What is Monster tour water?

When someone asks what Monster tour water is, the answer might seem confusing. Is it an energy drink or some carbonated beverage? What is monster tour water?

The can of monster tour water contains just water with commercial branding outside the can. So there is no energy drink or unique beverage inside.

It might seem weird for athletes and musicians – extremely active professionals – to be drinking an energy drink. But branded water isn’t out of the question for the rich and famous.

Monster tour water is a novelty item for people. Below, we will delve into a bit of the history behind this choice.

Monster’s branding masterclass

It doesn’t matter whether you are watching the UFC, a BMX show, or at a major gig. Likely, you will see cans of Monster near the show’s stars.

These cans are just as much for show as for what’s inside. However, the artists or athletes most likely have an endorsement deal with Monster themselves.

After all, Monster Energy is the second-largest energy drink manufacturer in the US. The company has a 39% share of the energy drink industry in North America.

It’s not surprising that the Californian company set up plenty of endorsements. Sports stars and musicians to are prime targets to advertise its drinks.

You don’t have to look far for Monster Energy branding, considering they have deals with:

  • Monster Jam
  • UFC
  • Warped Tour
  • Download Festival

Given how many people attend these sporting and musical events, you can see how quickly Monster grows.

Monster’s musical presence – How did they get into Warped Tour?

Diving deeper into Monster’s involvement in the music world, they are seen all over the place. Several major music festivals themselves have been involved with Monster directly.

The most apparent involvement has been with the Vans Warped Tour. Monster provided free water in a Monster branded can to all performers throughout the 2- month-long tour.

Fans saw these cans in all major American cities. It is an excellent way to advertise a product to the masses. Alongside that,

Monster was one of the primary sponsors at the UK’s Download Festival, slowly launching worldwide. Monster not only provides similar cans as Warped Tour and sponsored one of the stages at the UK festival.

With Download expanding to multiple European sites, Japan, and Australia, it took Monster’s branding worldwide. This advertising added further reach to Monster’s products.

The company themselves are now worth over $6 billion. The company is one of the big three energy drink providers globally.

Why is Monster Tour Water not an energy drink?

The novelty of a Monster can on stage can be confusing. You might be concerned if a musician guzzles down several cans in a 2-hour set.

The water is just placed into a Monster branded cup to give the impression to the public that famous people run off energy drinks.

It acts as a significant PR boost and easily tricks the adoring fans. These fans might believe that energy drinks give bands the extra energy to jump around on stage for several hours.

The deception makes the tour water a novelty item. It is the fans desperately want to collect. It’s why packs of these can sell for a ridiculously high price.

The health concerns of Monster Energy

Regulators are putting more pressure on the potential side effects of energy drinks. So why would active people put themselves at risk?

Along with added caffeine exposure, some of the potential problems with excessive energy drink consumption could include:

  • High sugar levels
  • Heaps of unnatural preservatives
  • Other chemical products

The novelty of owning Monster Tour Water

Strangely, a branded can has become a collector’s item, but that has become the case in recent years.

People think that getting hold of souvenirs such as a Monster tour water brings extra street cred to their friends.

After all, it could quickly be sold by someone as having James Hetfield, or Dave Grohl touched it. This feature brings fans flocking to get a hold of a can.

Previously, you couldn’t buy these cans from shops. They were only accessible from behind the scenes at festivals, making them rarer.

However, the novelty obsession could end with Monster planning to launch Tour Water to the masses. Revealed in late 2022, they planned to offer the novelty product in two forms – spring and still water.

As part of a wider diversified launch of products, the tour water will come in four flavours and comes at a time where the energy drink giant plans to also add alcoholic beverages to its lineup.

Setting the wrong impression

As the risks of excessive energy drink consumption are known, Monster’s future promotion is questioned. Many cans now carry clear warnings about how much should be drunk and who shouldn’t drink them.

In particular, the debate about whether teenagers should be drinking them is enormous. Teenagers are one of the most impressionable audiences around.

It’s a start contrast to the truth. Having product placement on stage puts teens in a difficult position. After all, many want to become rock stars. Energy drinks are a cool thing to drink as a result.

Some governments are considering putting age limits on who can buy them.

There have been substantial anti-energy drink movements in both the US and the UK. These movements want to ban anyone under the age of 16 from buying energy drinks.

It’s a debate that rages on, even if no governments have yet to force the energy drink industry into tighter regulation.

Conclusion- what is Monster Tour Water all about?

It won’t be a complete shock when people learn what Monster tour water is all about. It is a huge PR stunt for just a can of water and a great way to get Monster in the eyes of festival-goers.

However, their exclusivity of being an item only available behind the scenes creates an aura of mystique about getting hold of a pack and bragging about it.

Even though the advertising and deals may promote the wrong image to teens and intensify the energy drink debate, it doesn’t stop fans from wanting a can or two.

When people ponder what Monster tour water is, they will learn about one of music’s most brilliant advertising staples of recent years.

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