…

Donner’s Equalizer pedal offers a breadth of range that is hard to come by. Operating across 10 frequency bands, this device can operate anywhere from 31Hz across to 16kHz. Aside from this excellent range, each band can have a gain variation of 15dBs, giving even greater control of what you do and don’t want to boost. All this can also be controlled from one master volume knob to make everything much simpler, especially while performing.

On top of that, there is a mode which can specifically alter the setup between a bass guitar or a standard electric guitar. With the main power switch also easily activated by a quick tap of the foot, it’s a great tool to fine-tune everything to the nth degree.


  • Wide variation of frequencies
  • Works on all instruments
  • Easy to adjust


  • Small sliders are hard to grip
  • Silicon around knobs can get loose

Behringer BEQ700

Behringer BEQ700 Bass Graphic Equalizer Pedal
  • Noise-free On/Off Switch
  • LED indicat
  • Silent first-class electronic switching
  • On/Battery Level LED indicator

Behringer are no strangers to effects pedals, and their bass equalizer is as good as anything else out there. With a distinctive gold body, this effects pedal works across 7 bands ranging from 50Hz to 10KHz. It can be adjusted across a 15Db with sliders installed to make volume adjusting easy without any issues. The master volume is also controlled by a separate slider giving greater precision on how you control the overall sound.

What makes the BEQ700 a standout is some of its ease-of-use features. The pedal can be used both plugged into mains voltage or remotely via battery. It has LEDs installed to showcase power levels and activity, and has a large area for the footswitch to be activated. All this comes in a compact package, making it a great pedal to use on stage and in the studio.


  • Can work on battery
  • Unique look
  • Larger frequency range


  • Loose sliders
  • EQ features can sound dirty

Caline Bass EQ Pedal

Caline Bass EQ Pedal 5 Band Graphic Equalizer Effect Pedal True Bypass CP-73 (62.5Hz 125Hz 500Hz 1kHz 4kHz)
  • Caline CP-73 five Band bass EQ pedal is specially design for Bass, covering all…
  • We specially added a LEVEL knob controls the overall volume. Power Requirement:…
  • Caline 5 Band Bass EQ pedal, Each band provides a range of ±18dB to help you…
  • True Bypass provide transparent tone to keep the best tone quality,…
  • Mini style: Small, light weight and exquisite, item dimensions: 11.2×6.4×3.4cm,…

Few bass EQ pedals have the functionality and look that the Caline Bass EQ Pedal has. This 5-band bass equalizer looks the part with a unique, blue, red and black facade, making it easily recognizable from its competitors. It’s a functional piece too covering a frequency range from 62.5Hz to 4kHz, and boasting an 18Db gain selection. All the band volumes are easily adjusted via a slider that works for each band as well as the overall volume too.

Some handy features make it easy to use. For example, there is a large LED light to showcase whether the equalizer is active or not. There are also additional features such as the footswitch activating a bypass feature for cleaner sounds and the inner workings protected by a sturdy aluminum case.


  • Easy to adjust gain
  • Quirky design
  • Operating LED features


  • Buzzes at low volume
  • Can’t run on batteries

Fender Downtown Express Bass Pedal

Fender Downtown Express Bass Multi-Effect Pedal
  • Multiple effects in one box
  • 3-Band EQ
  • Overdrive
  • Compressor

When it comes to Fender’s catalogue of effects gear, few are effective as the Downtown Express Bass Pedal. Tailored to promote and look after any needs related to a bass guitar, this has a bunch of features that bass purists will love.

In terms of equalizing features, the Downtown Express has a simple approach to things: a 3-band platform that covers bass, mid and treble levels -with each of these controlled by a simple turn of the dial.

There are plenty of other tools on the pedal aside from just equalizing features. You will also find separate controls for a range of features such as compression, overdrive and blending the two. To make things simple to use, all knobs are backlit with LEDs to make it easy to see what is where when playing on stage.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Backlit knobs
  • Plenty of effects to use


  • No power supply provided
  • Noisy compressor

What Makes a Good Equalizer for A Bass Guitar?

Discovering the best equalizer for bass can be tricky. However, it can be easy to spot a good equalizer based on a few factors. This includes the:

  • Frequency range
  • Gain Variance
  • Low-End Control
  • Build Quality
  • Volume Control

Each of these features can impact how a sound can be manipulated. But how do these features help boost a bass line?

Finding the Right Frequencies

When it comes to equalizing the sound, it is all about breaking down different frequencies to boost and promote different layers within the sound. By doing this, it gives greater control over how you can clean up and modulate each particular note. These modulations are split depending on how each frequency band is isolated.

As you go lower, the frequency rate is also much lower. Higher notes in the treble or midlines tend to fall within the kHz bracket, making them easier to hear without much alteration. However, as the frequency drops to within bass notes, they barely touch double figures in Hertz. This means they are naturally harder to hear. By altering each frequency layer, it gives you a better chance to find a good balance between your overall bass levels.

Understanding Gain in Bass Equalizers

Just like controlling the frequency itself, altering and controlling the overall gain can be important to equalize the sound. Most equalizers will allow the gain of the volume to be raised or lowered anywhere between 10-20Db from its natural level. By altering each of these levels, it’s going to impact how everything sounds both in individual bands as well as an overall collective.

The more the sound level is raised, the more prominent that particular note becomes. When raising certain levels, cranking things into a state of overdrive gives those particular notes the chance to be distorted or sound dirty. It will reduce the overall clean sound being reached. It’s the same impact as compressing volume sounds. If a sound is compressed, it sounds muddier than its cleaner variant. The softer thuds are not only harder to hear, but reduce the impact of each note as it is played. This is why finding the right balance is crucial when looking to find the optimal bass sound.


Do bass equalizers have the same band platforms?

No- different bass equalizers will split frequencies differently. Simpler pedals will have a range of 3-5 bands that represent the different sound levels. However, more advanced and professional setups could have anywhere between 7-10 bands to modify. Think carefully when selecting the best equalizer for the bass platforms you are using.

Do all bass equalizers need direct plugins?

As most equalizers are used as part of a multi-effects rig, there’s a good chance many of them will rely on mains power to run. These are often requiring a 9V connection to run with other gear. However, some devices can run remotely depending on where they are best suited for use.

Are all EQ pedals solely designed for equalizing sounds?

No – equalizers can be found as both standalone devices and combined in a multi-effects pedal. Some of the best equalizers for bass guitars can be found within pedals that also can distort and compress sounds depending on their design. Think carefully about whether a single or combined effects pedal works best for your needs.

What is the best equalizer for bass guitars?

When it comes to finding the best equalizer for bass guitar, there’s no shortage of candidates. Each is well-suited for use on stage and in the studio, and is simple to use in any situation. Some models such as the Rowin and Stax Bass EQ Pedals are great lightweight models that are easy to transport when going between shows. Meanwhile, the likes of the Behringer BEQ700 and the Caline EQ Pedal sport unique designs that catch the eye.

Some platforms such as the Fender Downtown Express Pedal and the Darkglass B7K combine the equalizer functions within multi-effects pedals to give an all-in-one platform that benefits bassists on stage. However, the Boss GEB-7 EQ Pedal is the standard bearer for Bass EQ Pedals. Not only does this isolate multiple frequency bands, but it is also easy to use and covers almost any frequency modules within the bass spectrum. It’s for these reasons that it is considered the best equalizer for bass guitars today.

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