We’re No Gentlemen Share Beginnings, Beloved Inspirations, And Upcoming Music

Straight from sunny California, the emo/alternative rock band We’re No Gentleman met with us. Formed in the 2015, these guys are true gentlemen in making powerful songs capable of capturing emotion with catchy riffs and great vocals. We were glad to have them talk about their career, performance with Escape The Fate, a tribute to Avril Lavigne, New Found Glory, and more! Read the full interview below. 

Let’s talk about your beginning. How did you guys meet and how was the band formed?

The band was originally formed by our drummer Vince Gudino. He had made and inquiry on Facebook looking for a female vocalist. Through mutual friends, Amanda had seen the post and auditioned.

We’re No Gentleman dropped their first self-titled EP in 2016, which received an excellent public response. Today, what do you think of that EP?

Off our self titled EP our favorites are definitely “Night” and “Reflection.” “Mirror, Mirror” was our first ever single and put us on the map and we will forever be grateful for that. However, as you grow as an artist, you always get excited when fans say that your latest music is their “favorite.” Playing newer music live is always exciting and refreshing. 

A year later, in 2017 We’re No Gentlemen played at Warped Tour in Las Vegas, how was it for you to perform in one of the most important festivals in the rock scene back then?

Playing Warped Tour back in 2017 was a dream come true. Growing up, we had always looked up to many of the band that had played the festival and always said that one day, that would be us. It was definitely a full circle moment and gave us alot of confidence that we could make our dreams come true.

Amanda, are there any female vocalists in the rock scene that you admire? 

I admire the hell out of Lzzy Hale from Halestorm. Her stage presence and voice is so strong, she’s a beast! 

The band released an EP called Heartbeat/Heartbreak in 2020. Were there any challenges releasing it at the time?

There wasn’t any problems releasing the E.P at the time since we had recorded the songs pre-COVID. I think we were just eager to play the songs live which was obviously put on hold since there wasn’t any shows happening. 

We’re No Gentlemen’s last song was actually a cover of Vicious Love by New Found Glory, which was released in 2021. Besides that, are you guys working on new material?

Yes, lots of new material coming your way! We’re currently working up an acoustic arrangement of some WNG favorites so that we can release an acoustic E.P as well as working on new music for an upcoming 3-4 song E.P.

In February this year, you played with Escape The Fate at the world-famous Whisky A Go-Go. How was the experience to perform with one of the most praised bands on the scene in the last years?

Craig Mabbit is such an amazing vocalist and songwriter. ETF has been one of Amanda’s favorite bands since highschool, so getting to perform with them at a sold out Whisky A go-go was an amazing experience. 

We’re No Gentlemen giving their all at Whisky A Go-Go alongside Escape The Fate in February of this year.

Late last year We’re No Gentlemen recorded some covers on a tribute to Avril Lavigne. Could you tell us more about it? 

The main reason we performed a tribute to Avril Lavigne was because we had auditioned for the TV show “Clash of the Cover bands.” We were very close to getting on the TV show, and in one of the later call-backs they had asked for us to film ourselves performing her music live. The main reason we chose Avril was because she’s an incredible artist and her comeback has been inspirational to see. She’s one of the main reasons pop-punk is making a comeback with the younger generation. 

Throughout your career, you have had some lineup changes. How has the band dynamic changed with the new lineup?

Vince and Amanda have always been in the band and have had a huge contribution in the songwriting process so theres always been similarities through-out all of our E.P’s. However, our line-up today is made up of the most eclectic group of musicians that we’ve ever had. Be prepared to hear some new influences in this upcoming E.P!

Amanda, in an interview with Rocker artist, you said you got tickets to assist at When We Were Young Fest in October this year, are you excited about it?

I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about a music festival than I am for “When We Were Young.” I’m most excited to see Paramore, as I’ve never seen them before. I’m also excited to see My Chemical Romance, the last time I saw them I was 14 and Gerard is such a great performer. 

See We’re No Gentlemen in Corona, California at the Rockefella’s on October 15th, performing alongside The Iron Maidens! Tickets here. Make sure to connect below to stay up to date on new releases coming soon!

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